How to choose website building services? (2024 Guide)

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There are countless options available these days for anyone looking to create their own business website (well, we could count them, but there are a lot!) and they all come with their own fair share of pros and cons. All of them are fully capable of getting content published online in a variety of formats, but for some, the limitations that begin to pop up after being up for a while can prove to be debilitating. And that’s where we come in.

Before we get into what our experienced web design team can do for you, let’s talk about the fact that it is, in fact, possible to build and publish a website without hiring a team of professional web design specialists. As a customer for a new website you have two main options to pursue for your online presence. This means no matter what your budget is, high or low, and whether your skillset is basic or advanced, you have options to explore and choose from.

What options do i have?

As a customer for a new website you have two main options to pursue for your online presence. This means no matter what your budget is, high or low, and whether your skillset is basic or advanced, you have options to explore and choose from.

  1. A website builder platform
  2. Full custom designed website

A website builder platform

If you are looking for a best low-cost web design option, then this is the option we recommend. Arguably you are better to use these tools rather than many so called agencies. Then also consider many agencies use these for their web building tools anyway.

Our team have reviewed the best of website builders available today including our current favourite Squarespace and they will all allow you to create a fantastic looking website by applying already made themes specific to your industry. Travel, business, blog, local shops and more. They all have free trials, so if you can't get on with one, you can try another or failing that move to option 2.

It is easy to sign up to a service like Squarespace, decide on a template that suits what they are trying to do, and then publish their page once they are finished with their own design work and content uploads.

For the most part, these services provide good options and tools for most users. What’s the incentive then for getting professionals to take care of your web design? To put it simply, ‘good’ isn’t good enough for companies and individuals looking for long-term success.

Going with one of these services is a little bit like trying to build a second floor on a house without knowing what materials the first floor is made with. The features like mobile optimization, SEO, advertising, e-commerce, and many other important features are all there, but they are operating on autopilot.

If anything ever goes wrong with any of the site’s features in the backend, you’ll have no idea how to get it fixed or even that there is a problem to begin with.

Our team may very well suggest that you use one of these tools, but we will help you manage it and ensure that the platform that you choose meets your requirements.

Ideal option for:

· Low project budgets
· Basic skill level required
· Best for Individuals, Start-ups, Small to medium size businesses

Full custom designed website

Another option for web design solutions, and arguably a much better option, is to design a site from the ground up. A proper web design specialist can build a web site for you from scratch that meets every one of your requirements, as well as making sure that it is fast, efficient, responsive, and secure. Going with this option is the pinnacle of web design and is the choice of the most successful companies in the world. Having full control of your site allows for unlimited expansion as well as the ability to optimise your content and servers as you see fit.

Are you looking for speed? Security? A healthy mix of both? When you have a website built from scratch, a whole new world of options opens up to you. A growing number of businesses require custom website design and functionality. Custom designed websites give your business individuality. You will also be able to build in custom features and functionalities not available in standard website builders.

Many businesses also prefer custom designed websites, so they can differentiate themselves from the competition but these do come at a greater cost. We will use advanced open source platforms including WordPress for our development. Take note these too are available for anyone to use but the skill level required is higher than website builders.

The benefits of a well-designed website are many. Not only will a well-designed website come with all the necessary bell and whistles, but it’ll also be scalable, fast, secure and easy on the eyes. A professional appearance and tight backend must work together to keep your site competitive 24/7.

Ideal option for:

· Higher project budgets
· No skill level required
· Best for Medium to large size businesses


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