Pakthat London Case Study

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The Client:

Pakthat, one of the leading B2B suppliers of electronics packaging solutions in the UK, provides bespoke solutions for packing mobiles, gaming consoles, tablets, laptops, and more. Their main offerings include retail boxes for electronics, pulp insert trays, printed sleeves, bespoke designed boxes, transit packaging materials, screen savers, user guides, instruction manuals, variable data labelling, and tamper-evident seals. Previously known as, Pakthat primarily serves distributors, retailers, recyclers, and multi-national operators.

The Goals:

As Pakthat transitioned from its previous brand,, one of the primary challenges was to establish the new brand identity. The firm aimed to rank for competitive keywords to attract new potential B2B clients, especially from their operating location, Essex. Furthermore, the goal was to retain incoming traffic and convert them into tangible leads.

The Strategy:

Our team at StuartKerrs prioritized creating a robust brand image that reflects the stature of a high-volume and dependable packaging material supplier. We selected keywords that can enhance brand awareness and tailored SEO strategies that align with Pakthat's niche market.

We enhanced the website and created links for the chosen keywords, particularly from industry-related websites, journals, forums, and scholarly releases. Simultaneously, we updated the website with keyword-optimized content, image alt tags, and vital SEO elements such as H1, H2 tags, metadata, and title tags. We further integrated a blog and regularly updated content for Google's fresh content preference.

Recognizing Pakthat's emphasis on local companies, we also focused on local SEO, developing links for local variations of the chosen keywords to improve ranking in the Essex area.

The Result:

Pakthat experienced a significant boost in their ranking for the chosen keywords within just four weeks of launching the campaign. An impressive 87% of their keywords started to rank on the first page. The local SEO efforts also reaped success, as Pakthat began appearing prominently on Google My Business, improving their business rating and resulting in a CTR surge of 241%.

These strategic efforts resulted in a 173% increase in website traffic and a significant improvement in engagement metrics, including pages per session and time on page, which increased by 57%. The local SEO strategy led to an 86% increase in local traffic from Essex and surrounding areas.

In sum, we successfully established Pakthat as the leading online supplier of mobile phone packaging material and helped them acquire new clients.

Client Testimonial:

“Transitioning from to Pakthat could have been a daunting task without the support of StuartKerrs. They've helped us seamlessly establish our new brand identity online, drive more traffic, and effectively reach our target clientele. Our online presence has never been stronger. Thanks to StuartKerrs, we have experienced substantial growth in our business.” – Pakthat

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