3 Ways Voice Search Will Influence SEO Strategies

Woman Using Voice Recognition Function On Mobile Phone

Introduction to  how Voice Search will impact SEO Campaigns?

Search engines are continuously maturing to offer users with the most gratifying and easiest internet experience. Voice search is quickly growing in popularity by the virtue of tools such as Siri, Google Now, and Cortana. More and more people have understood that it can be faster and simpler to speak into their mobile devices instead of opening an application and typing words into a search bar. With an escalating number of people finding it more convenient using speech commands, now marketers have no option but to focus on voice search when mapping out their search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies.

Why is voice search essential for SEO?

The aim of search engines is to provide the most suitable results based on the string of keywords typed in. The search results are thus ones that would most aptly fulfill the user’s search intent. While users are realizing that voice searches are simple and more time saving, marketers and search engines are inferring them as higher quality searches because they are often long-winded and reveal a user’s intent more clearly. With higher quality searches being performed via voice search, users have also observed more relevant results, contributing to the increasing popularity of voice search. This to a great extent impacts the usage of keywords as well as keyword research for SEO strategists.

With text searches, keywords contribute in a more factual task in shaping search results because they are made of fewer words that put across user intent. To productively interpret voice searches, search engines concentrate more on the context of the search, or what the user is looking for or wants versus individual keywords. But this nowhere mean that marketers can stop working on their keyword research programs.
Researching keywords would still be essential to identify how your landing pages are being interpreted by search engines and let you stay updated on their performance against competitors landing pages. By continuing doing keyword research, you can be sure that the phrases you are including into your SEO strategies are still pertinent.

Here are a few best practices you can make use of when optimising your SEO campaign for voice search.

1. Put Into Practice Long Tail Keywords

As voice searches are more likely to show natural language as already said above, the searches are usually full questions or phrases instead of a short one or two-word inquiry. For instance, a voice search can better read “What is the cheapest hotel in San Francisco?” rather than a text search which reads “hotel San Francisco.” In the search via text, the purpose is not as understandable as it is with the search via voice. Making use of long tail keywords that are tailored towards a precise intent can benefit SEO campaigns.

2. Write Content in a Natural Voice

When we talk about voice search, it is important to know that content has to do more than slotting in specific keywords. It has to be an absolute source for finding particular information and answers to specific questions, but more prominently, be written in a chat format to reveal the search query. Ensure to answer the questions starting with “what, who, why, how, where, and when” that users are expecting to be answered in their voice searches. Writing content in an edifying but natural voice enables you to speak the language of the user and still be considered as a dependable source to return to afterward if required.

3. Optimize for Mobile

Since mobile search is turning out more popular among consumers, optimizing for mobile phones is vital to the success of your SEO. Search engines are more likely to show direct answers that are perfectly mobile friendly to offer users with the top quality outcome. Voice search is generally carried out on mobile devices and hence they may have high local relevance. It is true that locally optimised results do well as voice searches often inquire where to look for something.

The Final Say…

Unquestionably, voice search will keep on gaining popularity and marketers will find innovative ways to include into their strategies. Thus, it’s essential to start taking advantage of voice search right away, as these personal assistants grow to be more popular. Remember, as soon as you optimize your content for voice searches, you will start seeing more conversions, and more leads.

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