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Do you want to skip the read and get right to my top picks? The best SEO Tools for most people is SEMrush.

What are the best SEO Tools that SEO experts actually use in 2024?

Throughout my 20 years in digital marketing, clients often consult with me on how their websites can achieve the coveted Page 1 of Google searches. In which case, I tell them that while some website builders have built-in search engine optimisation (SEO) features, using the best SEO tools will get you further. Still, SEO can be a perplexing topic. This is why we've crafted in-depth reviews of the best SEO audit tools, best SEO reporting tools, best local SEO tools, best SEO tools for YouTube, and the best free SEO audit tools so you would no longer go through the trouble.

Once you've built a website or online store, increasing organic traffic and search engine rankings through SEO should be a parallel effort. However, we have to tell you that while SEO promises compelling results, our recommendation is to hire a professional digital marketing agency to run your SEO campaigns.

Why do we say this? The only way to take advantage of the strongest SEO software is to know how to exploit them to the fullest. After all, the SEO landscape is constantly evolving – and keeping abreast of algorithm changes can be tedious for a business owner.

Still, we aim to educate and inform, and users need to understand how to look for the top SEO platforms in the market.

Here is Our Ultimate List for The AllRound Best Tools for SEO in 2024:

What is SEO Software?

The very identity of SEO is the proper identification of an online document's purpose and content. Essentially, web pages need to be identified through unique page titles that genuinely reflected their content and properly-headed pages and keywords.

Major search engines like Google, rank pages based on on-page information that drives organic traffic. Today, Google looks at on-page elements and off-page SEO and how web pages have correct identifiers for both organic searches and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns. To know whether your SEO campaign is succeeding, one looks at conversion rates and search engine rankings.

The tricky subject here is to find out which keywords you should be targeting to drive conversion. How can online stores seize transactional traffic through the thicket of general traffic online? If these questions seem puzzling to you, SEO platforms will simplify the often complicated and jargon-rich SEO world.

From keyword research, competitor analysis, and data analytics, robust SEO software help you initiate a sound SEO strategy, assess your performance, and tweak from there. Ultimately, using these SEO software saves time and money in the long run while guaranteeing improvement for your bottom line.

Some of the ideal tools for SEO to have in your toolbox include:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Data Analytics
  • Backlinks
  • Rank Checking
  • On-page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Mobile SEO
  • WordPress SEO

How Do We Choose the Best SEO Tools and Platforms?

There is practically an entire ocean of SEO software vying for your attention. Therefore, deciding which to buy could be difficult, and the information overload could be problematic. But don't worry. Our exhaustive reviews will help you understand which of the top SEO applications you'll need for your toolbox.

Criteria for our SEO Reviews:

Here is a rundown of each criterion used to evaluate the SEO software covered here:

Ease of Use:

We're interested in how straightforward or complex the reviewed SEO software is, how the interface feels, and whether usability issues are present.


The best SEO software offers an assortment of capabilities. Our eagle-eyed reviews consider the quality of its keyword research tools, link management tools, competitor analysis, SEO reporting features, and website monitoring. Keyword research tools allow you to unearth the best keywords to use, including information on search volume, keyword difficulty, and related questions. Competitor analysis lets you size up your rivals in terms of backlinks, keyword rankings, and organic traffic. Link management tools help you enhance your backlink strategy, identify link-specific issues such as errors and broken links.

Often, companies use a combination of the best SEO software, such as the best SEO audit tools, best SEO reporting tools, best local SEO tools, and best SEO tools for YouTube to complete their campaign arsenal. It's important to pinpoint where a specific platform excels when considering them for your needs.

Support and Resources:

Like we said earlier, you can get lost in translation when using and implementing SEO. Competent and efficient support is always a plus when rating the best SEO software.


Full disclosure: SEO campaigns aren't cheap. When rating the pricing of SEO software, we recognise that the number signifies what the platform can do.

How Much Do the Best SEO Tools Cost?

You're probably wondering what a ballpark figure for the best SEO audit tools, best SEO reporting tools, best SEO tools for YouTube, or best local SEO tools would be. The price varies – depending on what the software is capable of performing and the company size. If you're a small business, expect to shell out around at least $30 monthly for a paid subscription, with prices most common at the $50 to $60 per month range.

The price goes up for larger enterprises with greater demands, but SEO platforms regularly offer discounts for annual billing and other promos to reduce cost. Therefore, expect higher price tiers for the best Enterprise SEO tools than the best Small Business SEO tools.

The good news is, there are also the best Group Buy SEO tools you can avail of for a more cost-effective option. In this scheme, you're going to share your account with other users.

Free vs Paid Best SEO Tools: What's the Difference?

paid vs free best seo tools

There are undoubtedly several free SEO platforms you can use, but there is a catch as it goes with free stuff. Premium SEO brands offer free keyword research tools but with volume limitations. If you want to go the whole nine yards with SEO, with the best SEO audit tools, best SEO Reporting tools, best SEO tools for YouTube, and Best Local SEO tools, we recommend getting a subscription.

What are the Best SEO Platforms?

Several SEO-specific tools exist, but which names rank vis a vis specific features?

Best SEO Tools for Audit:

Getting the best SEO audit tools is a crucial first step. After all, SEO campaigns begin with a thorough SEO audit. Remember that the best SEO audit tools provide an in-depth analysis of vital metrics, make recommendations on fixing them, and publish an Audit report downloadable in PDF format.

  1. SEMrush – Best for comprehensive site audits and competitor analysis.
  2. Ahrefs – Best for backlink analysis and tracking.
  3. Moz Pro – Best for all-in-one SEO tools and keyword research.
  4. Majestic – Best for backlink analysis and visualization.
  5. Screaming Frog – Best for in-depth crawl analysis and site structure optimization.
  6. Google Search Console – Best for understanding how Google views your site and tracking organic traffic.
  7. Moz Local – Best for local SEO and business listing management.
  8. Ubersuggest – Best for keyword research and content optimization.
  9. Woorank – Best for comprehensive website analysis and recommendations.
  10. Varvy SEO Tool – Best for quick and easy website optimization checks.

Best SEO Tools for Reporting:

Securing the best SEO reporting tools provides you with a time-saving option to enhance client confidence and loyalty. Timely, autogenerated, and up-to-speed reports are a great value addition to your service.

  1. SEMrush – Best for comprehensive SEO reports and keyword analysis.
  2. Ahrefs – Best for backlink analysis and competitor research.
  3. Moz Pro – Best for website optimization and tracking your progress.
  4. SpyFu – Best for identifying profitable keywords and tracking your competitors.
  5. SERPstat – Best for competitor analysis and keyword research.
  6. Majestic – Best for backlink analysis and website trust flow analysis.
  7. Raven Tools – Best for generating professional-looking SEO reports and collaboration.
  8. Advanced Web Ranking – Best for tracking your ranking progress and generating reports.
  9. WebCEO – Best for comprehensive SEO analysis and management.
  10. AccuRanker – Best for real-time ranking tracking and competitor analysis.

Best SEO Tools for Local:

Did you know that Local SEO has become the rage these days? And why shouldn't it? After all, over 46% of Google searches ask for local information. Plus, 76% of local search results from this pool lead to a phone call that very day. Therefore, finding the best local SEO tools should not be overlooked by small business owners.

  1. SEMrush: Best for local keyword research and tracking local rankings.
  2. Moz Local: Best for improving local visibility on search engines.
  3. BrightLocal: Best for managing local listings and monitoring online reputation.
  4. Local SEO Checklist: Best for ensuring your website is optimized for local search.
  5. Google My Business: Best for managing your business information on Google.
  6. Ahrefs: Best for analyzing local competitor data and keyword opportunities.
  7. Yext: Best for managing local listings and boosting local visibility.
  8. Woorank: Best for conducting local SEO audits and generating reports.
  9. NAP Hunter: Best for finding and correcting incorrect NAP (Name, Address, Phone) information.
  10. Local Falcon: Best for automating local citation building and monitoring.


What is keyword research?

In a nutshell, keyword research helps you identify the best keywords to optimise for your site pages. It tells you what queries users type into the Google search bar to publish pages that will end up in the results pages for the same queries.

Does HTTPS have an SEO impact?

The answer is yes. Google favours HTTPS because it connotes that a site is secure. Google indexes HTTPS pages first, and they load faster, too. Overall, having HTTPS pages helps your ranking aspirations.

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