Vesk London Case Study

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Client Overview:

Vesk is a London-based agency specializing in cloud hosting solutions. With its advanced technology offerings, including Virtual Servers (IaaS), Internet Connectivity, Telephony (& VoIP), Office 365, Software as a Service, Managed Telephony, Amazon Cloud Computing, Azure Cloud Computing, Cloud Recruitment Software, Hybrid Cloud Computing, and IT Legal Recruitment, Vesk positions itself as a significant player in the tech industry. Notably, Vesk is one of the few UK government-accredited agencies providing virtual desktop services. Apart from their strong presence in the UK, they have also extended their services to other international markets like Singapore.


Vesk had clear goals – they sought enhanced brand recognition, an increase in brand awareness, and a competitive search engine ranking for their key offerings like virtual desktop, cloud data hosting, software, and IP telephone services. Given the location of their significant clientele, they needed a localized SEO strategy for London, and online reputation management and review handling services were also on their list of necessities.


Our approach was twofold: Firstly, we chose broad keywords to boost brand awareness. Secondly, we kept a reserved list of long-tail keywords for the later stages of the campaign. We audited the entire website and made necessary changes, including image optimization, metadata optimization, and rich snippet optimization. We revamped the site's content to be keyword-focused.

A significant part of our strategy involved launching a blog with a structured content calendar. The blog would feature highly-optimized, information-rich content to bolster brand awareness. For off-page SEO, we established links with high-authority, relevant websites, and distributed articles, blogs, and press releases to secure natural ranking for both generic and conversion-centric keywords.

For local SEO, we prioritized London-specific keywords. We listed Vesk on Google My Business (previously, Google Local) and Google Maps, and thoroughly optimized the listings.


The results were immediate and impressive. Vesk experienced a 49% increase in new incoming traffic, indicating successful brand awareness improvement. The bounce rate reduction confirmed the effectiveness of our on-page SEO strategy, while the 78% increase in new traffic's on-page time suggested that the new content was well received by the audience.

For searches conducted from London, 75% of the keywords secured a first-page ranking within six weeks of campaign inception, attributable to our organic SEO strategy. The robust backlink profile we cultivated played a significant role in boosting the organic ranking. Rich snippet optimization resulted in a higher Click Through Rate (CTR) for various keywords.

The Local SEO strategy worked well as the website secured prominent rankings for local keywords and received positive ratings and reviews from users. The increase in incoming local queries indicated improved local discoverability.

In conclusion, Vesk experienced a significant surge in sales and revenue from online channels, validating our comprehensive and tactical SEO strategies.

Client Testimonial:

“Choosing to work with StuartKerrs has been one of our best strategic decisions. We were seeking not only to boost our online visibility but to rank prominently for highly specific, niche keywords – and StuartKerrs delivered. Our traffic has seen a significant uptick, the quality of our leads has improved, and our local rankings are stronger than ever. The team at StuartKerrs made sure to understand our complex industry and tailored their strategies to suit our unique needs. Their work has resulted in a significant boost to our brand awareness and has reflected positively on our sales and revenue. We're delighted with their services and can confidently recommend them.” – Vesk London

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