Inspire Design Interiors Case Study


The Client:

Inspired Design is a renowned interior designer and decorator based in Billericay, Essex. They offer residential and commercial interior designing, decoration, redecoration, and refurbishment in Essex and surrounding areas, along with unique services like Dental practice and Veterinary clinic interior design. They also prepare show homes for builders. The team is led by the award-winning designer, Michelle Frawley, with over 17 years’ experience in the industry. Despite their success and recognition offline, their online presence needed enhancement.

The Goals:

Inspired Design Interiors aimed to transfer their offline success to online reputation, especially within the competitive Essex market. The client sought top ranking for their interior decorating services, focusing on local searches in Essex. Achieving these goals required strategic Google Local Positioning and garnering positive reviews. Furthermore, they required landing page optimization to convert incoming traffic.

The Strategy:

At StuartKerrs, we prioritised steps promising the fastest results. We started by targeting high search volume keywords likely to convert, selecting a mix of generic and long-tail keywords. The website was subsequently optimised for SEO, with meticulous attention to details like ALT tags for images, metadata, title, image compression, rich snippet optimisation, and header tags.

We focused on creating engaging, rich, and informative content for each page and weekly blogs, with a dedicated content calendar for the client. Service descriptions were reworked to include selected keywords, and a strategic link building plan was implemented to ensure organic ranking from reputed websites.

For local ranking, we embedded local keywords on the website for listing on Google Business and Google Maps. Our team also concentrated on gathering maximum reviews from clients on Google.

The Result:

Upon implementing the aforementioned strategies, the client’s website traffic surged, with the selected keywords beginning to rank within a few weeks. This led to an 82% increase in traffic inflow, and due to high CTR for the keywords, the traffic increased further. By reducing the bounce rate by 10.12%, we ensured SEO success and revenue increase for the client.

With a 78% increase in returning visitors, positive metrics like time on page and pages per session indicated customer satisfaction. Our local SEO strategy yielded a prominent ranking for local keywords, resulting in an 84% increase in local traffic from Essex.

Overall, the client saw a significant boost in revenue from online services and a healthy ROI on their digital marketing investment.

Client Testimonial:

“We couldn't be happier with StuartKerrs' strategies that propelled our online presence. Their meticulous attention to detail, from keyword selection to local SEO, made a considerable difference. Our website traffic increased significantly, and we started ranking for our targeted keywords within weeks. The boost in revenue was an added bonus. They definitely have our highest recommendation!” – Inspired Design

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