Top 5 Best Website Builder for Marketing Agency 2022: (Marketing Portfolio Website Examples)

Updated September 15 2022
Ailsa Margatte
Ailsa Margatte
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Do you want to skip the read and get right to my top picks? The best marketing portfolio website examples use WordPress or Squarespace.


What builders create the best marketing portfolio website examples? But which of these are the best website builder for marketing agency?

The international marketing scene has become increasingly competitive over the past two decades. Indeed, agencies are doing their best to get as many clients as they can. Yet once they’ve secured contracts for these, they need to deliver the best service to stay ahead.

In the digital age, websites are the best bet for maximising one’s reach and that means a couple of things. This includes getting a website up and running ASAP. You also need to ensure that it is engaging enough so that they convert leads into paying clients.

In today’s post, we present the top five website builders and digital marketing portfolio website examples in the real world.

Why Do You Need the Best Website Builder for Digital Marketing Agency?

In the old days, roadshows, trade shows, and face-to-face meetings or conferences were the standard strategy to get clients. But with internet and social media, marketing agencies were given a new platform to engage with clients. This became even more apparent during the onslaught of COVID-19 when actual physical contact was prohibited. As a result, businesses needed to migrate to the virtual world.

Having a website actually gives marketing agencies the following benefits:

  • The ability to expand their client base so that they reach beyond their physical location;
  • Offer a virtual gallery or portfolio so that potential and existing clients can browse as a point of reference;
  • The best website builder for marketing agency provides a safe and secure way to do business with clients;
  • Serve as a way so clients can stay abreast of new trends in the industry through a blog or newsletter.

Hence, finding the best website builder for digital marketing agency is a good direction toward a strong online presence.

Our List of the Best Makers of Marketing Portfolio Website Examples:

Our top five choices for the best website builder for digital marketing agency are as follows:

  1. Squarespace – stunning websites and eCommerce tools
  2. – incredible flexibility and eCommerce functionality
  3. Webflow – excellent for content management
  4. Weebly – beginner-friendly
  5. Wix – easy to use with great analytics

Let me give you a better idea of how each best website builder for digital marketing agency works. Below, we also present a few marketing portfolio website examples built with these platforms.

How We Chose the Best Website Builder for Digital Marketing:

Our five top website builder for digital marketing agency were selected based on the following criteria:

  • Ease of Use – Marketing executives and creatives want results – and they wanted them yesterday. Therefore, they need a website builder that will enable them to immediately set up shop online. While drag and drop builders are a great choice, an AI-driven builder will get the job done faster;
  • Gallery Function – Having the ability and tools to put a company’s visual portfolio online is always a plus. Therefore, a website builder for a marketing agency needs to have a good gallery function. In our best marketing portfolio website examples, display options include slideshows and lightboxes for showing off the best creations;
  • Scalability – Great things grow from the smallest beginnings.  Indeed, the mom-and-pop agency you start today may just become a multinational corporation in the future. Therefore, the best website builder for digital marketing agency is one that allows users to scale up their online operations;
  • Value for Money – The best website builder for digital marketing agency doesn't just perform well, but it's also cost-efficient. Hence, getting the right subscription package for your agency requires that you look over the inclusions. You also need to see the level of each builder’s performance in terms of loading and functionality with constant use.

Our 5 Best Builders for Digital Marketing Portfolio Website Examples in Detail:




Squarespace made it to several of our best builder platform lists for several reasons. Firstly, it offers extensive functionality, especially for those engaged in ecommerce either as retailers or service hubs.

Secondly, it's simple to use. Sure, we’ve often called it out for being somewhat more difficult to get started with, especially for beginners. But as one of the best website builder for digital marketing agency, Squarespace is actually easy to use. You can have an engaging site up in next to no time at all.

The platform boasts beautiful templates for creating engaging galleries. In addition, Squarespace also offers an excellent blogging platform for both marketing professionals and creatives.

Digital Marketing Portfolio Website Examples – Made with Squarespace

adrienne-racquel-home – The second of our digital marketing portfolio website examples shows off this New York-based creative’s best work. Therefore, it doesn’t just glorify her work. It also shows why she is a creative of choice for GQ, Vanity Fair, and others. Indeed, Adrienne Raquel's simple website design easily shows visitors where to go and what to see.


  • Extensive range of templates and gallery tools so you can expand your aesthetic;
  • Ecommerce functionality;
  • Scheduling and appointment function so you can be better organised;
  • Mailing list builder so you can keep clients abreast of developments; and
  • Social media integration so you keep customers engaged with content.


Standard rates and pricing packages for this best website builder for digital marketing agency option are as follows:


Be sure to read through their terms of service before you commit.

>> Give Squarespace a try <<




WordPress is one of the best website builder for marketing agency available, which means that marketing agencies should really pay attention.

Because WordPress is a CMS-driven builder, it works similarly to a conventional word processing app or programme.  Hence, anyone who can use MS Word can actually create a website in minutes.

The addition of plugins in this best website builder for marketing agency. Fortunately, there are many available thanks to the platform’s open-source nature.

Digital Marketing Portfolio Website Examples – Made with WordPress

marketing-portfolio-website-examples – Outer Banks Media prides itself on being an online digital marketing agency. It offers on and offline marketing, branding development, and web design for its clients. The first of our digital marketing portfolio website examples has a sleek and minimalist aesthetic. This allows for easier navigation and offers a less stressful browsing experience for clients.


  • CMS site creator /editor for this best website builder for marketing agency;
  • Integrated news and blogging function so that customers become engaged;
  • WooCommerce plugin so you can create online storefronts;
  • Event Espresso for scheduling and coordinating online or offsite events with clients;
  • Gallery feature [template-dependent] for portfolio creation; and
  • Easy integration with social media


Standard rates and pricing packages are as follows:


Before you make a decision, make sure to read their terms of service.

>> Give WordPress a try <<




We’d like to think of Webflow as WordPress with the CMS capabilities kicked up several notches. We find Webflow to be one of the best website builder for digital agency. Firstly, it's a platform from which they can launch advanced content management initiatives. Secondly, it can also be used to create new landing pages for product or service launches. You can even test market sites to try out new concepts on key audiences. Indeed, the only thing limiting users when it comes to using Webflow is imagination.

Read Webflow's pros and cons as the best website builder for digital marketing agency through this article.

Digital Marketing Portfolio Website Examples – Made with Webflow

sisense-home – Sisense is an end-to-end analytics platform that does more than just sell its key services. It also offers ways by which visitors can educate themselves on the use of analytics in business and industry. The site also features a blog where company executives can share their insights on a growing industry.


  • Over 100 design templates for this best website builder for digital marketing agency;
  • Block-driven site builder so you can create a site conveniently;
  • Extensive range of third-party applications so you can expand functionality;
  • Marketing portfolio functionality; and
  • Scalable solutions for ecommerce and marketing


Standard rates and pricing packages are as follows:


Check out their service terms if you're interested in a subscription!

>> Give Webflow a try <<




Weebly has quite a following among those who need a fast-working and easy to use site builder, especially marketing companies, event organisers, and creative agencies.

In terms of ecommerce, Weebly is one of the best website builder for marketing agency. It offers numerous features for portfolio building. Among these features include static galleries and media streaming, as well as online and offline marketing.

Real Estate Website Examples – Made with Weebly

brand-id-home – Brand iD is a digital marketing portfolio website examples that offer everything a potential client needs to know. It also offers an easy way to navigate through its portfolio.


  • Intuitive drag-and-drop website builder so creating a site becomes easier;
  • SEO toolkit is available for this best website builder for marketing agency;
  • Ecommerce toolkit so you have all tools in one place;
  • In-platform applications marketplace for third-party integrations;
  • Cloud-based hosting; and
  • Image and media file hosting


Standard rates and pricing packages are as follows:


Here are the platform's terms of service – read it before making a decision.

>> Give Weebly a try <<




There are several key points to choosing Wix. Firstly, its marketing integration is excellent. Wix makes pitching possible with its incredibly easy-to-use site builder to marketing agencies. Secondly, this best website builder for marketing agency offers a built-in SEO toolkit. This function ensures that an agency can keep tabs on whether it’s hitting its target client base. Likewise, any number of integrations for creating a striking visual portfolio may be found in the platform’s App Market.

Digital Marketing Portfolio Website Examples – Made with Wix

bonny-home – Built with Wix, creative agency Bonny’s website is a simple-looking but rich treasure trove of insightful articles. In this digital marketing portfolio website examples, we see a site specialising in brand services, creative direction, and content development. In addition, the site gives Bonny’s clients a menu board to pick and mix services based on their needs.


  • One of the easiest drag-and-drop builders available;
  • AI-driven site creator for those who are short on time;
  • Powerful analytics so you can track your progress;
  • Gallery builders;
  • Built-in online marketing suite; and
  • Social media integration is excellent in this best website builder for marketing agency.


Standard rates and pricing packages for this best website builder for marketing agency option are as follows:


Are you interested to know more about Wix? Read their terms of use before making a commitment.

>> Give Wix a try <<

Conclusion and Recommendations:

The modern marketing agency requires a website that can easily augment its offline services. Therefore, a successful should reach out to the markets through the internet.

In this light, Squarespace and WordPress are the gold standard for such agencies. side from the usual bells and whistles for marketing and promotions, they also offer options for static and dynamic portfolio creation, allowing users to upload both still photos and media files.

Nevertheless, we recommend that users shop around to find a site builder that works for their specific requirements.


I see my agency as an industry leader, so we need a blogging platform to air our insights. Which of these platforms offers such a function?

CMS-driven platforms like WordPress and Webflow already have this built in. Squarespace also has tools to help you create a thought-provoking blog.

Is there a platform I can use for free?

Wix, Weebly, Webflow, and WordPress all have free-to-use (or freemium) subscription packages. Keep in mind, though, that in-platform ads will be placed on your site.

Our marketing agency also does events. Is there a platform with a built-in scheduling/monitoring app we can use?

WordPress has a scheduling plugin called Event Espresso. This function is already built into Squarespace’s ecommerce toolkit.

That's all for now:

If you've read all the way through this best marketing website builder guide, we are thankful. We hope you can now answer the question of what is the best website builder for marketing for you! We have a large collection of articles, guides, and comparison reviews of eCommerce solutions, web hosting providers, website builders, and more! Feel free to check them out;

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