Ahrefs Pricing and Features 2021: Is It Still Top-Notch?

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Ease of Use 9.5
Features 9.5
Performance 9.5
Help & Support 8.5
Pricing 8.5


  • Great crawling capability
  • Robust keyword research features
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent SERP analysis
  • Strong backlink tracking


  • Expensive
  • No free plan or free trial

Introduction: Ahrefs – Not Your Average SEO Software

Ahrefs’ claim to fame is being the world’s best backlinks tool. However, what people seem to forget is that it has grown to be much more than that. Today, it’s one of the complete SEO software products in the market. Powered by its unparalleled backlinks index, Ahrefs has paved the way for developing ethical SEO strategies. With this tool, content marketers and marketing strategists can determine how much traffic and quality of backlinks a site attracts, and which content seems to be performing better or worse over time. Since it's loaded with features and more proprietary technologies at its disposal, does this justify Ahrefs pricing? In this Ahrefs review, I will evaluate its many features, cost, and whether there are Ahrefs discount codes and Ahrefs free trial available.

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Ease of Use:

Surprisingly, Ahrefs’ interface isn’t as intimidating as one might expect. You’re greeted by a simple, user-friendly, and intuitive interface. Unlike the usually cramped dashboards of SEO tools, Ahrefs’ is quite bare. You’ll see a navigation bar on top of the screen where the Dashboard, Site Explorer, Content Explorer, Keywords Explorer, Alerts, and Tools drop-down menu is located. Below these tabs, you’ll find the search bar to enter the keyword, topic, URL, or domain.

Moreover, in this Ahrefs review, an Ahrefs Chrome extension and Firefox toolbar that gives you a quick glimpse of SEO vitals make the software extra user-friendly. You can download the toolbar on any browser.

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What gives Ahrefs an edge is its mammoth backlinks index, with over 6.1 billion web pages crawled daily and beyond 12 trillion historical backlinks. Despite backlinks being its bread and butter, the platform is actually an all-in-one SEO platform – with capabilities for keyword research, site auditing, competitor analysis, and rank tracking. In other words, for this Ahrefs review, this software wears multiple hats in its pitch as a comprehensive SEO suite.

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Keyword Research:

For this Ahrefs review, the platform’s keyword research capability is embodied in the Keyword Explorer feature. While some of its rivals only focus on Google, the platform allows you to grab SEO metrics and search volumes for paid and organic keywords in Yahoo, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, Baidu, and Yandex. For this Ahrefs review, its most distinctive characteristic is an excellent filtering option. With the Include feature, you’re able to filter keywords in terms of consideration, awareness, or transaction stage.

Aside from Keyword Explorer, Ahrefs also provides free keyword research tools such as:

  • Keyword Generator – gives you free keyword ideas based on one seed keyword;
  • Keyword Difficulty Checker – lets you check a keyword’s ranking difficulty (KD) score; and
  • Keyword Rank Checker – tells you where you rank in a given keyword for any location.

How do you use it? You just type the URL in the search bar, and the platform automatically generates a list of unique keyword suggestions. This is made possible through Ahrefs’ database composed of more than 8 billion queries.

Overall, Ahrefs’ keyword research tool can be considered as good as, say, Ahrefs vs Semrush. However, it’s not as proactive as the latter, especially in recommending which keywords you should target.

Rank Tracking:

Of course, you need to know whether you’re gaining in the SERPs or not for any SEO project. For the Ahrefs pricing to be worth it, the platform needs to have this capability. Fortunately, it does. The Ahrefs Rank Tracker can give you historical data on how you rank for a specific period. You can also see how you’re faring in the rankings game versus your rivals with this tool. What needs to be said for this Ahrefs review is that the ranking tool generates rank updates on desktop and mobile devices. Plus – it releases data on how you rank in as many as 170 countries. The tool also provides visually appealing graphs and analytics to make every report easy to understand. Every interactive graph provides you with the following data:

  • % of organic traffic clicks on your site
  • Position distribution
  • Average position and traffic

Also, its share of voice functionality lets you keep tabs on the websites you’re going head to head with for a specific keyword.

Site Audit:

Ahrefs’ Site Audit tool generates a laundry list of potential technical SEO issues that need fixing. As with most SEO tools, it also generates an SEO “health score.” Using a crawler to sweep through your entire site, you can detect problems before they can hurt your SEO chances. Ahrefs produces a useful report that contains actionable insights, like:

  • Performance issues
  • Tags errors
  • Content problems
  • Localisation issues
  • Social tags

Backlink Analysis:

For this Ahrefs review, you can get an in-depth backlink profile through the Site Explorer feature. The platform offers high-speed backlink crawling technology fueled by the world’s most extensive live backlinks index, made up of more than 14 trillion links. No other platform matches this capability.

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Backlink Profile:

With it, you can get a profile of every backlink that lands on any URL or website, including:

  • Backlinks
  • Referring domains
  • New and lost backlinks
  • New and lost referring domains
  • Anchors
  • Broken backlinks
  • Internal backlinks
  • Referring IPs

Link Intersect:

Another innovative feature worth noting in this Ahrefs review is the Link Intersect feature. This tool allows you to identify sites that link to your rivals but not yet to you. The thing is, if you send a cold email to a site asking for a link bank, the chances are that you’ll be ignored. However, if you send an email to sites that already link to competitors, there’s a greater probability that they’ll consider it. As a result, you can uncover several link building opportunities, especially if you’re a starting entrepreneur.

Content Explorer:

Ahrefs Content Explorer is a useful feature that can be used to enrich your content marketing strategy. With it, you can locate the most widely-shared content around a topic or a site and can filter content based on backlinks, date, language, or social shares. For instance, you can determine how a topic is trending, locate hot topics in a rival website, find broken links for opportunities, and monitor publishing stats between you and your rivals.

All in all, Ahrefs feature-rich offering gives excellent value for its Ahrefs pricing. While it costs as much as its leading rivals Semrush or Moz Pro, you can apply Ahrefs discount codes. If you want to dip your toes first, take advantage of a $7 Ahrefs trial. There is no Ahrefs free trial as of writing.

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Support and Resources:

For this Ahrefs review, the platform offers a wide array of relevant resources and documentation to get you settled. It has a Help centre that features video tutorials, articles, and other materials to maximize the platform. Its SEO blog regularly publishes timely articles on SEO and digital marketing. Plus, it has an Ahrefs Academy where you can enrol and be a guru with the platform.

If on-site resources don’t cut it, they only have a live chat and email feature. No phone support is offered.

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Ahrefs Pricing:

Plans and Ahrefs Pricing:

There are indeed free SEO tools out there, but you’re buying more tools and data when subscribing to any of the Ahrefs pricing plans. There are four Ahrefs pricing packages suited to various user profiles. When billed annually, they cost 20% less compared to monthly payments. You can also get regular Ahrefs discount codes to save money.

  • Lite: $99 per month
  • Standard: $179 per month
  • Advanced: $399 per month
  • Agency: $999 per month

Ahrefs free trial/refund policy/money-back guarantee:

There’s no Ahrefs free trial or Ahrefs free account. You can try the platform out for seven days for only $7. This won’t let you maximise the software, though. So it’s always best to subscribe to any paid plans and reduce costs with an Ahrefs discount code. Be also advised that there is no money-back guarantee, either.

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Conclusion and Recommendation:

To conclude this Ahrefs review, this software is a complete SEO solution that rates highly on backlinks analysis. However, it also provides you with capabilities beyond that, making it a worthy investment. It’s easy to use and gives you the power to drive your SEO projects to success with highly actionable insights about your site and your competitors. The only boon I can think of is the steep Ahrefs price. It’s within the SEMrush price range but does not offer a free plan or an Ahrefs free trial. So, if you don’t have a considerable budget within reach, this platform is not a match for you.

Ahrefs Alternatives:

Ahrefs vs SEMRush. Both of these platforms are feature-packed, but SEMrush comes with more robust features for SEO and PPC. However, Ahrefs has a more robust backlink tool and is easier to use.

Ahrefs vs Moz. While both are excellent backlink profilers, Moz has on-page optimisation features while Ahrefs doesn’t.

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Is there an Ahrefs free trial?

No, there isn’t. This is a real downer since most SEO tools offer a free plan or trial. You are entitled to a $7 trial (I repeat, not an Ahrefs free trial) for seven days.

Why is the Link Intersect feature important?

It’s essential for a link building opportunity tool. If you use Link Intersect, you can find sites that don’t land to your site yet, but already has links to your immediate rivals.

What are good Ahrefs free alternatives?

You can try Ubersuggest's free platform as an option for Ahrefs. The company recently released a paid plan, but its free SEO tool is robust.

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