ChargeHubGO Wireless Charging Power Bank Review 2022

Updated May 14 2022
Loy Heat
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Chargehub Go+

Ease of Use 9.9
Design 9.0
Features and Functionality 9.0
Reliability 9.9
Pricing 8.0


  • Different charging cables to support most phones
  • Wireless charging!
  • Smartspeed technology for fast charging


  • If you don't like bulky designs, this can make your phone feel unwieldy
  • 5000 mAh is respectable but not the biggest capacity out there

Battery Problem, Chargehubgo Solution!

Let’s talk about mobile phones! Just look at how far phones have come since it’s initial inception. From the large bulky communication devices of the past, to the incredible smartphones that we have today.

We use our phones (as well as other technological devices) every day. It’s quite obvious that it plays a large part of our lives. Whether it’s for social media, personal entertainment or for work and business, our phones play large roles in our daily lives and for some are a very essential everyday tool.

But as far as the technology of mobile phones, cell phones or smartphones (whichever you want to call it) have come, there is still one big downside that phones have. Due to the advancement of technology; bigger screens, constant connection to the world wide web, better cameras, etc. Means that the daily usage of our phones just simply don’t have the battery life to sustain the amount of use that the average mobile phone and devices typically sees nowadays. Think about the oldschool Nokia mobiles, remember how long they would last for on a single charge for? Days!

This is where I want to introduce to you the ChargehubGO+ ; a powerbank that provides you with a quality charging solution and experience.

chargehub go

What exactly is Chargehub Go?

You might be thinking, it’s just a powerbank…What’s the difference, as you already own and use several different power banks, blah blah, etc etc. So, what are you exactly reading and looking at? Just another generic power bank? Well…technically yes…but keep reading and take a look at just WHY the ChargehubGo is considered to be a “premium” tier of power bank and charging solution.

So, what exactly is Chargehub Go and how does the ChargehubGo work exactly? What are the differences between the normal Chargehubgo, Chargehub x5 and Chargehub x7? We’ll get into all of that as we go down further in this article. But, as I stated in my previous paragraph of this ChargehubGo review; the Chargehub Go+ power bank works just like any other power bank, but with better convenience and better design quality to give you a superior charging solution and experience.

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The powerbank itself comes with 2 built in USB cables. On the left hand side you have your micro lightning reversible cable and on the right hand side of the power bank you have your standard Type-C cables. Having both the Lightning and the Type-C cables available, makes this powerbank a very compatible device for just about every standard smartphone user.

chargehub go features

That means, you don’t have to worry whether you have a smartphone that uses a standard Type-C cable, or a micro-usb B or even a Lightning cable. As this top quality powerbank charger comes with the cables and tools to charge them all! Making this the best universal powerbank and wireless powerbank you can buy currently.

Chargehub Go Features and FAQ

So, we've established that ChargehubGo is a portable charger that uses SmartSpeed technology and comes with different usb ports and built in charging cables in order to make sure that the customer is able to use it for all and any devices. But let's talk more about the features and the several different variants of the Chargehub Go, such as the Chargehubgo+ brand, as well as the different models such as: Chargehub x3, Chargehub x5 and Chargehub x7. What are they exactly, and how does each one perform differently.

  1. This top quality wireless charger comes uses Safe Charge Protection technology via their SmartSpeed technology. This means that you won't have to worry about any of your devices overheating or overcharging whilst connecting and charging with the any of the Chargehub model variants (Chargehub x3, Chargehub x5 and Chargehub x7). The wireless charging pads are also able to take advantage of this safe charge protection technology feature, and it is not limited to only the charge cables.
  2. The Chargehub is compatible with any and every device! You have an Android? Different Type-C cables? Maybe you're running IOS devices and need a lightning cable? Or maybe you've brought your powerbank with you on a trip and your family member or friend has a device that has a different charging port from your own personal devices. Not to worry; the Chargehub Go can charge it all.
  3. Outstanding capacity and charging speed. There's nothing worse than being at a lower battery percentage then you'd like to be, and then being in a position where you need to take your device and have it stop charging. The Chargehub Go solves both of those problems. Firstly, it's a powerbank (duh), so it's portable and can be taken anywhere with you. Second, due to it's insanely quick charging speed (thanks to it's SmartSpeed technology), the Chargehub powerbank will the ultimate convenience when it comes to needing to charge devices on the fly. And it's capacity is second to none! With a whopping 5000 mAh of power storage, you won't have to ration our your power between devices.

chargehub go device box

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But what if you don't have a wireless charging option on your phone? Then you still have nothing to worry about. As stated several times already in this Chargehub device review; this smart powerbank comes with just about every cable for almost any and every kind of charging port you can think of for the modern day phone.

Pricing and where to get your own Chargehub GO device

Looking to actually get yourself a Chargehub wireless powerbank? Looking for the Chargehub Go+, the Chargehub x3, Chargehub x5 or the Chargehub x7? For your convenience, it's all just a click away. Best thing about it; is that you can purchase these wireless powerbanks in bundles, meaning that you get more for the price of less! Got a friend or family members birthday coming up? These make for a great gift, specially for those that need to use their devices constantly.

Chargehub go price list

The even better thing is that if you purchase the right package/bundle, they even deliver it to you for absolutely free!

My Conclusion for Chargehub

I prefer Androids and am currently using an Android phone. Some of my family however prefer IOS phones and this can sometimes present a problem when it comes to the problem of devices losing power when we're out and about. We don't all carry a tonne of gadgets and chargers and/or powerbanks with us. Or sometimes, we just can't find an outlet. This is where the Chargehub GO really saves me, as it allows me to quickly charge all and any devices that me and my family may need charging.

A definitely useful and handy gadget that anyone should be happy to have in their gadget arsenal.

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