Top 13 Best Free Website Builders 2024: What free website builder is the best?

best free website builder

Do you want to skip the read and get right to my top pick? If you are ok with small ads then the best free website builder for most people is Webflow.

Introduction to Best Free Website Builders:

Welcome to our guide to the best free Website Builder.

Let’s face it: these days, everyone needs a website. So with the world making the necessary shift from brick and mortar workplaces to the virtual office, having a website is seen as a sign of an individual professional’s or a business’ reliability.

However, not everyone has the budget to spend on website builders and hosting. So is there any free website builder you can use?

Yes, free website builders certainly come in handy in this situation!

For today’s review, we look at this year's honours list for the best free website builders and best free website makers. Let's compare free website builders and evaluate how they stack up for users.

Are Free Website Builders Really Free?

You're probably asking the same question as I am: are free website builders really free?

Well, yes and no – and that’s not a vague answer.

Yes, because you get the ability to build a website without having to pay a single red cent. No, because you don’t get as many bells and whistles as those who opt for premium versions.

Also, have you noticed that a website made using the free edition of a site builder tends to have in-platform advertising slapped onto it? It’s how site builders earn revenues in lieu of any fees they may have earned if the user opted for a premium subscription.

Likewise, even a best free website builder doesn’t really allow users to have autonomy with regard to their domains or hosting. For the most part, while shared hosting is part of the standard free site builder package, one’s URL will almost always be tacked on to a subdomain within the platform.

What Free Website Builder is the best?

Our lineup of the best free website makers includes several gold-standard options for truly easy site creation at minimal to no cost. To help make choosing the best free website maker easier, we will discuss and compare free website builders into two categories: free with ads and free without ads.

Best Free Website Builders without Ads

For free site builders without ads, our choices are:

  1. with free Hosting hosting (no ads but need a domain name and steeper learning curve)
  2. GoogleSites (No ads but subdomains and with many design limitations.)
  3. IMCreator (No ads but poor subdomain)
  • Squarespace (No ads but a free trial to the leading provider)

Best Free Website Builders with Ads

So – are free website builders really free? Yes, with limitations on features and with sometimes annoying ads. Our selections for the best free website builders with overt ads are as follows:

  1. Webflow (Small ads) (My Choice!)
  2. Carrd (Small ads)
  3. Weebly (Small Ads)
  4. SquareOnline (Small Ads)
  5. Jimdo (Small ads)
  6. Wix (Large ads)
  7. (Large ads)
  8. Site123 (Large ads)
  9. Webnode (Small ads)
  10. Godaddy (Large ads)

Quick Comparison Table for Best Free Website Builders With All Their Limitations:

Here's the list of these platforms again, but ordered by their free version quality and with least limitations:

RankKey Free FeaturesAdsSubdomainBandwidthOther LimitationsMy ViewTry For Free
1. with Free Hostinger HostingFull functionalityNoNoUnmeteredHosting cost, domain purchase requiredOffers unparalleled flexibility and control over your site. Although it has a steeper learning curve, its comprehensive feature set makes it the best choice if you're willing to invest some time in learning.Try For Free
2. Google SitesUnlimited pages, integration with other Google servicesNoYesNoneLimited design and customisation optionsA straightforward, user-friendly tool that's completely free, but its features are relatively basic. It's ideal for simple, static websites or intranet-style projects.Try For Free
3. IMCreatorUnlimited hosting, for non-profits, students, and artistsNoYesNoneLimited supportFor non-profits, students, and artists, IMCreator offers an ad-free experience and a range of templates. However, its editor can be a bit tricky to learn.Try For Free
4. Webflow

(My Choice!)

Two projects, Full design control, Interactions and animations, CMS functionality, 50 CMS items, Free StagingNoYesNoneLimited to 2 projects, Webflow brandingIt offers a solid free plan with no ads, allowing you to design and publish a website without paying a dime. But it has a steeper learning curve, which can be a barrier for beginners.Try For Free
5. CarrdLimited to simple one-page sitesNoYesNoneLimited design featuresBest for creating single-page, responsive websites. It's simple to use, but it's not as flexible when it comes to creating larger websites.Try For Free
6. Weebly500MB storage, SEOYesYesNoneWeebly ads, no eCommerceWeebly's easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder and the inclusion of eCommerce functionality in its free plan is great for beginners. However, it does include Weebly ads on your site.Try For Free
7. Square OnlineSell unlimited products, Instagram integrationNoYesNoneSquare ads, 2.9% + 30¢ per transactionFree to use, with no limit on the number of pages you can create. But it includes Square ads and has fewer design options compared to others.Try For Free
8. Jimdo500MB storage, 2GB bandwidth, HTTPS securityYesYes2GBJimdo ads, no eCommerceSuitable for small online stores or basic websites, but it shows ads and the customization options are limited in its free plan.Try For Free
9. Wix500MB storage, 500MB bandwidthYesYes500MBLimited customization, Wix adsOffers a wide array of features even on its free plan, but it includes Wix ads and your site will be on a Wix subdomain.Try For Free
10. WordPress.com3GB storage, dozens of free themesYesYesNoneLimited customizationOffers a wide range of features and a massive community for support, but it includes ads and you can't install plugins or themes in its free plan.Try For Free
11. Site123500MB storage, 1GB bandwidthYesYes1GBSite123 ads, limited templatesOffers a free, simple, and easy-to-use builder with basic features. However, it shows Site123 ads and your site will be on a Site123 subdomain.Try For Free
12. WebnodeDrag-and-drop editor, responsive templates, eCommerce functionality, SEO toolsYesYes100MBLimited templates and storage, lacks advanced features like blogging and social media integrationEasy to use with nice templates, but your site will be on a Webnode subdomain and the free plan includes Webnode ads.Try For Free
13. GoDaddySSL security, SEO tools, PayPal integrationYesYesNoneGoDaddy ads, no eCommerceComes with an easy-to-use builder and features like SSL security, but it includes GoDaddy ads and lacks some advanced features in its free plan.Try For Free
BONUS PICK. Squarespace14-day free trialNoNoNoneLimited period free usageKnown for its stunning, high-quality templates, it only offers a free trial rather than a free plan.Try For Free

How We Chose the Best Free Website Builders:

How did we compare free website builders? Our review of the best free website makers is based on the following criteria:

  • Ease of use – How easy is the best free website maker to use and what's the learning curve like? This essentially refers to how quickly a user can learn his or her way in and out of a particular builder, how rapidly one can set it up, how easy it would be to get a website up and running, and if it offers options like an AI-driven interface that can make the creation process so much easier; and
  • Features and functionality – One of the primary caveats of any free site builder is that it will not have as many features or perks as its premium editions. But rather than just leaving users with a plain old builder, many building platforms throw in a number of bells and whistles that make it easy to create an engaging website without having to pay for a subscription.
  • Value for money – This answers the question – are free website builders really free? What's the catch? And would it be worth your money?

Best Free Website Builders in detail;

Now, let's take a look and compare free website builders based on their features, functionality, and pricing.

Webflow – My No.1 Choice for best free website builder! Solid free plan with full design control and no ads.

webflow, a best free website builder


The thing about Webflow is that many people refer to it as WordPress on steroids – and they wouldn’t be wrong as it has the CMS functionality of that old-school platform taken up to a whole new level.

A a best free website maker option, it is primarily used by online marketing agencies and content creators. Even the free version of Webflow offers numerous possibilities and options for creating highly engaging websites even for those who have little to no experience in coding.


  • Over 100 design templates for this best free website builder option;
  • Block-driven site builder;
  • Extensive range of third-party applications;
  • Parallax scrolling;
  • Advanced SEO toolkit;
  • Automatic backups even for free edition;
  • Portfolio building tools; and
  • This best free website maker has scalable solutions for ecommerce

Pros and Cons:

  • A great choice for those who want to build a custom site but have no coding knowledge;
  • Extensive range of design templates;
  • A best free website builder with built-in capabilities for ecommerce and content management
  • Steep learning curve to be expected if you compare free website builders with Webflow;
  • Limited functionality in the free edition;
  • Does not offer live technical support


Are free website builders really free? Well, this best free website builder offers a edition offered with limited functionality. Paid subscription with more features costs:


If you're considering Webflow, do read their service terms.

>> Give Webflow a try <<

GoogleSites – ideal for simple, static websites or intranet-style projects!

google sites, the only true free website builder


Topping our best free website maker list is GoogleSites.

You already use Google for email and even working on and archiving documents, presentations, and even spreadsheets online, so why not use it as a website builder?

Google Sites is the search engine giant’s entry into the best free website builder scene and it’s a pretty simple sort of site building platform that lets you create a functional website with a minimal amount of effort.

However, while you do get to display your work without any ads marring the view, a Google Sites page comes off as extremely basic when compared to pages crafted with the likes of Wix or Weebly. For one thing, this best free website builder's features and template selections are very limite. For another, it appears to be limited in terms of functionality for just blogging or wiki-page making.


  • Nine templates to choose from, so it's a bit sparse for this best free website maker;
  • Built-in integration with Google Workspace / Office Suite;
  • Direct image or media search from Google Images and YouTube;
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage;
  • Up to five custom URLs;
  • Real-time collaboration; and
  • Customised announcement banners for events and / or promotions

Pros and Cons:

  • Very easy to use so beginners won't have a hard time with it;
  • Seamless integration with Google Tool Suite;
  • Handy image and media search
  • This best free website builder has limited functionality;
  • There are only nine templates;
  • Does not offer live technical support


This builder answers the question “are free website builders really free?” positively. What's great is that this best free website builder is free to use for anyone who has a Google account. There are no premium plans if you compare free website builders with Google Sites – features are there by default.

If you're interested, read their service terms before giving it a go.

>> Give Google Sites a try <<

Squarespace – Stunning, high-quality templates, it only offers a free trial rather than a free plan

squarespace, a best-free-website-builder


Next on the list of best free website builders – Squarespace!

Those of you who are aware of Squarespace as one of our favourite ecommerce site builders may be scratching your heads at its inclusion in a review about free website builders. But hear us out: for a very short period of time, Squarespace allows users to experience the full extent of its builder’s functionality with what may possibly be the only no-holds-barred trial edition available.

So are free website builders really free when talking about Squarespace?

Well – not really. Squarespace’s twelve-day trial gives users the opportunity to use its extensive range of web design tools, its blogging feature, and even its ecommerce toolkit to some extent. Admittedly, however, you will need to commit to a premium subscription at the end, so we suggest that you weigh your options when you get into a free trial.


  • Drag and drop site best free website builder option with built-in ecommerce capabilities;
  • Over 100 industry-specific design templates;
  • Built-in site customisation modules;
  • Cloud-based hosting;
  • Mobile application for editing or site management on the fly; and
  • SEO toolkit offered by this best free website maker


  • Truly optimised for ecommerce site creation and management;
  • Industry-specific templates allow creators to have a professional look for their sites;
  • Top-notch best free website maker when it comes to technical support


  • Drag and drop builder can be difficult to manipulate, especially for those new to the platform;
  • Unfortunately, this best free website builder option scores low when it comes to customisation; and
  • You can only use it for free for less than a couple of weeks, after which you will need to delete your account or upgrade to a paid package


Not truly a best free website maker option. It has a twelve-day free trial period – no free plan, which is a letdown if you compare free website builders to Squarespace.

Subscription costs are:


Read through their terms of service  and compare free website builders vs Squarespace before you commit.

>> Give Squarespace a try <<

IMCreator – For non-profits, students, and artists!

im-creator-com, a best free website builder


A free ecommerce-ready site builder? Really?! It may sound too good to be true, but that’s a promise that IMCreator certainly delivers to its users as ecommerce functionality is built into all of its subscription plans, including the one it offers free to artists, students, and non-profit organisations.

Likewise, it’s also a platform that gives free rein to a user’s creativity thanks to a few hundred unique templates to choose from. A caveat, though: while IMCreator is marketed towards individual creators and the small- and medium-scale enterprise (SME) sector, it isn’t the easiest site builder to use at first – but, when you finally get the hang of it, it creates great websites.


  • IM XPRS site builder;
  • Built-in ecommerce suite with the following features:
    • Storefront-specific layouts;
    • Customer checkout;
    • Inventory management; and
    • Integration with key online payment gateways;
  • Wide array of fully-responsive and mobile-ready templates;
  • IM XPRS app for editing via mobile device; and
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage

Pros and Cons:

  • Offers ecommerce capabilities even for free use;
  • Mobile app for working on the fly;
  • Offers solutions for creating multilingual websites without having to download additional plugins
  • Can be difficult to use at first;
  • Free edition has limited functionality;
  • Site builder is point-and-click rather than drag-and-drop


So – are free websites really free? In the case of IM Creator, free edition is offered for artists, students, and non-profits. This is a steal if you compare free website builders.


If you want to commit to a paid subscription, be sure to read their terms of use and compare free website builders with IM Creator first.

>> Give IMCreator a try <<

Square Online – No limit on the number of pages you can create!

square-online, a best free website builder


Because Square Online was developed by a company that is best known for its online payment systems, its site builder is specifically equipped to handle the requirements of startups and small businesses that may opt to use its free builder to create good-looking and highly functional websites for retail establishments, ateliers, and even restaurants that offer curbside pickup and delivery.

Along with an intuitive drag and drop builder that was specifically developed for online businesses, Square Online offers an award-winning point of sale (POS) system, management tools, ordering systems, as well as real-time analytics.

Though you do have to contend with a few ads peppering your web pages, at least you get great functionality for creating a top-notch site for a small business.


  • Business-specific site builder;
  • Integration with payment systems and order management tools under the Square Online umbrella, including:
    • SquareUp for gift cards;
    • Order management;
    • Payment gateways; and
    • Delivery management solutions

Pros and Cons:

  • Easy to use builder dashboard – a plus if you compare free website builders;
  • Marketing features are already built in;
  • Extensive range of features even for the free edition
  • Steep learning curve;
  • Online entrepreneurs need to be aware of transaction fees when connecting to non-Square payment gateways;
  • Limited options for site customisation


So, are free website builders really free with respect to Square Online? Sure, it offers a free edition offered with ecommerce transaction fees pegged at 2.9% + $0.30 per purchase. For paid subscriptions, it offers competitive pricing if you compare free website builders:


If this builder strikes your fancy, make sure to read their service terms first.

>> Give Square Online a try <<

Carrd – Best for creating single-page, responsive websites.

carrd, a best free website builder


Carrd's tagline states that it enables users to create simple, free, fully-responsive one-page sites for pretty much everything. That said, this platform offers a page-builder that creates single-page websites to serve as one's digital calling card – hence its name – or online portfolio.

With Carrd, site-building is point-and-click, the layouts are all pre-formatted in this best free website builder, and users may choose pages specific to their requirements.


  • Users can create three pages under the free plan of this best free website builder option;
  • Online page builder;
  • Online stock image gallery;
  • 100 element allowance per page;
  • Social media widgets; and
  • 56 free themes and templates

Pros and Cons:

  • One of the easiest best free website builders to use;
  • Users can create up to three single-page websites;
  • All sites created with the platform are optimised for mobile devices
  • Does not have provisions for blogging or ecommerce;
  • Limited range of page elements available;
  • Limited site creation capabilities


Are free website builders really free? Carrd has a free edition that allows users to create up to three single-page websites. For those who would like to avail of more pages and functionality, here are pricing packages:

carrd pricing

If you're interested in learning more about Carrd, read their service terms.

>> Give Carrd a try <<

Jimdo – Suitable for small online stores or basic websites

jimdo, a best-free-website-builder


Jimdo is a fairly new player when it comes to the site-building scene, but it’s already making waves as one of the easiest to use, particularly where blogging is concerned, and it’s a platform you can use for free.

While it does help users produce an elegant and engaging website for free, we can’t help but feel that it is limited in terms of functionality and there are limits when it comes to bandwidth and storage. Also, depending on your location, it’s one of the slowest builders when it comes to loading.


  • Jimdo Dolphin, an AI-driven site builder similar in principle to WIX ADI;
  • Jimdo creative gallery for static images and multimedia files;
  • Extensive SEO toolkit; and
  • Well-curated knowledge base for technical support


  • One of the easiest free website builders to learn and use;
  • AI-driven builder allows users to spend less time building their site and more time creating content;
  • Generous amount of storage and bandwidth even for the free plan;
  • Optimised for viewing on mobile


  • Limited number of customisation options compared to most of its competitors;
  • Limited SEO capability;
  • Better suited for EU and Asian users rather than those in North America;
  • Sketchy technical support


Are free website builders really free? Well, when it comes to Jimdo, there's a free to use edition offers the site builder as well as 500MB storage, 2GB bandwidth, and HTTPS encryption. Paid subscriptions will set you back at the following prices:


If you're interested in getting Jimdo as your simple free website builder, make sure to read their service terms.

>> Give Jimdo a try <<

Webnode – Easy to use with nice templates

webnode,a best free website builder


Considered one of the bigger players in the site building scene, Webnode boasts of over 40 million users thanks to its ability to support over 20 languages, enabling users to create multilingual website. The platform also offers multilingual technical support.

In the platform's most recent iteration, direct editing has become a more creative experience thanks to the expansion of its range of themes and templates, as well as a built-in backup and restore feature. When it comes to ecommerce, Webnode is no slouch as it offers support for multiple currencies when it comes to their payment gateways.


  • Intuitive site building platform;
  • Preformatted page templates;
  • Direct editing through one's browser;
  • Safe and secure shared / managed hosting servers;
  • Site backups at regular intervals and easy restoration to previous versions;
  • Multilingual support; and
  • Industry-specific site themes

Pros and Cons:

  • One of the easiest free website builders to use;
  • Users can create up to three single-page websites;
  • All sites created with the platform are optimised for mobile devices
  • Does not have provisions for blogging or ecommerce;
  • Limited range of page elements available;
  • Limited site creation capabilities


With respect to Webnode, are free website builders really free. There's a free edition where a Webnode banner is placed at the bottom of each webpage and storage is limited to 200MB. For paid subscriptions, options below:


Before you commit to any of the plans, make sure you read their terms of use.

>> GiveWebnode a try << – Offers a wide range of features and a massive community a best-free-website-builder


WordPress has long been the choice of anyone who wants to create a website in the easiest manner possible.

The beauty of using WordPress as a free website builder is that your site visitors will not be disturbed by ads of any sort – and that’s a plus when your site has a literary slant as there is virtually nothing to distract readers.

As far as this platform is concerned, are free website builders really free?

Yes, it is buttThe downside, however, is that you don’t get your own domain. Indeed, the * suffix applies here – and you have no access to a number of key plugins that would go a long way into making your website more engaging.


  • CMS site creator / editor;
  • Integrated news and blogging function;
  • Post scheduling feature;
  • Responsive web design;
  • Shared hosting;
  • Extensive selection of functional plugins more than others if you compare free website builders; and
  • Numerous aesthetic/design options.


  • Users are assured of secure hosting for their sites compared to more conventional builders or hosting providers;
  • Sites created with the platform are already SEO- and mobile-ready;
  • Offers above-average functionality when it comes to social media integration and marketing


  • If we're asking, “are free website builders really free,” – while you can use the platform for free, customising your site may prove costly as many themes, templates, and plugins need to be paid for;
  • The CMS engine used for site creation has long been known to be vulnerable when it comes to hackers and denial of service attacks;
  • Too many updates tend to distract users from their work


Free to use version available, but take note that the functionality and features included are considerably less than what you would get with a paid subscription.

If you have resources, monthly rates range:


Be sure to check out their service terms before you subscribe and make sure to compare free website builders with what WordPress offers.

>> Give WordPress a try <<

Wix – Offers a wide array of features

wix a best-free-website-builder


The next option under this category for best free website builder is Wix.

Having grown its customer base to over four million users worldwide in the span of nearly two decades, Wix has become the go-to solution for many people who want to build a website with minimal effort.

Wix’s two-pronged approach with regard to site building enables users – even those with absolutely no knowledge of HTML coding or prior experience to using a conventional site builder – to create an engaging website in just minutes. One can opt to just encode parameters to generate a site using artificial intelligence (AI) or go a more conventional route and drag and drop their way into the creation of a new website.

So with regard to Wix – are free website builders really free? Certainly, if you compare free website builders, Wix prides itself on being the world’s leading best free website builder as it does offer an exceptional range of features for free. However, we have to admit the prevalence of ads on a site made with its best free website maker can be annoying.


  • WIX Artificial Design Intelligence (WIX ADI) site builder;
  • Conventional drag-and-drop builder;
  • SEO tool suite; and
  • Ecommerce tool suite


  • One of the easiest best free website builders to learn and use;
  • Offers possibly the most extensive selection of functional add-ons;
  • Offers maximum creative flexibility;
  • Excellent technical assistance


  • No reversion function – if you create a page using a specific template, it’s impossible to swap it out and you’ll need to start again from scratch;
  • One can easily get lost with all the available features in the UI;
  • A number of features, particularly those related to ecommerce and scalability, can only be availed of with a paid subscription;
  • Ads can be very intrusive for this best free website builder.


  • Are free website builders really free? Wix offers a free-to-use edition that includes its core site building platform and access to a number of templates;
  • While a number of functionality-enhancing apps are available through the platform’s App Market, not all of them may be downloaded for free which would add to one’s spending
  • For additional functionality, monthly rates range:

Do your diligence and read their terms of use before committing.

>> Give Wix a try <<

GoDaddy – Comes with an easy-to-use builder

godaddy, a best free website builder


GoDaddy‘s proprietary website builder is driven by artificial intelligence. Similar to the technology used for the Wix ADI, it accords an intuitive site creation experience for users. At its most basic, one sets the parameters by replying to several system-generated questions regarding their requirements for their website.

While it creates a good enough site, it doesn't really take the site too far as it is very basic and the capabilities are quite limited. The same thing goes for the themes and templates that users can use: there are just a few of them and they aren't really everyone's cup of tea.


  • AI-driven site creation platform, as well as a more conventional click-and-drag block-oriented site creation interface;
  • Mobile design and editing application;
  • SSL certificate;
  • Over 20 customisable themes and templates so you can personalise;
  • Social media widgets;
  • SEO and analytics toolkit so you can pull rank;
  • Guided marketing tools;
  • Very basic ecommerce toolkit

Pros and Cons:

  • One of the fastest website builders to learn and also one of the easiest platforms to use;
  • Personalised marketing, SEO, and analytical toolkits;
  • Secure hosting and free SSL certificates for one's site
  • There's very little in the way of options when it comes to optimisation;
  • Users do not have access to an online marketplace offering third-party applications, plugins, and integrations;
  • Full ecommerce capabilities are only available for premium users


Are free website builders really free?

GoDaddy best free website maker has a free edition has large ads bannered over each webpage, though you can try the premium version for free for only a month. However, if you opt for a paid subscription, here are pricing options:

godaddy pricing
Godaddy pricing

For more information about this builder, be sure to read their terms of use.

>> Give GoDaddy a try <<

Weebly – Easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder and the inclusion of eCommerce functionality

wix, a best-free-website-builder


For almost two decades, Weebly has been the builder of choice of more than 50 million users worldwide, offering a very easy way to create beautiful and functional websites in a relatively short span of time and usually for free.

Over the years, thanks to joining forces with leading ecommerce developer Square, it has included free storefront building to its arsenal – something that has expanded its reach and increased its client base, especially given the shift to the virtual marketplace. For this reason and more, Weebly makes it to our best free website builder list.


  • Intuitive drag-and-drop website builder so it's hassle-free;
  • SEO toolkit;
  • Ecommerce toolkit;
  • In-platform applications marketplace for third-party integrations;
  • SSL certificate so you get a more secure website; and
  • Cloud-based hosting


  • Drag and drop interface of this best free website maker allows for easy – and quick – site creation;
  • Offers a full-featured edition for free if you compare free website builders, yet it is also the most reasonably priced subscription packages of any site builder;
  • Security features built into the UI of this best free website maker so you won't have to pay for more.


  • Limited choices when it comes to aesthetic elements if you compare free website builders;
  • Offers SEO tools, but the functionality is limited;
  • Updates for this best free website maker are sporadic at best.


So – are free website builders really free when it comes to Weebly? Yes, it offers a free to use edition with fairly extensive functionality;

If you’re planning to upgrade, you need to pay a monthly subscription. Again, a caveat: full functionality is only available for the top two pricing tiers.


Interested in Weebly? Then better understand their service terms before you subscribe.

>> Give Weebly a try <<

Site123 – Simple, and easy-to-use builder with basic features

site123 a best-free-website-builder


SITE123 is one of the most basic site builders currently available and has built its reputation on helping even the most clueless users create highly engaging websites in next to no time at all.

Indeed, it’s easy to say that this free site builder’s bare-bones approach to site creation gets the job done for free – but at what cost? With respect to Site123, are free website builders really free?

Whether you’re using the free edition of SITE123 or upgrading to any of its premium subscriptions, this platform doesn’t have much in the way of tools or features for creating more elaborate sites with extensive functionality.

Still, it’s a platform that does get the job done. However, if you really compare free website builders, just manage your expectations if you choose to go for it.


  • This best free website maker option has a conventional drag and drop website builder;
  • Core SEO toolkit;
  • Google Analytics for metrics monitoring;
  • Social media integration for more than 25 popular social networking platforms, but note this does not offer live feeds to user pages


  • Predefined site creation parameters so you can get the ultimate ease of use;
  • One of the few site builders to offer a free-to-use edition;
  • Offers multilingual options to make things easier for site creators whose native language isn’t English


  • Free edition is riddled with pop-ups that tend to distract site creators from their work;
  • One of the pricier website building options, but it doesn’t really give that much bang for your buck;
  • Layout templates are very pedestrian at best and there are very few ways by which these can be enhanced.


So if we're talking about Site123, are free website builders really free? Yes, there's a free-to-use edition with limited functionality. However, for those willing to upgrade, monthly rates range:


If you're thinking of using Site123, it's helpful to read their terms of service and even compare free website builders to make an informed decision.

>> Give Site123 a try <<

Conclusion and Recommendations for the Best Free Website Builder:

So which free website builder is best? And are free website builders really free?

Since we compare free website builders here, the only 100% free website builder is Google Sites. However, this is not our recommendation as comes with too many limitations. If you are ok with small ads, then Webflow should be your choice.

Nevertheless, whether you choose the best free website builder option or not, we recommend that you read up on what’s currently available in order to choose the builder that suits your specific needs.

Try Webflow for free


Which of these best free website builders works best for small creative agencies?

Webflow, a CMS-driven builder, is our top pick as this already has proven itself to marketing professionals and advertising companies, and it has a number of tools that work well for their purposes.

Which works better as a best free website maker for ecommerce users: GoDaddy or Square Online?

GoDaddy offers a very basic ecommerce tool suite that would work best for startups and small businesses. However, for more advanced users, Square Online offers a better range of capabilities and tools.

All I need is a good platform for blogging. Which of these best free online website builders should I choose?

While WordPress has long been the gold standard when it comes to blogging, Squarespace has the option built into its UI and Jimdo is also an excellent platform.

Can I use a best free website builder to create an online storefront?

Yes, but keep in mind that the functionality you get will not be the same as that of a premium subscription. Wix and Weebly are the most viable options in this case, as the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress is only available for paid business plans.

Are free website builders really free?

Yes, and no. Indeed, you can put up a website completely free of charge with free web builders, but you have limited features and functionality.

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