Carriage Masters London Case Study

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The Client:

Carriage Masters, based in London, is a horse and cart rental company, providing special services for weddings, Asian weddings, funeral services, and corporate events. Their offerings include a variety of carts and horses for different occasions, along with trained and licensed coachmen. They are especially known for their well-trained horses and specialised services for Asian weddings.

The Goals:

The client aimed to enhance their online visibility for potential customers searching for their unique services. They particularly wanted to rank for local searches, given their service is inherently local, with a focus on Essex and surrounding areas. The client also sought to maintain a clean and positive image on Google My Business. As a relatively new player in a niche market with established competitors, they wanted to rank competitively despite low search counts and geographic constraints.

The Strategy:

Our team at StuartKerrs started by revamping the website to enhance its modern appeal and streamline the hiring process. We crafted a balanced mix of generic and long-tail keywords, with generic keywords enhancing online recognition and long-tail keywords driving conversions.

We updated the site content according to the chosen keywords, introduced a regularly updated blog to feed Google fresh, keyword-optimised content, and extensively worked on image optimisation. We used SERP simulators to generate rich snippets (meta descriptions and title tags) for each page.

We carefully selected related and authoritative websites on horses and carts and methodically built links from those sites using articles, blogs, and keywords. Our focus was also on improving local SEO through Google My Business and Google Maps, alongside managing reputation to garner positive ratings and reviews on Google My Business.

The Result:

Carriage Masters saw an immediate increase in traffic inflow thanks to improved Google SERP ranking and prominent placement in Google local search results. New traffic increased by 95%, and customer engagement also improved with metrics such as pages per session and time on page increasing by 78%, and bounce rate decreasing by 11.63%.

Our local SEO strategy yielded significant success, with the business gaining prominence for searches from Essex and surrounding areas, leading to a 91% increase in local traffic. With a 4+ business rating and predominantly positive reviews on Google, Carriage Masters experienced an improved conversion rate and gained new business and leads from their target locations.

Today, the website ranks on the first page for over 89% of the chosen keywords, boosting their online visibility and leading to increased traffic.

Client Testimonial:

“StuartKerrs turned our online presence around. They meticulously crafted strategies that significantly increased our visibility, particularly in local searches, and presented us positively on Google My Business. The new traffic and leads we're receiving have given our business a much-needed boost. We're truly grateful for their expertise and highly recommend their services.” – Carriage Masters

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