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best free video hosting

⏳ Do you want to skip the read and get right to my top pick? The best free video hosting platform for most people is YouTube.

Technology has become deep-rooted in our lives, and we do not function without it. Everywhere you see, people are scrolling on their phones, making vlogs, sharing their life experiences, and uploading millions of videos daily. Uploading heavy videos needs an appropriate source to maintain quality and build a safe space for brand building.

The majority of the content present on the internet is in video format. Though videos occupy more space, are heavy, and need fast servers to be uploaded and reach the target audience. Here video hosting facilitates their users by providing storage space, maximum traffic, a larger audience, and engagement with their followers.

All the best free video hosting platforms are easily accessible through mobile apps. Every video host provides an app for a better experience.

Overview of Best Free Video Hosts

You must have come across many free video hosting platforms on the internet. Everyone gives a lot of benefits in their free versions to their users. 

Video creation has become an industry, and for such purposes, video hosting platforms offer free versions for a better experience. 

We belong to an era where everything has to be posted on the internet, and video is a medium that requires huge storage space with unlimited bandwidth. Free video host providers come with a promise of just that. 

I have narrowed down the 5 best free video hosting platforms, which are a helping hand in choosing a perfect fit.

Our Top Picks For Best Free Video Hosts

Below is a list of best free video hosting and streaming platforms:

  1. YouTube – best for every niche (Editors choice πŸ†).Β 
  2. Dailymotion – best for building a brand from scratch
  3. Vimeo -best for professionals and intellectuals.Β 
  4. Facebook – best for acquiring aΒ social media base.
  5. Instagram – best for content creation and marketing.

1. YouTube – Editors choice! πŸ†

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YouTube being in the video creation industry, is a history. Their streaming services and hosting videos on their platform have changed drastically. 

If you are considering starting a brand, YouTube must have crossed your mind. It has been embedded in our lives seamlessly. 

Uploading videos on YouTube is not new; millions of videos are uploaded every second. You can do live streaming and later save the video to your channel. By default, you can upload a 15-minute video, but once your account is verified, you can upload up to 12 hours of video content.

Generating income through YouTube has become a norm, and people are doing it creatively. So, YouTube provides its subscribers with many remarkable features to convert them into loyal customers. 


  • YouTube provides unlimited bandwidth and storage to its users. 
  • You can upload a video up to 256 GB in size.
  • The YouTube algorithm is intelligent, and SEO content grants more visibility. 
  • Live streaming is available.
  • Automated video streaming is offered.
  • Captions can be turned on/off as per the user’s need.
  • It comes with speech recognition.
  • You can upload your video file in avi, mov, mpg, and wmv.
  • Reporting/analytics are provided. 
  • A user gets a certain percentage of ad-generated revenue. 


  • Social Sharing is provided. 
  • You can joe engage with a sea of people on your channel. 
  • You can use the YouTube edit option provided for customization. 
  • From the YouTube app, you can access speech. 
  • Full-length feature films are now made available.
  • It has a friendly user interface.


  • There is a chance of negativity and trolling if your content goes viral.
  • Distraction to other sites can lead to potential customer loss.
  • You will have to watch way too many ads.


In Youtube's free version of best free video hosting, subscribers can upload 128 GB with a 12-hour length of video. 

They also offer paid plans that β€œbig names” can avail of and make the most of their Premium Plans. YouTube provides a free-trial first for the YouTube Premium Plan, for which you must provide the necessary information. You get ad-free videos and more access to YouTube Original.

YouTube Premium Plans:
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2. Dailymotion

After YouTube, Dailymotion is another known best free video hosting platforms. Their source of revenue generation, like YouTube, is through ads.

Their business plan is to offer the customers additional offers like instream, display, and rich media formats. Like every other business, their Open Video On Demand program supports the user to monetize their videos to earn more revenue. However, users may also advertise their material on other platforms. 

The user always has a choice of privacy for their uploaded video content. If they want to share Password Protect content, the user can share a link with the concerned party.

If you are stuck in a β€˜no-service’ area, you can always have access to Dailymotion’s offline mode. The fantastic thing is, it's FREE!!


  • A Dailymotion user can upload 96 videos per day.
  • They support a video length of 60 minutes.
  • It also provides privacy settings to the user. It coles with Public, Private, and Password Protected videos.
  • Analytics are provided to video monetization creators.
  • You can upload up to 2 GB files with a maximum of 1 hour of video length. 
  • They support .avi, .mov, .flv, .mkv, and many more. 


  • Can build a brand smoothly because of slightly lower competition than other video hosting platforms.
  • You get free unlimited video hosting
  • You get a chance to build an audience organically and healthily.


  • In free video hosting, you get a 60-minute video length.
  • Frequent advertisement for revenue generation. 
  • Their support could be more efficient.
  • Need for improvement while streaming videos. 
  • Need transparent ad-generated revenue. 


Dailymotion offers an excellent free video hosting experience. As the need of the business grows, content delivery needs more storage space, an increased video length, and more upload time. Dailymotion provides premium plans for such requirements. 

Pricing of Dailymotion:
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3. Vimeo

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Not following the footsteps of YouTube and Dailymotion, Vimeo offers best free video hosting platforms to professionals, intellectuals, and artists. Vimeo has specified its genre, a user experiences less traffic than other hosting sites but delivers quality content. 

Other free video host providers stream ads on their platforms, but Vimeo video streaming is ad-free, which many find a blessing. Vimeo has hosted its platform for aspiring filmmakers and video editors. You can create, edit, live stream, record videos, and upload them to your channel. 

Vimeo fits like a glove when an artist, enthusiastic filmmaker, video editor, or creative mind experiences it. While streaming Vimeo, you can gain access to short films, animations, and documentaries. Unlike YouTube, Vimeo is more advanced, professional and one-of-a-kind.


  • Vimeo comes with a free trial.
  • They offer their users a good experience with video content, so they don’t bore them with ads.
  • Uncompressed versions of the videos can be uploaded. 
  • They assist professionals, and the standard of their videos is up to the mark.
  • They support mov, avi, mp4, flv, and wmv. 
  • For videos, a 4K ultra HD version is available.
  • Their privacy feature is enjoyable. It lets you make videos visible to those with access to the shared link.


  • Vimeo is integrated with other professional software to enhance the quality of the video.
  • Customization leads to better engagement with the audience.
  • Content sharing is made simple and easily accessible.
  • A monetization option is also available.


  • The HD resolution can be availed for quality video only when a user pays for it.
  • While using Vimeo streaming, a user experiences a lag.
  • Their support program is limited.


Vimeo's pricing structure is different for every plan. To upload a video on Vimeo, you must first become a member. For streaming, you can always access it for free. Their Starter Plan comes with an upload limit of 60 videos. Their billing process is annually based. However, depending on business requirements, their Premium Plans offer excess storage space, video uploads, and exclusive features. 

Pricing of Vimeo:
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4. Facebook

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We all belong to the Facebook generation; its evolution is remarkable. Facebook's audience is billions; you can imagine the reach obtained by acquiring Facebook best free video hosting services. Whether identity branding or business marketing, Facebook offers a live streaming option. Facebook video hosting comes with unlimited hosting. Users can upload videos on any page, group, event, or personal profile. They support a 40 GB file size and a 90-minute video length.


  • Facebook has billions of active online users resulting in rapid business growth.
  • Their services can be availed for free.
  • Facebook Live is used to stream videos where users can actively engage with their followers.
  • There is no bandwidth limitation.
  • Through Facebook's unique cross-promoting feature now, you can broadcast your videos on multiple pages.
  • Facebook also supports social sharing.
  • Video files of mov, avi, mp4, wmv, flv, etc. are supported.


  • Multiple organizations use Facebook video hosting to post ads for revenue generation.
  • Facebook is a synonym with a larger audience which ultimately opens gates to a larger audience.
  • Facebook Watch facilitates seamless video streaming.
  • Live broadcasting increases audience engagement with the content creator.


  • Professional videos need high-end, tailored streaming players, which Facebook does not support.
  • Video content posted on Facebook can not be sourced to external websites. 


Facebook is a primary social media app and one of the best free video hosting platforms. Since its launch, it has had billions of active users, and a maximum of its features are free of cost.

However, large enterprises also post their ads on Facebook, considering it a trustworthy medium for monetization.

Facebook comes loaded with cool features, providing users with an option for paid online events. During COVID-19, it became useful for keeping life as normal as possible. It is a simple process where you create a page that should be at least 30 days old. You can schedule the date, time, and price. Invite people and go live. Amazing video hosting!

5. Instagram

best free video hosting

We are ending our list with a widely popular video host provider and one of the best free video hosting platforms, i.e., Instagram. Content creators know the actual worth of this social media giant. Instagram is not an unfamiliar term in 2023. The level of marketing strategy businesses conduct through this giant is way beyond. 

Instagram is a Facebook-owned social media platform, and it took a route to video creation in the past few years. In 2018, Instagram upped its game by introducing another cool feature, Instagram TV (IGTV). Instagram videos are 15 – 30 sec long, but if you want to upload longer videos, you can go for IGTV. You first need to create an IGTV account.


  • On IGTV, up to 60 minutes of video can be uploaded (for verified accounts only).
  • Instagram users have the option of live broadcasting to monetize their audiences to the maximum. 
  • Marketing strategy has somewhat become effortless. Creating an amazing 15-30 sec video can do a job, whether a small-scale business or a big enterprise.
  • To facilitate their users, Instagram offers a highlight feature also, which a regular visitor can watch if they miss a post.
  • Another cool feature is making reels. Content creators understand the concept of keeping it short. By making reels they share short, engaging, and entertaining videos with their followers.
  • To have more control over your business account, you can disable comments on your stories and posts.
  • Verified accounts can analyze how much their followers engage with their content.
  • User can evaluate their stats through Analytics.


  • A user can quickly access video content through advanced search options.
  • Instagram offers free video hosting, giving maximum reach through sharing, commenting, liking, and posting. 
  • If you have more than one IG account, you can share it on your bio for your followers to know.
  • You can make your account more personalized with various fonts and sizes.
  • Using proper hashtags accelerates your video content promotion on the IG Explore tab.


  • Videos on IGTV can be uploaded only in portrait mode, which makes editing harder.
  • Instagram monetization methods are limited.
  • URLs can not be accessed through IG, leading the traffic to external sources. 
  • Instagram algorithms work more organically. It is dependent on relevance, search history, and user engagement. 


Instagram as one of the best free video hosting platforms offers free video sharing to its users. The Facebook-owned social media platform is all about hosting videos. Whether interacting with your audience, promoting a brand, or going creative through art and music, Instagram does not fall behind. 

Best Free Video Hosts Vs Paid Video Hosts

I have mentioned all the best free video hosting platforms in our list that support and help the user grow organically. 

YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion offer their customers Premium plans depending on their usability and organizational needs. 

You can enjoy a free trial of YouTube Premium for 30 days. 

Vimeo is one of the best free video hosting platforms that certainly offers terrific plans for a smooth and fantastic experience.

Dailymotion Paid Plans are certainly generous, and an endorser can gain access to more storage, maximum video lengths, and other cool features.

How To Choose the Best Free Video Hosting Providers

Video host selection for your content is dependent upon your business needs. Every user has a specific audience in their mind. Even with a fast server, video content comes with many gigabytes, and heavy traffic causes poor performance. It is advised to acquire video hosting services to overcome the network problems on your end. Several free video hosting platforms are available for free in the market and have exceptional performances.

How Easy/Difficult Is It To Use Free Video Host?

Video hosting does not need in-depth tutorials to get started. You just need to make an account and grow gradually. Hosting videos on your website would take time to build your brand and engagement with your audiences. It is always better to source your content through a third party.

Final Words on Best Free Video Hosting

The Internet is flooded with free video host providers. If you intend to go for a video host, then properly analyze and plan what your business requirements are and how much the host can benefit you. 

If you want a community of professionals and engagement with creative people around the world, then Viemo is the perfect platform for you.

If your niche is more fun-oriented, and you are more inclined towards sharing your life through short clips and stories with your audience, then Facebook and Instagram are the best free video host providers.

If your videos are in multiple categories, you can use YouTube and Dailymotion for more organic growth through SEO optimization.


What is the benefit of video hosting?

Video hosting is a better third-party platform that facilitates its users with all the features required for high reach. They help create, upload, edit, and distribute videos for maximum reach.

Is video hosting expensive?

As a beginner, you can use all the video hosting platforms for free. IAs your business grows, so do the requirements. Premium plans are always present to provide more unique features.Β 

What are the limitations of a free video host?

The best free video hosting providers have limited video length, low video quality, storage, and customization options.

Can I increase traffic to my video content through Free Video Hosting?

By giving access to third-party, i.e., the best free video hosting providers, you gain access to a massive audience which generates more traffic on your channel.

That's all for now:

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