5 Big Reasons You Aren’t Earning Enough Links

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For the people who are under the rock – to succeed in link building, you can’t depend on crooked tactics or automated positioning. You must do your best to build links in a much natural way. You may use a combination of smart link building via guest posting or co-op opportunities, but the most important part is trying to magnetize links naturally. You have read all the guidance that saying that content should be good enough for everyone to link to your content on their own.

However, if you are like the majority of marketers, you have found that this guidance hasn’t relatively held up. You scarcely receive links intermittently, and yet subsequently they aren’t very reliable. This means your SEO growth is struggling and you require superior results if you desire to continue going.

Let’s dig into the five big explanations on why you aren’t making plenty of links:

Your Content Is Hard To Link

Let’s take for an example all your content so far was actually “good.” You have carried out research and offered something unique and useful, that your target audience is interested in. Yet for certain reason, even though you get a lot of shares and comments, you aren’t receiving any links. Why does this happen? It's just because your content isn’t linkable.

People will link to stuff that brings forth totally new ideas, offer real statistics or have some piece of media that they wish to make use of on their site. If you aren’t providing any of these things, people might love what they are reading, but they will not link to your content.

Your Content Isn’t Good As Much As Necessary

This is a deadly blow to experience, and here it can mean any things like your content needs to be original, properly researched, thorough, brief, helpful, interesting and extraordinary at the same time. This isn’t an easy achievement, even for professional content marketers. You also have to keep in mind – the relevancy of your content for your particular target audience, the timing when you are publishing and the aggressive environment in which you distributing it.

According to Alana Schwamberger, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at YourHearing.com opinion -Your aim has to be to offer valuable content that is useful to your consumers. As they have to interpret to individuals having hearing disability looking to buy hearing aids. It is very important that the right content is delivered to the right audience at the right time — when they can make the most out of it, and find them as a reliable resource, and competent experts on a subject they might not be conversant with.”

If you are unable to meet any of these expectations, even an otherwise brilliant piece of content can be dipped from a “linkable asset” to a basic post. Don’t think that you aren’t capable of creating helpful content. So, invest more time and energy into only knockout piece rather than spreading it across several different works.

You Are Doing Inadequate Link Building

Building links manually many a times crave thoughts of old-fashioned, black-hat practices, but modern link building is just a way of proffering a link as an important resource in an offsite piece of content (e.g. a guest post). If the content is useful and the publisher is authoritative, any manual link you make will straight away start passing authority. Moreover, any external publication conduits you utilize will serve as helpful additions to your syndication as well as visibility network. To all intents and purposes, you will be assured total inbound links, and at the same time, you will amplify your chances of reaching new audiences and generating new links.

You Haven’t Escalated

You can’t create the same types of content to the same audiences via the same channels and expect to see improved results. If you wish to earn more links, you have to double your efforts. Write better content for more interested audiences and diversify in new social contexts, new groups and with new sharing channels. Look for new influencers to connect with, and boost your engagement with your own users. Strategies don’t surmount by themselves. You have to put in the effort to raise it up to the level you want.

Your Material Isn’t Syndicated

The false part of the idea that “good content brings links itself” is that you can generate good content, do nothing with it and still wrap up generating links. This doesn’t take place unless you already have a raging audience, at this phase link building might not even be the main concern for you anymore.

Remember, your interested followers must do a lot of the groundwork of sharing and distributing your material for you, but you require giving them a push, or the cascading effect of viral sharing won’t begin. This signifies syndicating your published material on your own social media networks and forwarding it as much as possible on your own. By doing so, your piece will get a gateway to visibility and barge in for additional growth.


Unfortunately, link building is a slow and steady process. However, the more authoritative you are, the more experience you will gain, and the more resources you can take advantage of, the smoother the process turns out to be. This denotes that there is a big learning curve for businesses that are amateur to the practice. Bear this in mind as you begin correcting and adapting strategy to your link building procedure, and be patient as you develop your backlink profile for notable growth.

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