Vesk Case Study


The Client:

Vesk is a London based agency which offer cloud hosting solutions to their clients. This is a fairly advanced technology. They also offer additional services like Virtual Servers (IaaS), Internet Connectivity, Telephony (& VoIP), Office 365, Software as a Service, Managed Telephony, Amazon Cloud Computing, Azure Cloud Computing, Cloud Recruitment Software, Hybrid Cloud Computing
and IT Legal Recruitment.

Virtual desktop is another prominent service from Vesk and they are one of the few UK government accredited agencies. They help clients to migrate to cloud infrastructure and they have a rather informative blog in this niche. They also have presence on other countries, including Singapore.

The Goal:

Being from a niche segment, the client wanted more brand awareness and brand recognition. They also needed to rank prominently for their main keywords which included virtual desktop, cloud hosting of data and software and IP telephone services.

They wanted to rank in London because the major clients are located there and thus, local SEO was needed as well. This also means, they needed online reputation management and review handling services.

The Strategy:

We started by choosing generic keywords which can lead to increased brand awareness and kept a secondary list of long tail keywords for the second half of the campaign. We rewrote and replaced the content of the website according to the keywords. Of course, the whole website was audited and changes were made in image optimisation, metadata optimisation, rich snippet optimisation and more.
We also introduced a blog which followed a content calendar and we published highly optimised and informative content regularly. All these were done to improve the brand awareness. We also worked on the off-page SEO and created links from highly reputed and relevant websites. We published articles, blogs and press releases to gain natural ranking, both for the generic keywords and the converting keywords.

We placed equal importance on local ranking and local variation (London) of the keywords were promoted. We placed the website on Google My Business (previously, Google Local) and on Google Maps and optimised the listing.

The Result:

Vesk saw an upward surge in incoming traffic almost immediately. There was a 49% hike in new incoming traffic which proved increased brand awareness. The bounce rate also reduced which proves the success of our on-page SEO campaigns. The time on page for new traffic increased 78% which proves that the new content was more appreciated by the users.

From natural/organic SEO, Vesk saw 75% numbers of keywords ranking on the first page, for searches from London, within 6 weeks of starting the campaign. The backlink profile of the website also strengthened which reflected in higher organic ranking. Due to rich snippet optimisation, the CTR for different keywords also increased.

The Local SEO also was successful as the site ranked prominently for all the local keywords and received positive rating and review from the users. The incoming local query increased which proves that the site was more discoverable locally.

Overall, the sales and revenue from online channels went up for Vesk and the client happily vouches for us.

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