A quick guide on e-Commerce website building

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Expanding the horizons for your Ecommerce business.

eCommerce is already a huge global industry but it is never too late to get your own eCommerce store up and running with top quality eCommerce website design in the UK. An eCommerce store breaks the limitations that you would face with a physical store and will open you up to a global audience and the potential of global sales coming with it.

What options do i have?

As a customer for a new website you have two main options to pursue for your online presence. This means no matter what your budget is, high or low, and whether your skillset is basic or advanced, you have options to explore and choose from.

1. An eCommerce Solution Platform

If you are looking for a best low-cost eCommerce option, then this is the option we recommend. Consider most so called agencies use these tools anyway, this is definitely an option to explore and they all have free trials. The Stuart Kerrs team are experienced with all these eCommerce solution platforms and have reviewed the best of the best available today including our current overall favourite Shopify.  They will all allow you to create a fantastic looking online shop with minimal tech experience. With the budget you can save by using these softwares, we can then help you with some SEO & Digital Marketing which these platforms cannot fully cover.

Ideal option for:

  • Low project budgets
  • Basic skill level required
  • Best for Individuals, Start-ups, Small to medium size businesses

2. Full Custom Designed eCommerce Website

Finding an eCommerce web designer in London is not difficult as they are ten a penny these days but when it comes to your online business, surely you want to know that the development of your online store is in the best hands possible?

Using our services for eCommerce web design in London, you can realise your dreams of having an online store that alongside some good SEO and online marketing, could be bringing in hundreds of new customers on a daily basis.

Using us at Stuart Kerrs, you can be certain that there is so much more that goes into the development of your eCommerce website. We will use more advanced softwares like WordPress WooCommerce and Magento to build your magical store. Then, through the 7-key elements shown in the video below, you will see just what we do to ensure that you not only get a great looking eCommerce website but also one that converts.

Ideal option for:

  • High project budgets
  • No skill level required
  • Best for Medium to large size businesses


If you have been dreaming of launching your own website but have been worried about the implementation of such a project – fear no more. Click through to read more insight into best eCommerce platform reviews before embarking on your journey or read through our full digital design agency UK services for more insight into how we can directly help you in terms of the design and your marketing strategies. Take note we offer full digital marketing services including SEO, PPC and paid social ads.

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