Bloomsbury Wigs Of London Case Study

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The Client:

Bloomsbury Wigs is based in London, UK and deals in wigs, hair pieces, and hair replacement systems. They have a wide range of virtually undetectable wigs to choose from and match every type of natural hair.
Additionally, they offer specialised Wigs for Alopecia and Cancer (Chemotherapy) patients. They have gained the reputation with their clients and gathered endorsements from prestigious organisations like TTS (The Trichological Society), IOT (Institute of Trichologists) and The Katie Piper Foundation. Leading publications like The BBC, The Guardian, The Times and The Sunday Mirror also wrote about their services.
They have a website where customers can check different solutions the clinic offers, know the pricing and book consultations. They also have well-curated video blog to demonstrate their procedures.

The Goal:

Bloomsbury Wigs wanted to gain more online visibility, especially for local searches, to expand their business. Higher traffic was also a requirement for their online store. They wanted to reduce the bounce rate so capture more incoming leads. Increasing the online sales and queries was the ultimate objective which could positively reflect on the revenue.
Additionally, they wanted to handle the Google Local reviews so that positive reviews can increase their rating and reputation.

The Strategy:

We started by changing a few things on the website. The design itself was tweaked to make the customer experience more rewarding and smoother. CTA placements were taken care of to increase customer engagement. We also updated the complete website content and continuously published blogs to feed fresh content to Google.
On the technical side, the website code was changed to improve page load time. Keywords were mapped to particular pages and each page was optimised for chosen keywords. We also added attractive Title tags, meta descriptions and image ALT tags to keep the side ready. A fresh sitemap was fed to Google Webmaster.
We formulated link building strategy and created good quality backlinks from reputed sites. We published articles, blogs, and press releases periodically, along with classified posting forum commenting. We engaged in bad link removal process as well and removed the toxic links to the site.

The Result:

We saw an upward surge in ranking and traffic. Many numbers of keywords started to rank on the first page of Google and the monthly visitor count was up by 657.23% within 8 weeks of starting our SEO activities. The CTR increased for all the keywords which led to higher traffic. The bounce rate also came down from 40.36% to 9.94%. While new visitor count went up by 82.1%, returning visitors also increased.
The customer engagement increased drastically. Time on page and pages per session went up significantly.
Most importantly, the local traffic increased manifold and the number of positive reviews also went up. The local search also increased by 2,420.83%.
The number of queries has increased for Bloomsbury Wigs and their revenue from online business is also moving up.

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