AccessAlly Review 2024: Evaluating this LMS Plugin

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AccessAlly is a learning management system that offers membership and course creation features for entrepreneurs, educators, and businesses.

  • Ease of Use - 82%
  • Features - 90%
  • Content Quality - 88%
  • Support & Resources - 88%
  • Pricing - 82%
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  • Scalable
  • Gamification and interactive features
  • Mobile-responsive sites
  • Great customisation options


  • Not easy to use if you're not a WP user
  • Not inexpensive
  • No free trial

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Introduction to our AccessAlly Review

With all the online course platforms to choose from, wouldn’t it be nice if there was one dedicated for your WordPress site? It’s a good thing you’re reading this article because I’m going to review AccessAlly – a nifty AccessAlly WordPress LMS plugin.  It promises to be a one-stop solution to bringing your online course or membership site to the market. In this AccessAlly review, let me walk you through the pros and cons of this plugin, talk about its features, AccessAlly pricing, and give you ideas on how to get an AccessAlly coupon easily.

Overview: Accessally WordPress LMS Plugin

Not all e-commerce platforms are created equal. What I really enjoy about this plugin is its ability to scale. This means you’re able to expand its functionality as your online education business grows! But you don’t have to take my word for it. Read this AccessAlly review and decide for yourself whether it’s a good match for you.


Ease of Use:

The idea behind AccessAlly is simple: turning your existing WordPress site into an online course or membership site! However, for this AccessAlly review, I’m not going to lie. The interface isn’t as friendly to beginning users as other AccessAlly alternatives such as Teachable or Thinkific are. Since Access Ally's goal is to give you full control and autonomy over your membership site, you can’t expect a lot of hand-holding.

The course creation process is a bit complex and can overwhelm. It’s akin to being in a cafeteria where you need to decide from a really extensive menu. There is a lot of information you need to process before you can set everything up – a feature that can be disadvantageous to the newbie. This doesn’t mean that a beginning user can’t use it, however. All I’m saying is that one should expect a learning curve. Once you get past the preliminary anxiety, however, it’s no longer that difficult to navigate.

However, what’s fantastic about AccessAlly pricing is that you get AccessAlly coupons to purchase a plan. Read more about in the AccessAlly pricing review below.

Watch a free AccessAlly demo


Course Creation:

To be clear in this AccessAlly review, it doesn’t function as 3rd party “all in one” solutions AccessAlly alternative Thinkific or Kajabi does. It’s a plugin that seamlessly integrates with your WordPress website to monetise your e-learning products. With AccessAlly WordPress plugin, creating courses are made simpler through the Course Creation Wizard. Access Ally lets you choose what type of course to offer:

  • Standalone: this means students have access to 100% of your content upon purchase.
  • Stage-released: content is dripped to your students depending on their progress or as a way to upsell to loyal students

Video Quality:

For this AccessAlly review, this plugin lets you create interactive courses using multimedia. However, unlike AccessAlly alternative Podia that allows direct uploading of video via the platform, Access Ally only lets you embed videos through shortcodes. Furthermore, it has no native video hosting option, and videos are uploaded to the course via Wistia or Vimeo only. Videos hosted through Amazon S3 or YouTube won’t be recognised.

Therefore, the video quality will depend on the video requirements of either Wistia or Vimeo.


The design and flexibility of Access Ally can really blow you away. Unlike AcessAlly alternatives Teachable or Thinkific which have basic or standard designs, this plugin grants you customisation control. Since it has full WordPress functionality, you can use any WordPress theme without issue whatsoever.

As a result, Access Ally’s look and feel is aesthetically pleasing and offers a great visual experience for learners.

You can create a magnificent online course that's budget-friendly if you apply an AccessAlly coupon!

Community Interaction:

For this AccessAlly review, another standout feature that promises to deliver more student engagement is gamification. Gamification refers to an instructional strategy where elements of gaming are incorporated to promote better classroom interaction. Depending on the game parameters you set, learners can acquire and lose points. Fortunately, gamification is an ingenious technique that Access Ally brings to the e-learning experience.


This plugin does not feature a native mobile app. However, its pages are all mobile-friendly so that learners won’t have problems browsing them on mobile devices.

See more AccessAlly features

Course Content:

Range of courses:

Like other AccessAlly alternatives, the plugin allows you to set up an unlimited number of courses. Therefore, the sky’s the limit as well when it comes to the types of topics you wish to host. However, unlike Udemy that features a marketplace where courses are curated, AccessAlly has no such feature. However, several membership sites keep online courses and content exclusive to paying members.

Remember, you can reduce AccessAlly pricing if you apply an AccessAlly coupon code.

Course Examples:

To get a feel of AccessAlly courses, here are examples of sites to check out.

  • Marie Forleo's B School
  • Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy
  • Pat Flynn’s Power Up Podcasting
  • from LinkedIn
  • Chris Drucker’s Youpreneur
  • John Lee Dumas’ Podcaster’s Paradise

You can create reliable online courses and save while doing so – if you use an AccessAlly coupon code. Don't forget to check the AccessAlly pricing options below in this article.


For this AccessAlly review, the feature allowing you to create auto-generated certificates of completion is available only through Access Ally Pro. However, these certificates are not to be considered eligible for accreditation in formal institutions.

Content Quality:

Since Access Ally gives course creators full control over their content, content quality rests entirely with them. Unlike Udemy where uploads undergo technical standards screening, Access Ally doesn’t have this feature. Therefore, expect the quality of content in courses or membership sites to vary. It’s important to read reviews of such AccessAlly membership sites before you commit to a paid membership.

See more AccessAlly course content features

Support and Resources:

One thing to really appreciate about Access Ally is community support. They have an excellent AccessAlly knowledge base to guide you on how to use the plugin. Also offered is email support and a Facebook Group where you can meet other AcessAlly users and bounce off ideas. Also, they have a 7-week Access Ally Advocate Training Program to set you up on becoming an expert user! Unfortunately, they don’t have phone support.

See more AccessAlly support features

AccessAlly Pricing:

While the plugin is free, AcessAlly has no free plan. If you’re interested in a free plan, try AccessAlly alternative Thinkific. AcessAlly offers three plans: Essentials, Pro, and In-House Training. Each plan servers a different class of users. As of writing, the AccessAlly pricing is:

accessally review pricing

I recommend subscribing to Access Ally Pro to get the best value for your money. You can take advantage of AccessAlly coupon too, to rake in more savings!

AccessAlly free trial/refund policy/money-back guarantee:

Sadly, the terms page shows no free trial is offered. However, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all paid plans.

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Conclusion and Recommendation to our AccessAlly Review

Who is this AccessAlly WordPress LMS plugin for?

Access Ally is the perfect platform to launch and sell online courses if you’d like to break free from the rigidity of 3rd party online course platforms. This plugin gives you WordPress control and flexibility, unlike AccessAlly alternatives which have limited design and customisation options.

Who is this AccessAlly WordPress LMS plugin not for?

However, this plugin works best for people who are at ease with WordPress, HTML, and CSS. So, if you’re not open to battling the learning curve, Access Ally is not for you.

AccessAlly Alternatives:

If you are searching for a WordPress LMS Plugin, here's a list of the best AccessAlly alternatives;

For stress-free dedicated online course creation platforms, you can vet AccessAlly alternatives like;

AccessAlly Review Final word:

Wrapping up, Access Ally is a powerful LMS plugin solution that allows you to offer and monetise online courses. It is elegant, flexible, and built for scale. Therefore, if you want to take Access Ally for a spin to know what it’s about, there is a free demo available through this link.

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What can I do with Access Ally gamification?

Much like a game, you can set parameters in your lessons so that members accumulate points when they complete assessments or quizzes. Their accumulated points can be used to “cash in” or to unlock succeeding content.

It’s my first time to create an online course. Is Access Ally good for beginners?

The disadvantage for beginning users is that this plugin requires basic WordPress know-how. If you are completely new to WordPress, you will struggle a bit. Don’t worry; you can get help from Access Ally’s awesome support and resource features.

That's all for now:

Thank you for reading our AccessAlly review! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our ever-growing blog of review and comparison articles of education platforms, website builders, eCommerce platforms, and more such as;


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