5 Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins 2024

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Do you want to skip the read and get right to my top pick? The best WordPress page builder plugin for most people is Elementor.

Introduction to the Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins.

Welcome to our guide for the best wordpress page builder plugin.

While WordPress remains the basic site builder of choice for many people, users wonder if there is an alternative to the platform’s block-style content management system (CMS) editor. Given how many competitors like Squarespace have already done away with CMS and have swapped in drag-and-drop-style builders, it’s a valid concern.

In this review, we will be talking about the best WordPress page builder plugins,. These best WP page builder plugins enhance the functionality of the basic platform builder to make site creation easier with more visually stunning results.

Our List of the Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins:

While there are numerous choices available with regard to WordPress page builder plugins, the creme de la creme based on our reviews, are as follows:

  1. Elementor: WordPress theme builder with tons of integrations
  2. Beaver Builder: Best WordPress page builder freemium drag & drop builder
  3. SeedProd: The easiest WordPress page builder
  4. Divi Builder: Complete website builder with 100+ demos
  5. Themify Builder: Best frontend edit mode

Quick Comparison Table For Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins:

PlatformKey FeaturesPricingMy View 
1. ElementorDrag-and-drop editor, Responsive editing, Popup builder, Theme builder, WooCommerce builderStarts from $49/year

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Elementor's feature-rich, easy-to-use interface makes it the most versatile page builder plugin. Ideal for professionals.Try for Free
2. Beaver BuilderLive front end page editor, Reusable templates, WooCommerce support, Works with almost any themeStarts from $99/year

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Beaver Builder's simplicity and usability make it a great choice for beginners and professionals alike.Try for Free
3. SeedProdDrag-and-drop page builder, Coming soon & maintenance modes, 100+ templates, Works with any themeStarts from $39.50/year

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SeedProd stands out for its coming soon and maintenance mode features. Best for launching new sites.Try for Free
4. Divi BuilderVisual drag-and-drop builder, Custom CSS control, Responsive editing, Global elements & stylesPart of Elegant Themes membership, starts from $89/year

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Divi Builder's powerful features and design options make it a favorite among developers.Try for Free
5. Themify BuilderDrag-and-drop builder, Responsive design, Pre-designed layouts, Multi-site supportComes free with any Themify theme, or $39 as a standalone plugin

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Themify Builder's value lies in its simple interface and a decent set of features, especially if you're already using a Themify theme.Try for Free

What are Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins?

You might be wondering as to what exactly is the best WordPress page builder plugin. After all, WordPress itself is a site creation platform – so why would one need a secondary application for building a website?

WordPress is primarily a blogging platform that offers multiple templates with which to create a site. But those who want to truly personalise their bit of online real estate find it challenging to customise these templates, particularly those who have little to no experience of either HTML or CSS coding.

WP page builder plugins were developed as a solution for this, and many of them are best WordPress page builder freemium. They are secondary applications or third-party integrations that would add the ease of use that a drag-and-drop builder accords to its users. These best WordPress page builder free plugins enables even those without any coding know-how to create excellent sites even while using WordPress – and without charge!

How We Chose the Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins:

We took note of five specific qualities that have elevated our choices  of the best WP page builders from the rest of the competition:

  • Number of elements available for use in site creation;
  • Layout options and available templates;
  • Tools and / or widgets for advanced customisation;
  • Overall performance in terms of stability and reliability; and
  • Value for money.

Our Best WP Page Builders in Detail:

Here are the five names in our WordPress page builder list up close and personal.


elementor, a best wordpress page builder plugin


Next up on our best WordPress page builder plugins list is one of the grand old plugins that has made working with WordPress so much easier. Elementor's key selling point lies in the way it interfaces with other plugins offered for the platform. Indeed, it is so easy – practically out of the box ready – to use and it creates exemplary websites and landing pages.

Another neat thing about Elementor: you can use it for free. Though the functionality may be slightly less stellar compared to the premium edition, the way it makes beautifully constructed and engaging sites is a godsend for those with meagre budgets.


  • Live drag and drop editor;
  • Responsive page design;
  • Extensive selection of both basic and professional templates;
  • Website kits;
  • Proprietary theme builder; and
  • Site hosting for those on premium subscriptions

Pros and Cons:

  • One of the easiest best WordPress landing page builders to use right out of the box;
  • Exceptional functionality in a number of aspects including creative flexibility and ecommerce;
  • Highly responsive design that adapts to any screen
  • Sites created with the platform tend to suffer from a lag whilst loading;
  • Customer and technical support tend to be sketchy at best;
  • Major / large-scale updates tend to foul up one’s work


  • Basic version of this best WP page builder is offered for free;
  • End-to-end site building solution priced at $89 annually;
  • Elementor Pro plans range between $49 and $999 annually

Be sure to read their terms of use before you decide on this service.

>> Try Elementor For Free today <<


seedprod, a best wordpress page builder plugin


The thing about SeedProd is that it's quite a powerful WordPress page builder open source plugin. It also serves as a highly effective and one of the best WordPress landing page builders. It's one of those small but mighty apps that creates visually strong pages that lead to visitor recall. Also, in the case of ecommerce sites built with WordPress, numerous sales and conversions are possible with this best WordPress page builder free plugin.

Aesthetic flexibility is this plugin's strongest selling point, giving users a choice from among more than a hundred unique templates. Templates from this best WordPress page builder free have all been optimised for mobile. Therefore, it is easy to view and interact with SeedProd sites regardless of whether these are being accessed from a desktop or one's mobile device.


  • Easy to use drag and drop building suite;
  • Over 100 themed templates for this best WordPress landing page builder;
  • Seamless integration with auto-responders;
  • Built-in capability for social media sharing; and
  • Optimised spam protection

Pros and Cons:

  • Created to be a very beginner-friendly best WP page builder;
  • Excellent email and online marketing integrations, making it one of the best WordPress landing page builder;
  • Great website and email security
  • The tool suite is not as well-equipped as those of proprietary builders like Elementor or Wix


Price range for this best WordPress landing page builder runs between $39.50 and $299.50 annually


Be sure to read their terms of use before you decide on this service.

>> Try SeedProd for free today <<

Beaver Builder

beaver-builder, a best wordpress page builder plugin


Feature-rich Beaver Builder is considered the gold standard among open-source WordPress plugins. It is one of the best WordPress page builder by siteorigin. It is incredibly easy to use and has the benefit of offering preview mode as a form of staging. Site creators using this best WordPress landing page builder free plugin can actually see how their site works well before deployment, allowing them to make the necessary adjustments. (It's also much easier to use than WordPress.org's standard staging sandbox.)

This best WordPress landing page builder also plays well with a number of other WordPress plugins, essentially creating the best possible site building experience for those on the platform. Plus points also go to it for the built-in SEO functionality and the way sites built with Beaver Builder are ready for mobile almost as soon as they go live.


  • Drag and drop page-building suite for this best WordPress landing page builder;
  • Import / export feature;
  • Landing and content page templates;
  • Client editor mode; and
  • Extensive selection of shortcodes and widgets

Pros and Cons:

  • Full front-end editing ability;
  • WordPress widgets may be deployed in the builder’s blocks;
  • Lowest learning curve of any best WP page builder.
  • Has less in the way of templates than most of its competitors;
  • Can be a bit pricey, making it a difficult option for those on a limited budget;
  • Ironically, you can’t add custom CSS coding to modules


Price range of this best WordPress page builder plugin runs between $99 and $399 annually


Be sure to read their terms of use before you decide on this service.

>> Try Beaver Builder For Free Today <<

Divi Builder

elegant-themes-divi-builder, a best wordpress page builder plugin


Do you need the best WordPress page builder plugin that goes beyond mere site creation by offering a stable and secure pre-deployment staging platform? Then the Divi Builder is the plugin you should take into serious consideration.

Touted as an ultimate WordPress page builder, this highly intuitive AI-driven plugin enables even the most clueless of site creators to make fantastic and engaging sites in mere minutes. Plus, with a single license, those using the Divi Builder can create an unlimited number of websites under a single account.

Ecommerce users love it because of the seamless way it integrates with WordPress' ecommerce plugin WooCommerce, essentially taking the stress right out of building an effective online storefront.


  • SEO-driven blogging tools;
  • Contact and opt-in form creation modules;
  • Analytics; and
  • Extensive marketing toolkit

Pros and Cons:

  • Sucuri-certified secure theme coding;
  • This  WordPress page builder plugin offers A/B testing/staging. This ensures that all details are in place prior to deploying your website;
  • Multilingual and 24/7 ATL technical support
  • Shortcode lock-in which means you may have trouble editing pages should you opt out of Divi in favour of a different best WP page builder option


Annual subscription of this best WordPress page builder plugin priced at $89. But it would be more advantageous to opt for a lifetime subscription at $249 one-time payment


Be sure to read their terms of use before you decide on this service.

>> Try Divi Builder for free today <<

Themify Builder

themify, a best wordpress page builder plugin


There is a reason why Themify is the best WordPress landing page builder of choice for those in the creative sector. The level of aesthetic and imaginative flexibility it offers users is practically off the charts. This isn’t really surprising, as Themify started out as a theme and plugins developer. Ten years since they started, the team behind this builder is still delivering on their core promises of absolute ease and aesthetic quality to WordPress users, particularly through their site builder plugin.

Sounds good, yes? But we have to put a caveat in at this point with this best WP page builder. Themify essentially operates like a members-only club for hardcore WordPress users. This means that you’ll have to pay a membership fee in order to use the full range of creative and technical options that the plugin has to offer.


  • Drag and drop builder for this best WordPress page builder free plugin;
  • Demo import function that enables users to replicate their sites for staging or testing purposes;
  • Multi-element customisation panel;
  • Banner content;
  • Automated updating for themes and templates;
  • Customised logo creation;
  • SEO best practices;
  • Extensive range of fonts and typefaces;
  • Social media icons;
  • Multilingual support via WPML; and
  • Design-specific builder add-ons for image editing

Pros and Cons:

  • Offers an extensive selection of features for creating more elaborate websites;
  • Can be integrated with other site creation platforms;
  • Optimised themes for Web 2.0 and mobile use
  • Requires separate site hosting;
  • You’ll have to add extra apps and plugins manually as it doesn’t really offer third-party integration;
  • While this is a best WordPress page builder free option, its paid service may be too expensive for smaller businesses or individual site owners


Price range runs between $49 and $249 a year. This also depends on whether you signed up for the Themify Theme Club, membership privileges for which also entail additional features and functionality.


Be sure to read their terms of use before you decide on this service.

>> Try Themify Builder For Free Today <<

Conclusion and Recommendation for the Best WordPress Page Builder Plugin:

When it comes to the best WordPress page builder plugins, Elementor comes away with the top marks. It is the best WordPress page builder free plugins that provide absolute ease of use even for the most clueless novice. Plus, the price you pay to use their features is quite reasonable.

In any case, however, we recommend that you shop around and consider the merits of different site building plugins for WordPress to determine which one would suit your purposes best.

>> Try Elementor For Free today <<


I don’t have much of a budget for site building and management. Is there a best WordPress page builder free option I can use?

Both Elementor and Themify Builder offer a free edition of their respective building plugins, and these are actually a good choice for those who are strapped for cash, are casual site builders, or smaller businesses. You have to remember, however, that the free editions of these plugins may not necessarily be as extensive as those of their paid editions or their premium competitors.

I like to have a variety of templates and aesthetic elements to choose from; which best WordPress page builder plugin would deliver on these?

That would be Themify Builder as it has the most extensive range of templates and elements that one can use to create and embellish a highly engaging website.

That's all for now:

If you've read all the way through this best WordPress page builder plugins list, we are thankful. We hope you can now answer the question of what is the best WP page builder plugin option for you! We have a large collection of articles, guides, and comparison reviews of eCommerce solutions, web hosting providers, website builders, and more! Feel free to check them out;

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