How To Convert Your Instagram Audience into Customers?

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Considering the power of amazing visuals, Instagram has developed in the past few years as the image marketers preferred social media platform. Psychologically evocative when they are at their best, Instagram visuals make a rapid and lasting impression on their audience members.

No wonder approximately 71% of U.S. companies are estimated to be active on the platform  last year.

Engagement is also immense on Instagram. Posts on the platform see some 4.2 billion “likes” in any given 24-hour period, and the average account’s follower growth rate is an overwhelming 237%. Certainly, as happens with any social network, you may be captured to focus unreasonably on amassing those followers. But, actually, your follower count is a “vanity metric” — it doesn’t essentially convert into real transactions.

Although, there is potential as approximately 50% of all Instagram users follow brand accounts, 60% learn about products and services through the platform and 75% take action after being encouraged by a post – through actions like visiting a website, carry out searches; recommend a friend or actually shopping.

If you want to drive sales conversion using Instagram, then you have a fail-proof plan at the place. Although Instagram is said to be marketing-friendly it doesn’t support clickable media, other than one URL in your bio. So, how do you use it to drive organic, engaged traffic to your site and boost sales? That’s where these six simple tips come in handy.

Be A Visual Storyteller

Whether you know it or not storytelling is too valuable, but when you don’t have words available, how can you create a great story? But, do you remember the old formula that a picture is worth a thousand words? Instagram storytelling can be done with a single still if it’s done well.

In addition use Instagram videos which give you more time to help you spread your message across, particularly if your customers have autoplay enabled. You can also check your level of creativity, with the new Instagram Stories feature to create amazing series of explanatory posts.

The new feature allows you post a story that vanishes in 24 hours, so it’s a nice way to share promo discounts or codes. Just ensure that your descriptions are as interesting as the product or service you are trying to sell.

Never Stamp Out Your CTAs

Instagram is a visual platform, but you still have a lot of space to add a strong call to action in your post descriptions as customers must be told what steps to take next. Adding a compelling call to action (CTA) in each post is an amazing way to convert customers from browsers into loyal buyers.

Just keep in mind that your CTA doesn’t have to be complicated. Give a try to something simple like “Loved it? Click on the link in our bio to have it for you.” Just make sure to update the URL in your bio to divert them to the right product page; then see your sales soar. This can be done by you with a third-party app that optimizes the experience; but manual linking, updating as well as captioning also works well.

Have Shoppable Posts Created

This “shoppable Instagram” solution is the eCommerce tool created by Instagram. When your followers click through from your bio link to your Shoppable Instagram catalog powered by Yotpo, they will be able to see all your Instagram images, in an interface that presents just like Instagram itself, except that these posts, when clicked will take you to the product pages.

Moreover, it’s all integrated with Yotpo’s powerful tools for accumulating and publishing verified customer reviews of your products, so you get the additional impact of social proof. Customers feel more confident in their trouble-free and secure purchases, and your bottom line increases.

Display About The People Who Love Your Brand

User-generated content is very influential for marketing. It helps your customers to directly connect with your brand, fosters in making them feel connected to you and provides faithfulness in a unique way. Leveraging it can be difficult on most social platforms, but in the case of Instagram, it's special.

The velocity and appeal of Instagram make it simple to search or ask for great content and share it rapidly. And when you are a customer who can actually see real people making use of a product, it’s quite easier to figure out and picture yourself in a similar use-case situation.

Reward Followers With Promo Codes

Impelling your customers to make that first purchase can be one of the biggest challenges you might face. A cautiously placed discount offer can be an ideal tool for getting your followers to make their mind to spend. It enhances the value you offer your followers on a special term.

Along with the right hashtag, this type of Instagram activity is expected to drive conversions and earn high share numbers – undoubtedly supported by Instagram’s integrated sharing features for Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter. This approach benefits substantially because when people know they can often grab a discount or two from your Instagram feed, they are more likely to hang on. And if you use channel-based coupon codes, you will always know that it’s Instagram that brought those sales.

Organize A Contest

The contest is something that increases customer engagement. In just some time, they can win amazing prizes — and you get a lot of new customers ready to buy, who have just browsed the goodies that you sell after seeing your contest post. If you are a multi-channel merchant, you can even make use of this method to encourage physical store visits.

Driving sales, engagement, and follower matters, Instagram contests are an easy way to perk up your sales numbers. Managing the contest and determining who wins is another story. Wishpond is an easy-to-use alternative that integrates with everything from Salesforce, Pardot to MailChimp, helping you make the most out of your contest investment.

The Final Say

Now when you are aware of the tactic to make customers via Instagram, make use of these creative techniques and experience a big difference in your conversions through imaginative messaging, user-driven content or pictorial storytelling.

Just keep in mind that if your Instagram feed is looking a little dreary, all you need to do is use the tips above. Make sure you are using easy to see calls to action, provide your customers the opportunity to shop for your products by offering the occasional discount or promo code to push them closer to make a purchase decision. Hire an expert if you find it difficult to focus on these activities, as they will do the right thing at the first time.

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