Bluehost Hosting Review: The Best Web Hosting of 2020?

Bluehost: Best for beginners

Ease of Use 9.5
Features 9.0
Performance 9.5
Support 9.0
Pricing 9.0


  • User-friendly
  • Great uptime
  • Friendly customer service


  • Cloud hosting unavailability
  • Paid migration
  • May require add-ons to access full functionality

Introduction: Bluehost – A Top-Seeded Hosting Solution

Bluehost is one of the most recognisable names in the world of web hosting.  It powers over two million websites around the globe, and those numbers are consistently increasing day-by-day. Touted as the “best” web hosting of 2020 by many a Bluehost hosting review, this provider is immediately tagged as a top-drawer web hosting option. However, does Bluehost live up to its reputation? Learn more about Bluehost cost, Bluehost features, and performance in this Bluehost hosting review.


Bluehost is a pioneer in the web hosting industry,  known for its affordability and reliability. In our Bluehost hosting review, we present the features that make this web host stand out from the herd, including its 30-day Bluehost trial.


Ease of Use:

To start this Bluehost Hosting review/Bluehost WordPress Pro Review, we give a thumbs up to this web host's simplicity and user-friendliness. Its cPanel interface makes for a hassle-free setup and management of your website. Clicking on the icons will take you anywhere and let you do anything on the interface.

The beauty of the cPanel is that it creates a centralised location to take care of your websites and email addresses. The interface is also customisable, so those who can't help but tweak with settings may do so. Professionals and non-professionals can glide through this web hosting service without getting anxious over technical aspects. To experience how easy it is to navigate, go for a test drive with the Bluehost trial.

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Now that you’ve already gotten past ease of use, this Bluehost hosting review/Bluehost WordPress pro review will discuss the features the hosting site has to offer, including a 30-day Bluehost trial for free.

Domain Names:

Depending on your plan, Bluehost allows you to have more than one domain name and website. If you subscribe to the Basic Plan, then you can only have one. For the rest, however,  it would be unlimited. This rule applies to subdomains, as well.

Email Rating:

This Bluehost Review UK rates this provider highly on email offers. The cheapest plan offers five accounts for email. With the rest of their plans, you get unlimited email accounts. They can accommodate a maximum of five hundred emails sent per hour!


Most of their plans offer unlimited databases, but with their cheapest, your limit is twenty. Also, the plans support varying GGI/Databases.


This Bluehost review UK finds that there is a wide range of applications that you can choose from. Most notable among them, however, is WordPress. It has the most features and Bluehost distinguishes itself as a WordPress partner. You can read up on several Bluehost WordPress Pro reviews online and test the waters with a Bluehost trial.


Probably the best thing about this web hosting service that we encountered as we write this Bluehost hosting review is its one-click WordPress installation feature. In addition, similar to other Bluehost WordPress Pro reviews, we find that migration from WordPress is free and easy. Moreover, hosting plans have LOTS of privileges and features, including thousands of plugins and themes you can choose.

Site Staging:

Simply logging-in on your Bluehost account and accessing the dashboard, you have an option to create a staging site. Making changes in the staging site is relatively easy with simple clicks and command mechanics, deploying changes to the live site is also quickly done with a minimal number of steps. You can test this feature out with the Bluehost trial for 30 days free of charge.

Website Builder:

Bluehost is a hosting service, but with Bluehost website builders WordPress and Weebly are 100% supported. Either of the two is easy to use, but in this Bluehost Review UK, we would suggest using WordPress as it is the more prominent builder. Other Bluehost WordPress Pro reviews concur.

As an aside, Bluehost vs Wix and Bluehost vs Squarespace comparisons are often made online, but let's clarify. While Bluehost focuses only on hosting, Wix and Squarespace are website builders and hosting services rolled into one.

eCommerce and SSL Certification:

You get to have numerous shopping cart options like GPG encryption and OpenPGP. SSL Certificate is free among all packages.

Security and Backups:

We find in this Bluehost Review UK that security is already well-rounded, but you can add more features through purchasing add-ons. Backups are automatic for the recent thirty days of use. There is also no additional payment for restoration.

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Now that we have identified the features associated with Bluehost, let's go further and scrutinise its performance in this Bluehost hosting review. You can also counter-check with many Bluehost review UK articles to get more insight.

Server Locations:

Their primary data centre is in Utah, which is in the U.S.A. However, they also have data centres in Hong Kong, Mumbai, London, and Shanghai.


According to many Bluehost WordPress Pro reviews, this feature is not directly offered by Bluehost. However, CDN can be enabled through Cloudflare.

Speed Results:

Speeds are amazing, and our finding is supported unanimously by Bluehost review UK articles. Websites hosted by Bluehost have a load time of around 727 ms.

Average Uptime, Bandwidth, and Webspace limits/Storage:

Bluehost averages an uptime of 99.5%. Its bandwidth is unmetered, and the web storage starts from 50GB SSD to unlimited SSD. You can verify these features before you commit by signing up for a 30-day Bluehost trial.

Support and Resources:

For this aspect of our Bluehost Review UK, Bluehost gets both and thumbs up and down. Many customers will tell you they're happy with the service since you can choose from either contact through phone or by live chat. In this Bluehost review UK, we appreciate how friendly and accommodating their agents are.

What's problematic with their customer service is that they upsell too much. Bluehost always attempts to get customers to buy add-ons or upgrades. There are several aspects where add-ons are non-negotiable if you want to maximise the full functions of the hosting service. For people on a pinch, this is worrying.

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If you've reached this part in our Bluehost Hosting review/Bluehost WordPress Pro Review, you've come to the most important consideration. What about the cost? Bluehost has multiple hosting plans designed to cater to your web building and hosting needs. Each of the plans has varying benefits and features which correspond accordingly to their prices. Don't forget that there's a Bluehost trial version, too.


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Shared Plan

In their regular hosting plans, the Shared Plan would be their cheapest and most popular. You get four choices:

  • Basic, which costs $3.95/month,
  • Plus for $5.95/month, and
  • Choice Plus for $6.95/month, and
  • Pro for $13.95/month.

The more expensive the plan you choose, the better the features and benefits of hosting your website.

VPS Plan

The second-tier plan is the Virtual Private Hosting (VPS) plan. This plan is made for those who want more security, speed, control, and flexibility in building and maintaining their website.

  • Standard is $19.99/month
  • Enhanced for $29.99/month, and
  • Ultimate costs $59.99/month.

Going up the price tag means more on the number of cores, SSD storage, RAM, Bandwidth, and IP addresses.

Dedicated Hosting Plan

Bluehost's third and last of the regular hosting plans is their Dedicated Hosting plan. It's hands down the best among their offerings with respect to security, control, and performance.

  • Standard costs $79.99/month,
  • Enhanced for $99.99/month, and
  • Premium is $119.99/month.

The best you can get out of this plan is having 5 IP addresses, 15 TB Bandwidth, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB Mirrored Storage, and four cores functioning at 3.3 GHz.

eCommerce Plans

Lastly, they also offer plans for eCommerce, specifically, WooCommerce. This plan is meant for online sellers as it is focused on optimising online markets and digital payments. Paying more means having more online stores, storage, security, and other benefits or features.

  • Starter costs $6.95/month,
  • Plus is $8.95/month, and
  • Pro is for $12.95/month.

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Free Trial and Refund Policy

Since you’ve read this far in our Bluehost Hosting review/Bluehost WordPress Pro Review, you'll be pleased to know that there will be no charges for the first thirty days of free Bluehost trial. If you cancel within those days, you are entitled to a full refund according to the chosen plan or package.

Conclusion and Recommendation:

To conclude this Bluehost hosting review/Bluehost WordPress pro review,  we find that Bluehost is used best if you plan to have a startup website. Bluehost domain price is also affordable, and its features are many. However, expect to buy and install add-ons to access its full functionality.


For Bluehost alternatives, our Bluehost review UK investigation suggests Siteground for a speed edge and HostGator for cloud hosting.

Final word:

Wrapping up this Bluehost Review UK/Bluehost WordPress Pro review, we highly recommend trying out the Bluehost trial, since opting to subscribe will give you greater familiarity with the hosting service. It's a clear win-win. If you choose to unsubscribe, here is a 30-day money-back guarantee under their refund policy when you are still covered by the Bluehost trial period.


Is Bluehost eCommerce-friendly?

Yes, it is. Bluehost is one of the most inexpensive hosting providers for SMEs.

Where is Bluehost located?

It is headquartered in Orem, Utah, in the USA.

I'm a beginner. Is Bluehost right for me?

Absolutely. It's one of the most user-friendly hosting providers in the market, perfect for those starting out their websites.

That’s all for now:

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