18 Best Logo Design Sites 2024

Do you want to skip the read and get right to my top pick? For most people, the best logo design site for services is Design Crowd Logo Designers and for a best online logo maker is Looka Logo Maker.

Introduction to the Best Logo Design Sites:

Welcome to our guide for the best logo design site for best online Logo makers and best online logo design services.

“A business with no sign is a sign of no business.”

This quote refers to something that has always been a cause for concern among business owners and product developers: branding. More specifically, it refers to the creation of a visual identity device – or what we commonly know as the logo. Indeed, a business without a logo will find itself unable to stand out against competition,

Certainly, some companies either have their own art departments to create a branding device. Moreover, others have the funds to hire an agency to come up with a unique logo. Yet, luckily, the digital age has brought the best online logo design services into our awareness.

Over the years we have serviced hundreds of clients with our best logo design sites and best online logo makers. With this experience, we set out to discover in this review the best logo design site based on how easy these are to use, what range of aesthetic options they offer users and their overall value for money.

Our List of the Best Logo Design Sites/Best Online Logo Maker:

For this year, our choices for the best logo design site and best online logo maker include the following:

Best Logo Design Services;

  1. Design Crowd Logo Designers: Best for businesses looking for a variety of options from a large pool of designers. (My Top Pick!)
  2. Fiverr Design Services: Best for those on a budget looking for a wide range of design services from individual freelancers.
  3. 99Designs: Best for businesses looking for a curated selection of designers and design services in a competitive environment.

Best Online Logo Makers;

  1. Looka Logo Maker: Best for those who want a polished logo with minimal effort. (My Top Pick!)
  2. My Brand New Logo: Best for those who want a quick, easy and affordable logo option.
  3. Smashing Logo: Best for those who want a logo with a simple, clean and modern design.
  4. Brand Crowd Logo Maker: Best for those who want a logo that stands out from the crowd.
  5. Fiverr Logo Maker: Best for those on a budget who want a wide range of options from individual freelancers
  6. Tailor Brands Logo Maker: Best for those who want a logo that is tailored to their specific needs.
  7. Wix Logo Maker: Perfect for existing Wix users or those who want a simple, AI-driven logo design process along with the ability to create a full website.
  8. Canva: Ideal for those who want a wide variety of design options beyond just logos. Canva's vast template library and drag-and-drop editor make it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes.
  9. Hatchful by Shopify: Ideal for e-commerce businesses, particularly Shopify users. Hatchful makes it easy to create a logo that you can use across various platforms.
  10. Ucraft Logo Maker: A good option for businesses using Ucraft's website builder. Its free logo maker is easy to use and comes with a variety of design elements.
  11. LogoMakr: This tool is perfect for individuals or startups looking for a simple, DIY solution to create their logo. It's easy-to-use, and while it might not offer as many customization options as some other platforms, it's a great choice for basic needs.
  12. Placeit: Placeit is ideal for businesses seeking a comprehensive tool for branding and mockups in addition to logo creation. It offers a wide variety of templates and customization options to suit various needs.

Each one of the best online logo design services and best online logo maker candidates was selected based on its performance in four specific categories. In addition, we also covered overall user feedback from those who have used its logo design services.

Quick Comparison Table for the Best Logo Design Sites/Best Online Logo Maker

Rank Platform Service or Tool Key Features Pricing
1 Design Crowd Logo Designers

(My Top Service Pick!)

Service Custom logos from a pool of professional designers Varies

Check Pricing

2 Fiverr Design Services Service Variety of professional design services Varies

Check Pricing

3 99Designs Service Contest-based design services with a variety of styles Varies

Check Pricing

4 Looka Logo Maker

(My Top Tool Pick!)

Tool AI-powered logo design tool with a user-friendly interface From $20

Check Pricing

5 My Brand New Logo Tool Simple, automatic logo generator with customizable options From $25

Check Pricing

6 Smashing Logo Tool Automated logo maker with a variety of design styles From $39

Check Pricing

7 Brand Crowd Logo Maker Tool Wide variety of logo design options with customization features From $45

Check Pricing

8 Fiverr Logo Maker Tool AI-powered logo design tool from Fiverr From $20

Check Pricing

9 Tailor Brands Logo Maker Tool Logo and branding design tool with AI-based customization From $3.99/month

Check Pricing

10 Wix Logo Maker Tool User-friendly logo maker integrated with Wix's website building platform From $20

Check Pricing

11 Canva Tool Variety of customizable templates with a user-friendly interface Free to $12.95/month

Check Pricing

12 Hatchful by Shopify Tool Easy-to-use tool with customizable options, best for online stores Free

Check Pricing

13 Ucraft Logo Maker Tool Simple and quick tool with limited customizable options Free

Check Pricing

14 LogoMakr Tool Simple DIY logo design tool with a variety of icons Free to $19.99

Check Pricing

15 Placeit Tool Wide selection of logo templates with customizable options From $14.95/month

Check Pricing

What is the Best Logo Design Site?

A logo design service is a sub-speciality of the field of corporate communication. It involves the creation of a visual identity device for a business, product, or service utility.

In the conventional context, the best logo design sites seek to create designs that capture the following elements:

  • The brand's overall public image or the one it aims to present to its core market(s);
  • The brand persona, so that the brand's voice is captured;
  • Its unique value proposition or product positioning; and
  • The brand or company's overarching philosophy, including its values and product or service standards.

In the case of best online logo design services, the client or site user becomes every person involved in the design process: the brand owner or product creator, the conceptual designer, as well as the artist who transforms the base concept into a viable design study for approval and/or implementation.

Indeed, with the best online logo design services, you are working with a freelance designer or team. The site user is therefore in a position to create a top notch logo design based on their own parameters. This is something that was limited back in the days when logo creation was not aided by best logo design sites and was strictly an agency-driven thing.

Now, what about the best online logo maker?

It pertains to a specific branch of design where software is involved in making an inexpensive logo for your business. The best online logo makers or generator works best for businesses working with a smaller budget. Most of the best online logo makers featured here in our review are AI-powered. Hence, the task of producing a logo is quick, easy, and gets the job done.

How We Chose the Best Logo Design Site:

Our choices for this year’s best logo design sites and best online logo maker were determined by the following factors:

  • Overall ease of use – is the candidate for best online logo design services and best online logo maker user-friendly or is the learning curve too high to hurdle?
  • Features and functionality – what features does the best online logo design services or best online logo maker option have to create superior logos?
  • Range of aesthetic options – are there many creative options offered by the best online logo design services or best online logo makers?
  • Reasonability of price and value for money –If you want a fully custom design and have a higher budget, services like Design Crowd, Fiverr Design Services, and 99Designs might be considered the best. They connect you with professional designers who can create a unique logo to meet your specific needs.On the other hand, if you're looking for more affordable or even free options and are okay with using a tool to design your logo, options like Looka Logo Maker, My Brand New Logo, and Canva might be considered the best. They offer user-friendly interfaces and customizable templates, giving you control over the design process.

Our Best Logo Design Service Sites in Detail:

Here are our recommended best online logo design services up close:

1. Design Crowd Logo Designers – My Top Pick for Best Logo Design Service

designcrowd, one of the best logo design site services


Developed as a community-centric online design enclave, our first best logo online design sites candidate DesignCrowd boasts of what may be the largest creative “team” operating online. There are around 700,000 members strong!

It’s a best logo design site that users may want to consider if they’re planning to make a new logo as well as new promotional or identity-reinforcement materials for their companies or products. Indeed, this logo design site also offers design services for branded apparel, business cards, correspondence materials, and even mascots.

However, it should be noted that DesignCrowd is not just one of the best logo design sites for newbies or inexperienced creatives. While you can put in the parameters to create a working logo, the pricing structure and workflow for DesignCrowd can get more than a little complicated and involve “design challenges” based on what package you’ve signed up for.

Still, it’s a logo design site that enables those who want to create a viable branding or identity device to see who’s actually working on it and they have an extensive range of designs to choose from before settling for a design that works.


  • Image/elements archive in the thousands;
  • Multiple templates for basic logos, social media, and printed collateral;
  • Royalty-free ready logos from this best online logo designer; and
  • Downloads in multiple file formats


  • Extensive range of design options;
  • Quick turnaround time;
  • Numerous branding services available


  • Prices are not properly set, which could cause confusion for less knowledgeable users;
  • Problematic refund policy and money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the output;
  • No free trial


Custom logo design, inclusive of collateral creation, may range between $99 to $1,100 per design.

>> Give DesignCrowd a try <<

Fiverr Design Services

fiverr design, one of the best logo design site services

First up on our list of the best online logo design services: Fiverr.

Fiverr Design Services is a user-generated platform that acts as a marketplace for talent and professional services. In short, clients buy services known as gigs offered by freelancers. It's become a significant feature of today's gig economy, and you can find a lot of people specialising in graphic design or logo design.

On the whole, fiverr promises cheaper rates, customisability and more efficient service delivery by removing the “middle man.” It banks on the brand of securing best online logo design service for only $5. For a marketplace as diverse, you can really get the best logo design site and services. However, there are certain weaknesses to their business model. Being unregulated, there are also documented complaints of plagiarised work, scamming, and dishonest practices.


  • Extensive number of choices of sellers or freelance logo designers to choose from
  • Easy to secure a service, just post a request and then you can get offers instantly
  • Quick way to hire a freelance logo designer


  • Cheaper rates than most logo design sites;
  • Excellent customizability, making it one of the best logo design services
  • Pro Sellers are vetted by fiverr itself to guarantee high quality work


  • Quality of designs can fluctuate
  • Various complaints have been documented with plagiarised work


Custom logo design for this best online logo design services, inclusive of collateral creation, may range between $99 to $1,100 per design. Read its terms and conditions to learn more.

>> Give Fiverr Design a try <<


99designs, one of the best logo design site services

Widely considered as one of the best logo design site, this design service caters to small businesses and startups through a design contest marketplace business model. 99Designs acts more as a community of designers and entrepreneurs who collaborate for great designs. Freelance graphic designers can compete with others by submitting their work as bids to business owners who order designs. This competitive atmosphere generates a wealth of graphic design options to match the owner's needs.


  • Expert consultation from design experts
  • Instant access to a pool of professional designers
  • Full copyright ownership of design
  • Moneyback guarantee


  • Access to a wide selection of graphic designers
  • Contest approach generates robust competition and excellent bids
  • Great quality designs at flexible rates


  • More expensive than other best logo design services


Contest design prices can range from $299 to $1299, depending on the subscription plan you are on.

>> Give 99Designs a try <<

Our Best Online Logo Maker Sites in Detail:

Here are our recommended best online logo creator site choices up close:

1. Looka Logo Maker – My Top Pick for Best Online Logo Maker

looka, one of the best logo design site makers


Next on the list of the best online logo generator we vetted is Looka. Looka was originally known as Logojoy. Its was originally slanted towards the creation of truly unique visual identity devices for clients.

Today, pretty much like WIX, Looka best online logo maker offers an automated, AI-driven logo maker. This enables users to create their logos with just a few clicks or taps. The UI itself is beautifully uncluttered and easy enough to navigate even if you have absolutely no design experience whatsoever. However, don’t expect this to be drag and drop as other best online logo design services have become.

The keen thing about Looka that makes it one of the top logo makers is pricing. It offers a price package for both meagre and more generous budgets. It also offers a monthly Brand Kit subscription that allows users to be as creative as they like.


  • On-site AI logo maker with extensive design choices
  • Package-dependent download formats


  • May be availed of as a one-time package or a monthly subscription service;
  • Allows for quick logo creation and development;
  • Highly intuitive and well-equipped UI


  • Design editor isn’t drag and drop;
  • The most basic subscription lacks functionality and variety;
  • Most key features need to be paid for


looka pricing

If you're interested in Looka, read its service terms before you give it a go.

>> Give Looka a try <<

My Brand New Logo

my brand new logo, one of the best logo design site makers


A new entrant from Finland, My Brand New Logo enables users to create a branding device through an AI-driven on-site interface that only takes three to four steps:

  • Enter the name of your company;
  • Enter your slogan (optional);
  • Specify which industry you’re in; and
  • Choose a color scheme.

Best logo design site My Brand New Logo interface will then generate at least 20 sample logos in a single run, giving users a great way to preview what their branding device will look like. Basic logos can easily be downloaded from the site.

But while the generator can be used for free, keep in mind that you will need to create a site account to save any logos you create.


  • On-site AI logo maker with extensive design choices
  • Package-dependent download formats
  • Option to have a design rendered professionally by a house artist


  • Allows for quick logo creation and development;
  • Highly intuitive and well-equipped UI;
  • One-time payment


  • No freebies offered by this best logo design site;
  • Priced on the high end;
  • The most basic package only allows users to download a low-resolution image



Note that all rates presented above are for one-time purchase. According to their service terms, My Brand New Logo does not charge monthly rates.

>> Give MyNewBrandLogo a try <<

Smashing Logo

smashing logo one of the best logo design site makers


Smashing Logo has been around for a while and was hailed as the one with the best ease of use as well as the best in features and functionality at the 2021 Graphic Design Software Awards.

And why not? Aside from offering true ease of use, it also has a number of handy bells and whistles built in to create dynamic logos – something that can be an advantage for companies that want to amp up their digital presence.


  • One-click logo generator;
  • Extensive range of design / aesthetic options;
  • 24/7 email support service


  • Ranks high in terms of ease of use;
  • Delivers on brand promise of value for money;
  • Highly competent customer service


  • One of the more expensive logo makers available;
  • Can be difficult to revert to a previous design;
  • Customization, especially when it comes to color palettes, can be challenging


smashinglogo pricing

Raring to give SmashingLogo a spin? Read their service terms first to know more.

>> Give SmashingLogo a try <<

BrandCrowd Logo Maker

brandcrowd, one of the best logo design site makers


Finally, we have BrandCrowd as one of the best logo creation sites within your reach. Specifically, it considers itself “an online creative marketplace” that helps individuals and small businesses create a beautiful logo in just minutes. It also owns and directly manages DesignCrowd.

What sets BrandCrowd apart is that it operates a template-based logo creation platform. It has a gigantic library of templates with more or less 65,000 designs.  As a result, you can create and customise templates offered to come up with the best professional logo for your business. Beyond logos, however, the site also provides additional services, including templates for socials, invoices, gift cards, menus, invoices, and more.


  • 65,000+ templates designs
  • Customisation available and easy to use so even beginners can create a great logo
  • Unique customised design not sourced from Noun Project's icon library


  • Excellent selection of design templates so that you have more aesthetic choices
  • Easy to use and beginner-friendly
  • Offers customised logo maker completely free of charge


  • You need to provide an email address to start using the site
  • Cannot edit the icon in the template
  • You can't upload your own graphics or design elements


brandcrowd pricing

BrandCrowd's cheapest package starts at $5.00 per month on annual billing. Based on their service terms, payments are non-refundable.

>> Give BrandCrowd a try <<

Fiverr Logo Maker

fiverr, one of the best logo design site makers


First on the list of the best online logo makers is Fiverr. This service is part of the Fiverr group which offers a number of freelance communication services.  Among its services include data entry, site customisation, translation, and voice-over recording. In addition, this website offers free logo design services and touts the ability to create a custom logo for one’s brand in as quick as five minutes.

It’s practically effortless to use, making it the best online logo maker out there. Just type in your company or product name and your tagline, and away you go. Users will be asked to specify their design parameters (classic or modern; accessible or premium; etc). Afterwards, you are brought to a selection of logos featuring elements created by Fiverr member artists. If one catches your fancy, you can simply select and pay for it.

Otherwise, you can opt to go into editing mode to put your own unique spin on the design. However, take note that your design choices in terms of templates and elements will be quite limited.

In any case, the Fiverr Logo Maker is among the best online logo maker for micro-and small-scale businesses, companies with little in the way of time, as well as those who would rather not make use of a professional designer to craft their logos.


  • Intuitive logo generator;
  • Logo customisation interface


  • You can create a logo in minutes with this best online logo design services;
  • No need to hire an external design agency;
  • One of the easiest design interfaces available


  • Limited number of design templates in this best online logo maker;
  • Finished products – even those you create yourself – lack the polish of a professionally-done logo;
  • You can’t save a file so that you can work on it at a later date.


Using the Fiverr logo maker is free. However, to download and own the rights to the logo, they offer 3 branding packages.

Here are their plans, which can range from $30 to $60 or on a per-project basis.

fiverr logo maker pricing e1649271297588

>> Give Fiverr Logo Maker a try <<

Tailor Brands Logo Maker

tailor brands one of the best logo design site makers


Specifically created for smaller businesses, Tailor Brands’ best online logo maker enables users with limited means to create high-quality logos in less than ten minutes.

It's therefore unsurprising that this logo maker is a consistent entry among the best logo design sites over the past several years. The Tailor Brands Logo Maker is AI-driven and is one of the few logo design services online that eschews templates all together, essentially giving its users the ability to create custom logos that truly reflect their brand aesthetic and persona.


  • AI-driven/template autonomous logo generator;
  • Branded Assets creation facility for creating promotional collateral;
  • Asset file storage for this best logo design service;
  • Online logo creation support


  • Lack of templates so it gives logo creators carte blanche when it comes to their creativity;
  • Extensive range of design tools in an easy-to-use builder;
  • Multiple file formats for download


  • Has current issues regarding user privacy;
  • No resizing options so think twice if you’re planning to deploy the logo to your social media accounts;
  • *.svg format not available


tailor brands pricing

Please note that users of this best logo maker service are billed annually.

>> Give TailorBrands a try <<

WIX Logo Maker

wix one of the best logo design site makers


Created by the same team behind the highly popular site building platform, WIX offers a free-to-use design platform that not only allows users to set parameters for a unique logo, but they could also get their logo for free.

The highly intuitive best logo maker specifically allows companies and product creators to create, design, and download their logos absolutely free. Take note, however, that your output will be saved as either a PNG or JPEG file in low-to-medium resolution; if you need an image in a higher resolution and want to download the vectors, you will need to pay for them.


  • Drag-and-drop design interface;
  • AI-driven creation tools in this best logo design service;
  • Built-in templates and design elements;
  • HEX-coded color palettes for maximum flexibility; and
  • Background editing feature


  • AI technology makes designing a logo much easier;
  • Excellent range of templates and elements;
  • You can create a logo in minutes with this best logo design service.


  • Customer support leaves a lot to be desired;
  • No refund policy for paid plans;
  • Resolution of basic [free] logo designs is shoddy at best


wix logo maker pricing

If you're interested in Wix logo maker, read its terms of use to know more.

>> Give WIX Logo Maker a try <<

Conclusion and Recommendations for the Best Logo Design Sites:

Now, to wrap this list of the best logo design sites and best online logo creation sites;

There is a logo maker for everyone and, in this DIY age, the options accorded by our best logo design sites are quite extensive. However, based on our extensive review, Fiverr Design Services and Looka Logo Maker tops the list for ease, quality, and overall value for money.

While some of these best logo design services and logo makers cater to specific market segments, we would recommend that you do your research and shop around for the best logo design site or best logo design services that helps capture your brand’s identity and aesthetic.


Are all of these best logo design services available online?

Yes, they are, though - like its website building counterpart - WIX also offers a downloadable/installable edition for its design module.

Do any of these logo design sites offer access to actual design professionals?

The good thing about these logo design sites is that they actually involve vectors and templates created by actual best logo designers and creative professionals. However, if you’re looking for the services of an actual artist, DesignCrowd’s unique community structure may appeal to you.

That's all for now:

If you've read all the way through this best logo design sites guide, we are thankful. We hope you can now answer the question of what is the best logo design service option for you! We have a large collection of articles, guides, and comparison reviews of eCommerce solutions, web hosting providers, website builders, and more! Feel free to check them out;

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