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What cheap Windows VPS hosting is your best bet? Do you want to skip the read and get right to my top pick? The best Windows VPS hosting that is also affordable is Kamatera.

Introduction to Cheap Windows VPS Hosting

Welcome to our guide on the best cheap Windows VPS hosting providers!

A virtual private server (VPS) is seen as a necessary tool for those whose websites need some serious scaling up to deal with a greater number of site visitors as well as to deploy improved and/or expanded features to ensure productivity, profitability, and engagement at all times.

While there are a number of VPS services, many of which are based on specific operating systems like Linux, we have noticed that Windows VPS hosting doesn’t have as big a following as most of the competition.

The chief reason is that Microsoft's licensing fees tend to jack up the price of Windows-based VPS hosting, giving it a serious disadvantage against Linux which is both free and open source, so it gives you similar functionality and resources to work with without draining your budget.

But believe it or not, there is such a thing as cheap Windows VPS hosting – and, in today's review, we don't just tell you which are the six best Windows VPS hosting providers, but where to buy cheap Windows VPS hosting, as well.

Finding the Best Cheap Windows VPS Hosting

What is a Windows VPS Hosting Service?

A VPS is defined as a hosting service utilizing virtualization technology to give users dedicated and, essentially, private resources on a multi-user server.

In the case of a Windows VPS, this is a virtual server delivered with a pre-installed Windows operating system. In other words, most of the tools pre-loaded onto it are licensed Microsoft software applications.

Our List of the Best Cheap Windows VPS Hosting:

Our top choices for the best Windows VPS hosting services with the lowest or most reasonable rates are as follows:

  1. Kamatera – $6 per month

  2. Hostwinds – $10.99 per month

  3. 1&1 IONOS – $2 per month

  4. – $10 per month

  5. AccuwebHosting$6.99 per month

  6. GoDaddy – $4.99 per month

How We Chose the Best Cheap Windows VPS Hosting:

Our criteria for selecting the best Windows VPS hosting solution that offers the most bang for your bucks are as follows:

  • Full compatibility with your existing business systems;
  • Strong security at all times – and this is a concern for most people who have worked with Windows VPS servers as the security isn't as strong as that as Linux VPS. In which case, the hosting provider needs to offer high-level security, though it may cost you extra in the long run;
  • Server stability seen through a good uptime history with a reliable uptime guarantee, so you'll know that downtime should never be a major issue;
  • Value for money through features like site migration, periodic backups, and other perks;
  • Money-back guarantee so that you know you'll get some compensation if you find that your hosting provider failed to keep their end of the bargain; and
    Reliable customer service and technical support – as above, Windows users know that Microsoft server technology tends to be less user-friendly than the competition, so it's good to know that tech support has your back if anything goes awry.

Our Best Windows VPS Hosting in Detail:




Kamatera is a cloud-based VPS hosting service that is an excellent choice for those looking for an environment in which to maximize the full potential of Windows Server.

What sets this service provider apart is that it offers a user-friendly management console, along with a customizable environment. Indeed, Kamatera enables users to build their own virtual servers based on their own specifications for RAM, central processing, and disk storage depending on their working requirements.

Likewise, we noted that Kamatera delivers on the promise of constant uptime (well within the 99.9% global standard) and sites hosted on it load at an impressive speed.


  • Drag and drop site builder with built-in ecommerce capabilities;
  • Over 100 industry-specific design templates;
  • Built-in site customisation modules;
  • Cloud hosting;
  • Mobile application for editing or site management on the fly; and
  • SEO toolkit

Pros and Cons:

  • Offers a free trial, so you can try the service before you buy;
  • Has a global network of fast, low-latency servers / data centers throughout the world to ensure constant uptime for users;
  • Offers a highly customizable environment for easy scalability
  • Offers managed services as a pricey add-on;
  • Lacks features compared to other managed hosting providers


You can buy cheap Windows VPS in the price range running between $6.00 and $133.00 depending on your service plan. Kamatera has an on-site calculator that can give you an idea about costs for the best Windows VPS hosting:


Interested in this Cheap Windows VPS hosting option? Read their service terms before you give it a go.

>> Give Kamatera a try <<




Much like Kamatera, Hostwinds’ primary stock in trade is unmanaged cheap Windows VPS hosting services, so it’s a platform we would recommend to those with considerable experience in working with Windows Server and other relevant tools. In doing so, it’s safe to say that the unmanaged service costs considerably lower – but it will entail some work on the part of end-users.

Hostwinds offers the best Windows VPS hosting plans since they are all cloud-based, so there are no major issues regarding speed, performance, and system integrity.


  • Runs Windows Server 2008, 2012, and 2016;
  • Enterprise-level firewall for optimal security;
  • Regular backups done off-site on a daily basis;
  • Free website transfer and configuration for those moving an existing website to a Hostwinds VPS;
  • Proactive 24/7 server monitoring with all plans regardless of cost;
  • Free SSL for all plans; and
  • 30 to 750GB of disk space

Pros and Cons:

  • One of the few that offers regular automated backups;
  • Active round the clock server monitoring;
  • Offers free website transfer
  • Because it’s mostly unmanaged, you have to install most of the updates and certificates yourself;
  • Offers less storage than most;
  • Server versions are older than most.


Price range runs from $10.99 to $376.99  for unmanaged Windows VPS hosting.


Do you want to buy cheap Windows VPS hosting like Hostwinds? Check their service terms before you decide on a cheapWindowsVPS subscription.

>> Give Hostwinds a a try <<




1&1 IONOS is the best cheap Windows VPS  we would recommend for those on a tight budget. Seriously: if you're willing to sign up for a twelve-month plan, 1&1 IONOS can set you back by just fifty cents a month – and you get a free domain name for a year, as well as 100GB worth of SSD storage.

Another thing we like about this budget option is that it offers some of the best customer support services of any hosting provider online and their team even offers to help users improve their site performance – something that many Windows Server beginners ought to look into.


  • SiteLock security malware protection suite to automatically scan sites for vulnerabilities and get rid of malware;
  • This best cheap Windows VPS allows up to 25 MS SQL databases with 2GB of SSD space each for users – a nifty thing to have if you need them for various functions;
  • Better than average redundancy thanks to two data centers;
  • Runs Windows Server 2019 and 2022;
  • Disk space between 100 and 500GB; and
  • Free SSL certificate.

Pros and Cons:

  • One of the best cheap Windows VPS hosting options;
  • Offers a free domain name and ample storage;
  • Great customer support
  • Prices tend to double on renewal;
  • Can be very basic in terms of functionality;
  • Limited disk space compared to others



Plans start at $2.00 a month for those choosing to sign up for a full year.

Do you want to buy cheap Windows VPS hosting? Be sure to read their terms and conditions before deciding on a subscription.

>> Give 1&1 IONOS a try <<




If it's bare-bones simple Windows hosting you’re looking for, then InterServer may be the VPS provider for you.

Here's the thing: InterServer only offers one plan for shared Windows ASP.NET hosting, but it packs a serious punch as you can use it to host a total of 25 websites, each with its own SSL certificate.

Also, for a budget hosting service, InterServer appears to have no limits. There aren't any restrictions with regard to storage, bandwidth, or even the number of email addresses you can create. Plus, its managed hosting service can migrate existing sites for free, do backups and restorations, and even do updates.

With a wide range of available features, it isn't surprising that this hosting provider is gaining serious ground rapidly.


  • Runs Windows 10, as well as Windows Server 2016 and 2019;
  • Free website migration service;
  • Managed hosting entails automatic updates and has its own tools for backing up and restoration;
  • Intershield security for protection against malware, suspicious traffic, and hackers;
  • Speed optimization features;
  • Support for MSSQL 2012 and all versions of ASP.NET;
  • Plesk Onyx control panel which allows for the quick installation of SSL certificates;
  • Unlimited disk space; and
  • Free SSL certificates.

Pros and Cons:

  • One of the most reasonably priced Windows VPS hosting services available;
  • Easy to manage and is highly user friendly;
  • Offers a great deal of functionality for its price
  • Does not offer a free domain name with one’s hosting plan;
  • Does not use Obsidian, the latest version of the Plesk control panel interface


Do you want to buy cheap Windows VPS hosting? InterServer best cheap Windows VPS hosting prices range between $10.00 and $90.00.


Make sure to read their terms and conditions before subscribing.

>> Give InterServer a try <<

AccuWeb Hosting



AccuWeb Hosting is the sort of hosting provider whose reputation sounds too good to be true: a steady 95% customer satisfaction rating since its launch in 2003. But its track record of offering excellent shared, managed and unmanaged hosting services speaks for itself, and its reputation has been bolstered by the fact that it also offers some of the most reasonably priced hosting plans currently available.

For those opting to self-manage their Windows VPS hosting on this particular platform, they'll find that things are very easy to manage. The user-friendly management interface is packed with numerous features for optimized and efficient website management in practically every aspect.


  • Administrative level VPS access;
  • Automated backups done on a daily or weekly basis;
  • Nearly 20 data centers worldwide to ensure constant uptime;
  • 24/7 customer support and technical assistance;
  • Windows Firewall and antivirus solutions;
  • Free SSL certificate for all hosting plans;
  • 40 to 125GB of disk storage;
  • 500GB to 2TB of bandwidth; and
  • Hyper-V virtualization feature.

Pros and Cons:

  • Great pricing and they don't jack the rates up when it's time to renew your subscription;
  • Excellent uptime and loading speed;
  • Expert technical support
  • Sites hosted on the lowest tier plans have trouble with heavy traffic;
  • Phone-based tech support is not as efficient as online support


Do you want to buy cheap Windows VPS hosting? Price range for this best Windows VPS hosting option runs between $7.99 and $49.99 monthly for fully managed Windows VPS hosting plans.


Be sure to read their service terms before getting a subscription.

>> Give AccuWebHosting a try <<




Here’s the thing about GoDaddy’s Windows VPS hosting. If you buy cheap Windows VPS self-managed edition, it lacks functionality, while the managed hosting version costs a good deal, but you need not worry about anything.

While the self-managed edition shares primary features with the managed edition, it tends to fall flat when it comes to support as many options that other platforms offer for free are priced accordingly.


  • 40 to 240GB of storage space;
  • Unlimited bandwidth;
  • Runs latest edition of Windows Server;
  • Choice between cPanel/WHM and Plesk Obsidian control panel;
  • Constant monitoring with relevant alerts scheduled at regular intervals;
  • Three dedicated IPs per account; and
  • Free SSL certificate.

Pros and Cons:

  • Offers an extensive range of features, more so than most of its competitors;
  • Excellent performance and uptime;
  • This best Windows VPS hosting service uns the latest in terms of software
  • Self-managed edition of this best cheap Windows VPS is bare bones;
  • You need to pay for backups and restoration if you’re on a self-managed plan;
  • Managed plans are considerably more expensive than most


Do you want to buy cheap Windows VPS hosting?

You can buy cheap Windows VPS packages (self-managed) at $4.99 monthly; managed Windows VPS hosting runs between $16.39 and $31.99 a month.


If you think want to buy cheap Windows VPS hosting GoDaddy, make sure to scrutinise their terms of service beforehand.

>> Give GoDaddy Hosting a try <<

Conclusion and Recommendations for Cheap Windows VPS Hosting

So what is the best cheap windows VPS hosting service?

When it comes to cheap Windows VPS hosting, the cheapest plan offered by 1&1 IONOS sounds like the perfect deal – well, at least on paper. However, if you want some serious value for your money, we would recommend Kamatera as the best cheap Windows VPS hosting.

Also, more sensible options are offered by AccuWeb Hosting and InterServer. Aside from being relatively easy to use and thus suitable for beginners, the functionality is more expansive for both self-managed and managed hosting.

In any case, we would recommend that you consider all the options available to you about cheap Windows VPS hosting to see which of them may work best for you.


Which is the cheapest and best Windows VPS hosting?

That would be 1&1 IONOS which offers a self-managed Windows VPS hosting service for as low as $2 a month. But keep in mind the rate only applies to those who opt to subscribe for one full year.

Are there any best Windows VPS hosting options that run the latest edition of Windows Server?

Kamatera is a best Windows VPS hosting provider that runs the latest iteration of the Windows 2022 serverware; 1&1 IONOS also runs Windows Server 2019 and 2022.

We’re not that confident with our server management expertise as yet. Do any of these best cheap Windows VPS hosting options offer managed server options?

Do you want to buy cheap Windows VPS hosting without the hassle? All the cheap Windows VPS hosting platforms reviewed in this article offer managed Windows VPS hosting services. However, keep in mind that managed hosting will entail a considerably higher cost than opting for a self-managed hosting plan.

What is a Cheap Windows VPS Remote Desktop?

It is a web-based hosting service which provides website storage on a host server.

That's all for now:

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