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PHP has without a doubt become one of the most dynamic programming languages used by web developers all over the world. Bolstered by a remarkable community of web development experts, PHP owes myriads of great tools that can meet the requirements of each type of client. It is the conception of having a good development environment that can play a fundamental role in the successful creation of PHP websites and web applications.

The process of developing a PHP website is accompanied by the task of editing HTML, CSS, and multiple Javascript files. Due to the quick availability of outstanding IDEs, it has become handy to remove a lot of hard work that goes into editing code throughout PHP web development. Today you will learn about some of the best PHP IDEs which have greatly fostered the developers and programmers.

What is IDE?

It is a software application which provides software development services. IDE comprises of a code editor, debugger, and automation tools.

Best IDEs in detail;

Komodo ActiveState

Mostly used as an international language development environment, Komodo ActiveState is simple to install and supports all chief operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. One of the top things about Komodo ActiveState IDE is that it can be effortlessly installed using Smarty PHP and Zend PHP frameworks. In addition, you can use Komodo ActiveState even for simulating activities in an actual web server. You can start with CGI Environment Simulation and also progress with building web server holodeck.


NetBeans is lightweight, much quicker and supports everything in PHP. It has tremendous support for popular PHP frameworks such as Smarty, Zend, and Symfony2, Laravel Yii, CakePHP, and WordPress CMS. A number of the key features that makes NetBeans rank the list include code generation tools like code templates, getter setter generation, hints, smart code completion, quick fixes, and refactoring.

CodeLobster PHP Edition

CodeLobster is a portable incorporated IDE which is utilized for PHP and supports CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Features such as syntax highlighting, automatic syntax checking, auto completion for PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript is accessible. Plugins for Drupal, Smarty, WordPress, CodeIgniter, Joomla and CakePHP are available but are there in paid versions.


This cross-platform IDE built on a JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA platform and provides PHP, HTML, and JavaScript programming languages good support. Some of the features like highlighting, error checking, and code formatting is proffered to the developers. PHPStorm supports Linux, Windows, and MAC OS X.

Zend Studio

It’s a commercial IDE for PHP development which is made by Zend Technologies. It is incorporated with the Zend server and incredible team collaboration. This integration helps the developers to arrange a comprehensive PHP environment and analysis.


Aptana INC. is a leading company which contrives the web application using an assortment of the programming language such as Python, Ruby, PHP, etc. Its main brands are Aptana Studio, Aptana Jaxer, and Aptana Cloud. The Aptana Studio is the widespread and a powerful IDE which fosters programming languages like Ruby on Rails, Python, and much more. The best features count in Aptana are GIT support, HTML, IDE customization, CSS, DOM (Document Object Model), error and warning notification, and a document. Also, it is accessible as a one and only on MAC OS X, Windows, Linux, and a plugin for Eclipse.


A fast PHP IDE designed in CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript editors boosted the features to make remarkable websites. It supports you to debug, analyze, and edit the websites making use these technologies.

AWS Cloud 9

AWS Cloud 9 is the cloud IDE used in almost every programming language. In cloud-based programming environments, there is no one else even near to Cloud9 regarding features and popularity. For PHP, it proffers inbuilt debugger for real-time code checkups. You can initiate with a free version where you get one free public workspace as well as one free private workspace, and if you need more go for the commercial version of Cloud9.


PHP is the most accepted and all-inclusive programming language for web development and there are a lot of PHP IDEs available from the start of time. Undoubtedly, the approach to programming has changed significantly over the period of time and so have the IDEs of PHP.

The majority of the IDEs we discussed in this piece of content come with diverse potential but the common objective is rapid web development with convenient and scalable code. So, know them in depth, then after list down some of your key requirements and choose the one that rightly fits your needs. And for more assistance, contact a reliable PHP web development company and hire an expert.

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