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⏳ Do you want to skip the read and get right to my top picks? The best website builder app for Android and Apple for most people is Squarespace.

Introduction to the Best Website Builder App:

How important is getting your hands on the best website builder app?

Given the extent of mobile penetration these days, it's safe to say that the future is mobile. According to Statista, the world now has 3 billion smartphone users globally! The concept of a mobile website may have seemed alien years ago; nowadays, everyone wants to have access to content on the go.

With the digital landscape quickly evolving, Google has also seen to it that mobile visibility matters in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Therefore, having your own website does not only need to be appealing on the desktop version – it has to impress on the mobile version as well. Moreover, with increasing smartphone penetration, it is now possible to create website builders using just your phone!

So which is the best website builder Apple and Android users should consider? We've shortlisted five of the best mobile app and website builders to watch out for – ranked according to ease of use, features, SEO, eCommerce, and pricing!

Our Handpicked Best App and Website Builder List:

We made a shortlist of the five best website builder apps based on specific criteria. Here they are:

  1. Squarespace – overall best website builder app! (🌟 My Top Pick!)
  2. Wix – best app and website builder for general use
  3. Weebly – best app and website builder for beginners
  4. WordPress – best website builder app for bloggers
  5. Shopify – best app and website builders for eCommerce
  6. Site123 – best website builder app for simple projects
  7. Universe – best website builder Apple Mac users

Before we go into more detail for each of these website builder with mobile app, you are probably wondering how we chose our top picks for best website builder Apple and Android compatible apps.

Quick Comparison Table Of The Best Website Builder Mobile Apps?

PlatformKey FeaturesPricingMy View 
🥇 Squarespace (My Top Pick!)Elegant templates, blog support, e-commerce integration, analytics.Starts at $12/mo

Check Pricing

Great for creative professionals.Try for Free
🥈 WixDrag-and-drop editor, wide range of templates, App Market, e-commerce features.Starts at $14/mo

Check Pricing

Highly flexible and customisable.Try for Free
🥉WeeblyUser-friendly, drag-and-drop editor, integrated e-commerce features, app center.Starts at $6/mo

Check Pricing

Excellent for small business websites.Try for Free
WordPressHighly customizable, extensive plugins, great for blogging, e-commerce with WooCommerce.Free, Paid plans start at $4/mo

Check Pricing

Best for bloggers and content-rich sites.Try for Free
ShopifyRobust e-commerce features, mobile management of store, large app store.Starts at $29/mo

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Best for online stores.Try for Free
SITE123Simple editor, responsive designs, e-commerce support.Starts at $12.8/mo

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Good for simple websites.Try for Free
UniverseUnique grid-based editor, simple to use, integrated e-commerce features.Starts at $10/mo

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Ideal for personal sites & portfolios.Try for Free

What is the Best Website Builder Mobile App Like?

Did you know that your smartphone could be the tool you need to help you build a working site on the fly? Believe it or not, certain applications – often affiliated with desktop-centric builders – can be downloaded and used to create sites through one’s mobile devices.

But how does one select the best website builder app, particularly one that delivers the same level of functionality and ease of use as a more conventional site creation platform? Aside from the fact that it needs to be compatible with either Android or iOS, those planning to use their devices to build functional websites need to look at the following criteria:

  • Should have a range of mobile-optimised templates for a sleek contemporary look even on a smaller screen;
  • Mobile responsiveness that goes beyond aesthetics;
  • A drag and drop interface that makes it easy to work with even on the go and makes editing on the fly less of a chore;
  • An ecommerce tool suite – especially handy for those who want to create a working online storefront in a flash;
  • Reliable mobile hosting; and
  • Compatibility with third-party mobile-centric plugins and / or applications to create a more engaging mobile experience for visitors.

The point of having a website builder Apple or Android-compatible app is to guarantee that the user experience remains consistent across all devices. Therefore, to choose the best app and website builder, learn what must-have features each platform provides.

How to Choose the Best Website Builder App?

We evaluated each eligible platform based on specific criteria to determine the best mobile app and website builder depending on category and use.

  • Ease of Use – What is the quality of the mobile user interface? How steep of a learning curve should you expect?
  • Features and Flexibility – For website builder Apple and Android apps, we look at mobile responsiveness and the ability to do a mobile preview of your site as out-of-the-box must-have features.
  • SEO and Mobility – What SEO tools are within your reach to help you pull rank?
  • eCommerce Tools – Does the website builder Apple/Android mobile app let you manage eCommerce features?
  • Support and Resources – The app and website builder must come with competent customer support and technical assistance.
  • Pricing – What's the value for money like? Is there a free website builder app for Android and Apple?

A Deeper Look at Our Handpicked Best Website Builder Apps

Based on the criteria presented above, here are our tried and tested picks for the best eCommerce website builder UK in various categories:

1. Squarespace – My Top Pick Of The Best Website Builder Apps

Homepage of Squarespace, our best website builder app.

Squarespace app and website builder stands out from the pack because it combines the power of a DIY builder, eCommerce builder, and portfolio builder in one platform. As a result, it has become the platform of choice within the creative community.  Aside from its 100+ mobile-friendly and elegant designs and templates, its built-in blogging tool and magnificent customer support have elevated its status as one of the best.

The Squarespace App and Squarespace Commerce App allow you to edit your website or online store pages, publish your blog posts, manage inventory and clients, and collect relevant insights. These mobile apps work on iOS and Android devices.

squarespace website builder app
squarespace website builder app


  • Features a Squarespace App that acts as a builder and blogging tool, with some limitation
  • Compatible with Android and Apple devices
  • Stunning templates to choose from


  • Not as intuitive to use as its competitors
  • Relatively pricier than most builders



Squarespace trial comes in 14 days of free testing. Read through their terms of service page before you commit.

>> Try Squarespace For Free <<

2. Shopify:


The leading ecommerce site builder’s mobile edition can easily be downloaded and installed into user devices through a QR code on its main website.

The Shopify app enables users to make necessary changes to their mobile-enabled sites, as well as to manage their online enterprises with their smartphones. Indeed, the application offers a plethora of features, including product and order management, staff handling, and customer response.

shopify website builder app
shopify website builder app


  • Drag and drop website builder;
  • Marketing and SEO tools;
  • Mobile store management toolkit;
  • Real-time analytics to help users gain insight on their customers’ online/mobile spending habits; and
  • Online order tracking system


  • One of the easiest website builder applications to use;
  • Offers an extensive range of features to enhance store creation, store management, and customer experience;
  • Wider range of payment options for customers


  • Charges transaction fees for the use of third-party payment gateways;
  • Does not offer email hosting access;
  • Migration from one hosting service to another can be challenging when done through the app

>> Try Shopify For Free <<

3. Weebly:

Homepage of Weebly, one of the best website builder apps

Coming second in our shortlist is Weebly, a highly popular website builder you can use via mobile phone. We also consider it the best platform for beginners. Weebly's themes may be limited compared to Wix's, but they are also all mobile-responsive and suitable for a simple website. What really takes the trophy for Weebly is how easy the platform lets you get started.

All your pages will look excellent on whatever device – desktop, tablet, or phone. Weebly's mobile app and website builder does so much more than Wix's. Where Wix only allows you to manage your site on the fly, Weebly incorporates a website creation tool in their mobile app.

weebly-by-square website builder app
weebly-by-square website builder app


  • Mobile website builder offered
  • Free plan available: it is a free website builder app for Android and Apple devices
  • 50+ mobile-friendly themes and templates
  • Straightforward interface


  • No tablet view available
  • Some discrepancy in desktop and mobile view
  • Doesn't allow tweaking in your mobile website



>> Try Weebly For Free <<

4. Site123:


One of the most basic drag and drop site builders currently online, SITE123’s mobile edition is something of a back to basics approach to site creation on a smaller screen. Even when miniaturised, so to speak, it gives even the most clueless of site owners the ability to create a fully functional site in minutes.

The platform’s straightforward approach helps you get the job done – just don’t expect much in the way of additional functionality.

site123 website builder app
site123 website builder app


  • Mobile drag and drop website builder;
  • Core SEO toolkit;
  • Google Analytics for metrics monitoring;
  • Social media integration for more than 25 popular social networking platforms, but note this does not offer live feeds to user pages


  • Predefined site creation parameters allow for the ultimate ease of use;
  • One of the few site builders to offer a free-to-use edition;
  • Offers multilingual options to make things easier for site creators whose native language isn’t English


  • Free edition is riddled with pop-ups that tend to distract site creators from their work;
  • One of the pricier website building options, but it doesn’t really give that much bang for your buck;
  • Layout templates are very pedestrian at best and there are very few ways by which these can be enhanced.

>> Try Site123 For Free <<

5. Wix:

Homepage of Wix, one of the best website builder apps.

The immensely popular Wix makes it on our list of the best mobile app and website builders. Since it launched in 2006, the Israel-based company has evolved to become the gold standard app to create websites. Powered by Wix ADI, its drag-and-drop builder makes it one of the easiest tools to work with – it can turn any newbie into a professional web developer overnight.

The platform also boasts the largest and more diverse mobile-friendly templates at your disposal. In addition, it also has a mobile editor that lets you perform some tweaks on your website's mobile version, including a live preview.

Best of all, its mobile app is compatible with Android and Apple devices.

wix website builder app
wix website builder app


  • Super easy drag and drop builder
  • Mobile preview function in the Wix Editor
  • Flexible pricing plans
  • Free website builder app for Android and Apple devices


  • No tablet view, for now
  • You cannot switch templates along the way
  • Mobile app only helps you manage your account – is not a builder per se



>> Try Wix For Free <<

6. WordPress:

Homepage of WordPress, one of the best website builder apps.

Next on our list of the best website builder apps is WordPress, one of the most recognisable names in the industry. Known for its flexibility and capability to handle even the most complex websites, WordPress can help you achieve your target margins with 250+ themes and templates and thousands of plugins for functionality. It also has excellent SEO tools and eCommerce features through the plugin WooCommerce.

In addition, mobile app and website builder is a full-featured tool that lets you edit pages whether you're near or far. It works well on your iPad, iPhone, or Android. You can write, edit, manage comments, and share photos through the app.

wordpress website builder app
wordpress website builder app


  • Flexibility: gives you the freedom to optimise your site
  • Excellent platform for blogging
  • Works well with high-volume content sites


  • Has a bit of a learning curve
  • No monthly payment option
  • Advanced options will require investment



>> Try WordPress For Free <<

7. Universe:

Homepage of WordPress, one of the best website builder apps for Mac.

This platform is the only one on our list that works strictly on mobile devices and does not come with a parallel desktop app. It also works only on iPhones and iPads.

Universe website builder Apple promises to allow users to create “a website in under a minute,” with its highly intuitive and simple interface. Everything only requires dragging and dropping elements to where you want them. Its simplicity bests even Weebly or Wix.

universe website builder app
universe website builder app


  • Straightforward website creation
  • Minimalist and elegant-looking sites
  • Easy to use, works best for those with zero coding skills


  • Can generate only simple websites
  • App-in purchases necessary for added functionality


Pricing is relatively higher than some platforms on our list, going as much as $24.99/month on monthly billing or $10 on annual billing. If you're batting for more features, you'll need to make several in-app purchases.

Conclusion and Recommendations for our best App and Website builder:

Free Website Builder App for Android and Apple Alternatives;

You might be thinking – well, what if I want to save money and go for a free website builder app for Android or Apple?

We're not going to keep you from doing it. In fact, we encourage that you do so, at least to get an initial feeling of the website builder Apple or Android. Still, we need to warn you that a free website builder app for Android will not give you the results that a paid plan can. Often, you will contend with annoying ads, storage limitations, and a lack of features.

Therefore, if you must choose a mobile app and website builder for success, get a paid subscription after you're done testing with a free website builder app for Android/Apple.

Best Website Builder App Final Word

Considering all the criteria used for this review, we conclude that Squarespace is the best mobile app and website builder.

>> Try Squarespace For Free <<


Is a best free website builder app for Android worth it?

For testing the waters - yes. However, if you're after a professional-looking website with great user experience, a free website builder app for Android will not do.

What is mobile responsiveness and why is it important to a free website builder app for Android?

Mobile responsiveness means how your website looks on the desktop version will automatically be translated on the small screens of your mobile device. It's important because it will reduce time trying to create two versions of your webpage, and it enhances the overall user experience.

That's all for now:

If you've read all the way through this best website builder app and the best website builder Apple and Android users can select, we are thankful. We hope you can now answer the question for what is the best free website builder Android and Apple devices! We have a large collection of articles, guides, and comparison reviews of eCommerce solutions, web hosting providers, website builders, and more! Feel free to check them out;


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