Bondic Glue Reviews 2022: The future of Superglue?

Updated May 8 2022
Loy Heaton

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Bondic Plastic Welder

Ease of Use 10.0
Design 10.0
Features and Functionality 9.5
Reliability 9.5
Pricing 10.0

Introducing UV activated glue!

When something breaks off, what is your usual go to adhesive for the repair job? Tape? Not strong enough and has somewhat of a limited usage. Hot glue gun? Needs to be plugged in, can get messy and it’s high temperatures can be dangerous. Traditional super glue? Extremely messy and doesn’t always adhere the two parts together properly.

So, what’s the solution? Since you’re already reading this Bondic glue reviews out of many other Bondic glue reviews; you’ve guessed it right. The solution to all of those traditional problems you find with traditional adhesives such as super glue; is the Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder, or just Bondic Plastic Welder for short.

A brand new DIY tool that works the way it’s intended, where the traditional super glue and other adhesive solutions fail.

Goodbye traditional super glue, hello Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder

While I’m sure the traditional superglue will always have it’s uses, you can’t deny the convenience factor as well as the functionality of the Bondic Plaster Welder. Many Bondic glue reviews will agree with me when I say that this nifty handy device/tool, revolutionises the adhesive game.

Like other Bondic glue reviews; in this one we’ll go over the advantages that the Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder has over traditional adhesive applicators. Bondic glue UK has seen a large increase in home usage, as more and more DIY folks are adding this liquid plastic welder into their DIY toolkits. And you’ll soon learn why!


photo of bondic plastic welder and packaging

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How superglue works compared to the Bondic Plastic Welder

Let’s start off with a quick lesson on how superglue works. The superglue that you can bore from your corner store is typically in a small tube. That small tube of superglue is actually a tube of a type of adhesive called: Cyanoacrylate.

Cyanoacrylate is a type of acrylic resin that quickly forms a bond once it comes into contact with water molecules. Even the tiniest bit of water (such as from the air or on the object you’re trying to glue together will do) starts the chemical reaction where the Cyanoacrylate hardens and forms a plastic mesh. Once enough water is absorbed, the glue completely hardens into it’s bond and that’s pretty much how it sticks things together.

The downside of this is that superglue comes with a bit of warnings on the tube, and those warnings aren't just for show either, if used wrong, superglue can definitely be dangerous. And the big downside is; leave your superglue uncapped, and the entire tube will harden and be wasted.

The Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder, or aka; Bondic Plastic Welder; is not a cyanoacrylate. Thus it is technically not superglue. Meaning the main difference is that the Bondic Plastic Welder does not have the same reaction, and will only harden and form a bond when YOU need it to.

photos of bondic fixing glasses

Features of the Bondic Plastic Welder

UV Light Drying Process. Unlike your typical superglue, you get to choose when the Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder dries out, with the use of a special UV light. Shine the light on the area where the liquid plastic is applied and watch it harden and bond the materials together. Another great thing about it, is that the UV light is on the Plastic Welder pen itself!

Versatile Application.Whilst super glue has trouble with adhering certain materials such as glass and sometimes wood, the Bondic Plastic Welder has no issue with applying its Bondic glue UK to those materials. Whether it’s metal, plastic, fiberglass or wood, the bondic glue UK can do it all.

Durable and Safe. Safety is always paramount when it comes to tools, and the Bondic liquid Plastic Welder and it’s bondic glue UK is no exception. This tool doesn’t require any kind of heat, and it’s a completely non-toxic product.

Clean Usage. Ah yes, my person favourite feature of the Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder, and primarily why I felt motivated to write this review to add to the many Bondic glue reviews; it’s super clean and easy to use! No more getting super glue on my fingers and hands, or having it dry out accidentally on my sleeve. Since everything is controlled by the UV light, the clean and smooth finish is controlled by you.

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How to use the Bondic Plastic Welder

Let me give you a quick step by step on how to use this super simple and super effective adhesive tool.

First, apply the clear liquid plastic formula on the piece and/or part that you’re trying to adhere. Same way you would apply super glue to something you’re trying to stick back on.

Then, turn on your UV light that comes with the welder pen. Direct the special UV light and shine it onto the clear liquid plastic formula for a few seconds (Around 4-5 seconds should be enough).

Finally, watch as It hardens under the special UV light and watch as your two parts and pieces adhere and stick together. Wallah, simple as that. Want to get a bit of a smoother finish? You can simply give it a quick run over with some fine sandpaper, and get that smooth finish that you’re looking for. Not so difficult ey?

Using bondic to fix your guitar


Pricing for Bondic Glue UK

Let’s start with the thing that everyone is always interested in the most; Price. A top quality Bondic liquid plastic welder isn’t the most expensive tool you can purchase for your arsenal, nor is it the cheapest.

With some online deals, and the deal I have found for this Bondic glue reviews, you can get yours easily under retail. And you can simply just click and order and have it delivered to your home. No need to go out waste your time at the hardware store.

The efficiency, durability and versatility of this product alone is definitely worth this price. The great thing also, is that Bondic Glue UK is attaching a 30-day money back guarantee with your purchase also! So, if it really isn't working for you, just follow their refund policy and conditions, and you'll get your money back.


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My Conclusion for Bondic Glue Reviews

The Bondic liquid Plastic Welder definitely has it’s uses. I have personally used it more than a few times, and I can tell you that this UV light glue pen is not just a gimmick. Like any tool in your arsenal and at your disposal, every tool has it’s job to do.

And when it comes to adhering specific things, the Bondic liquid plastic welder does it job more than just well. A simple addition to your toolset, this bondic glue UK will help complete any adhesive problems you might encounter.

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