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About Client:

Pakthat is one of the leading suppliers of electronics packing boxes, materials and other bespoke solutions in UK. Among others, they offer packing solutions for mobiles, gaming consoles, tablets, laptops and even bespoke SIM card packaging. They cater to business houses mostly, with a small segment being individual customers, and it includes distributors, retailers, recyclers and multi-national operators.

Retail boxes for mobiles, laptops and tablets, pulp insert trays, printed sleeves, bespoke designed boxes, transit packaging materials, screen savers, user guides, instruction manuals, variable data labelling, tamper evident seals are their major products.

The Goals:

Pakthat ( was formerly so, brand repositioning was the biggest concern. The target segment was surely B2B given their niche of business. The company couldn’t carry forward the brand recognition of their previous website and new brand identity was to be created. The link profile was to be built so that they can rank for the chosen keywords.

The company also wanted to acquire new clients from the internet, especially from the Essex location where Pakthat itself operates from. They wanted to rank for some of the competitive keywords of their domains to gain new potential clients.

They also needed to test and find ways to retain the incoming traffic and convert them into actual leads who would be the buyers.

The Strategy:

We placed utmost importance on creating and maintaining a brand image, befitting to a high volume and reliable packaging material suppliers. We chose keywords which can create brand awareness. High search volume is not expected for keywords because this is not retail market.

We also improved the website and created links for the chosen keywords especially from the industry related websites, journals, forums and scholarly releases.

We improved the site by adding images, keyword optimised texts and also the technical SEO elements like H1, H2, metadata, title tags, image alt tags and more. We streamlined the whole process of placing the order and made the navigation more intuitive. We integrated a blog and updated the content regularly to feed fresh content to Google.

The client targeted the local companies mostly and thus, we placed importance on local SEO as well. We worked and built links for local variations of the chosen keywords to get ranked in the Essex area where our client and its target clients are located.

The Result:

Pakthat saw an upward trend in their ranking for their chosen keywords within 4 weeks of starting the campaign. 87% of their keywords started to rank on the first page. Moreover, the local SEO results were optimistic as well with the company started to appear prominently on Google My Business and the rating of the business also benefited. The CTR for the search result page entries also went up by 241%.

As a result, there was a 173% increase in the traffic inflow and the engagement factors increased drastically. Major factors like pages per session and time on page and session duration went up by 57%.
The local SEO endeavour also met with similar success and the local traffic from and around Essex increased due to the prominent ranking on the SERP. The traffic from Essex location went up by 86%.
Overall, we were able to establish Pakthat as the leading online supplier of mobile phone packaging material and found them newer clients.

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