14 Mistakes Why Your Emails End Up In Trash or Spam Box

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In comparison to other online channels, email marketing is the most powerful as well as a most cost-effective platform to promote your products, services, events or business updates to customers. Underpinning companies to augment their reach, emails delivered to the proper address can support in creating brand awareness amidst the swarm of competitors and add to building a relationship with clients via incessant two-way communication.

Marketers can harness the power of email marketing not only to cultivate relationships and deliver edifying content to their customer group but also can help out in driving in high traffic to their websites, thereby increasing in conversion rates and lead generation. As per the reports, around 87% of B2B marketers’ make use of email marketing to bring in new leads. This kind of statistics proves that email marketing is the undisputed king of the B2B marketing field.

Are you not receiving satisfactory outcomes from your email campaigns? Are your efforts failing? And you are still unable to identify the rationale behind weak performances of your email campaigns. If, yes, then you might be making the following 14 mistakes due to which your emails are either being deleted or lands into the spam box.

1. Neglecting Segmentation and Personalization

Segmentation is a prime aspect of victorious email marketing campaigns. Sending emails with a consistent pitch to each recipient or stylizing emails that are distinctive to every individual takes the expression and is a completely overlooked effort.

The perfect solution is “segmentation.” Grouping consumers depending on general attributes easily save time and cost spent in creating exceptional messages. The attributes can begin from analyzing if the leads are hot or cold, their position in the sales funnel, preferences, and various other qualities.

With the insightful segmentation data, marketers can endorse small businesses using email marketing software. The software makes it painless to send messages that are pertinent to the respective audience at projected intervals. Each message is crafted by cautiously inserting Call To Action (CTA) for impelling recipients to interact.

Segmentation performed industry-wise or addition of the first name in the email title can drastically change the conversion rates.

2. Overlooking the Presentation

The recipient of bcc email could disagree with marketers any opportunity for business as such efforts lack assurance. Instead, select from premium email services that offer a galore of features such as a built-in template, scheduling, tracking and analytics to totally customize marketing email with that is compatible with several devices and are trusted by subscribers.

3. Poor Optimization of Emails

Every email service provider shows emails in an exclusive manner. The look and feel could differ from one another and the experience differs further in the case of mobile and desktop.

It is imperative to understand how the email will look on different gadgets with different screen resolutions. The email template is essential to a user’s response towards it. Marketing automation tools have features like test distribution and message preview that enables studying the message behavior from the recipient’s viewpoint.

A responsive email template plays a crucial role in avoiding the messages from landing into the trash. The delivering must be accurate and compatible with several devices and shouldn’t block the recipient’s capability to smoothly navigate. It is simpler to tackle this difficulty by choosing cleverly a service provider that offers a built-in responsive template for flawless usage.

4. Fallacious Subject Lines

When a message comes into the inbox, the highly obvious feature is the title. The title incites the recipients to take particular action towards the email, whether to open or ignore or delete. Thus, the ordinary subject line can make small to no difference at all to achieve the marketing goals.

This is why; a subject line has to be careful thought about prior to the distribution. Testing several subject lines is also a wise choice to evaluate the performance.

The subject line impacts the open rates and so planned title could magnetize the audience and influence them to open and read the email. The subject line requires mindful consideration because, a lot of exclamations and spammy words like ‘money’, ‘free’, ‘buy’, and more lift up the chances of activating spam filters before they even land in the recipient's mailbox.

In point of fact, sending overhyped subject lines can work the reverse way than planned. It must never be misleading and must deliver the right message that inclines with the subject line.

5. Forgetting To Use CTA

Email is an amazing platform to conduit users to the marketers landing pages. Regardless of the content within your email, a Call To Action (CTA) will guide to hint subscribers what they should do after that.

6. Embedded Messages Inside Image

If you got images in the email, filling texts within the image is doubtful to improve the experience on the recipient’s part. The images filled with text may never load or display the text should the image be unsuccessful to load due to failure.
Ensure that the email body has a blend of content that assures the visibility of text in case the images fail to load.

7. Excessive Text-Based Content

Time is a precious commodity; the subscriber may remain no more than a few moments looking at for visually appealing content. A consumer might read approximately 50 words of textual content. It is the marketer’s duty to persuade subscriber to take ensuing action on the email.

Including attractive images and keeping text-based content to a least will impress the subscriber. Whether a subscriber becomes a customer or not is decided just within 20 seconds of opening the email.

8. Prioritizing on Just Promotions

Instead of hiring email marketing to wholly fulfill the sales roles, it makes sense to use its features for maintaining customers. When performed with utmost care, it stirs up a sense of commitment and loyalty from the audience.

The updated trends show that the audiences who are constantly engaged with informative content are likely to accept more messages from the marketer. It isn’t always a requirement for marketers to send usual product or service related content. By sending surveys, quizzes, and interactive media can kindle the engagement. Furthermore, this activity fosters the on the whole branding.

9. Poor List Hygiene

List hygiene is the most demanding factor impacting the results. Smaller businesses must map out the list hygiene. Scouring the list from time to time prevents the misses and bounces.

The email list can be appropriately accustomed to:
•    Prevents soft bounces
•    Initiate a reengagement campaign
•    Eliminate generic emails disconnected with certain individuals

10. The Rate of Email Distribution

Excess of emails can leave the subscribers to point of exasperation. Find the good tune and maintain steadiness until you get the proper response. Keep your mind on to the open and click rates to identify the variations in the results after each delivery. The list of unsubscribing after email distribution could point out which facets require fine tuning.

Shooting a lot of or very fewer emails can have bitter consequences. The only way to decide the exact quantity of email in anticipation of the consignment is through the A/B test. The email preference of each segment differs from the other. In such cases, the particularly configured demand based personalization of the outbound email volume succeeds.

11. Unwanted Emails

The infringement of CAN-SPAM is a violation that could put you into trouble. So, before starting campaigns it is crucial to make certain that your marketing practices are compliant and well-informed of the standards.

12. Missing Out the Quality Check of Emails

Check out grammatical errors as recipients are unrelenting towards the emails created in utter haste. No matter how minute the error is it can make the users discard and get going. Thus, analyze your email cautiously before you send them to subscribers. Double check and verify properly for misspelled words and inaccessible links, if need be.

13. Awful Email Signup Page, Unsubscribe etc

A lot of businesses omit to enclose sign-up page and it just becomes a weak move. The prospects are attained from ‘Contact Us’ forms and other small sources such as events and trade shows. This is incorrect! The companies must obtain prospects by pre-informing them about the privacy policy and the well-planned instructions for choosing an active subscription.

Remember placing an unsubscribe link into the email decreases the risk of recipients reporting the message as spam.

14. Avoiding Metrics

Campaign metrics like open and click-through rates (CTR) are essential for tracking, synchronizing and improving performance. As more clicks are listed, it amplifies the content exposure and enhances the progress.

Also, it is vital to track the efforts of a campaign and to make sure that everything in completely in-sync with the marketing goals. The main objective is tracking ROI and it is one of the imperative things that the small businesses fail to benefit from. Return on investment can be tracked by evaluating the conversions from email marketing campaign. The conversion could occur, online, in-store, or via email. Directly monitoring the ROI is important for success.


Now that you are aware of the mistakes that may land your emails in trash, you must take preventive steps and ensure that your emails reach the right recipient. After all well-planned and effective email marketing nurtures relationships, delivers informative content to targeted customers, drives more traffic to websites, and increases lead generation.

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