123 Reg Review 2024: Must-Read! Shocking Truths Unveiled! 😮

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Name: 123Reg

Description: 123 Reg, based in the UK, offers reliable hosting services that cater specifically to the local market. It provides a range of hosting options to suit various business sizes and needs. However, their performance might not be up to par with some international competitors, and the feature sets may seem basic for tech-savvy users.

Offer price: 3.99

Currency: £


Personal Summary Conclusion

Overall, 123 Reg is a solid choice for those targeting the UK market. Their competitive pricing and localised support make them a reliable hosting provider. However, if your needs extend beyond the basic feature set or require more global coverage, you may want to explore other options. Remember, the best hosting service ultimately depends on your specific needs and objectives. 🌐🎯

  • 📈 Uptime: 99.98% Uptime Guarantee
  • 🌍 Server Locations: Primarily in the UK
  • ⚡ Performance: Good, but can lag behind some competitors
  • 💽 Storage: 100GB to Unlimited, depending on the plan
  • 🚀 Bandwidth: Unmetered
  • 🔒 Free SSL Certificates: Yes, on certain plans
  • 🔄 Backup: Available on certain plans
  • 🛡️ Malware Protection: Yes
  • 🕵️ Additional Security: Domain privacy available
  • 👥 Customer Support: 24/7 Support via chat, phone, and email
  • 💳 Payment Options: Credit Cards, PayPal
  • 📝 Contract Terms: Monthly, Annual
  • 💯 Refund Policy: 14-day money-back guarantee
  • 🆓 Free Trials: No
  • 🎉 Promotional Deals: Check for current deals available, subject to change


  • Pricing & Value - 85%
  • Ease of Use - 90%
  • Features - 80%
  • Performance - 75%
  • Security & Reliability - 88%
  • Customer Support & Resources - 80%


  • 🎯 Focused on the UK market, offering targeted solutions
  • 🚀 Free site migration services, ideal for newcomers
  • 💷 Competitive pricing, especially for UK customers
  • 📞 Excellent customer service, known for their helpful and friendly team


  • ⌛ Load time and uptime can sometimes lag behind industry leaders
  • 🧰 Feature sets might be basic for advanced users
  • 🌐 Less global reach compared to international competitors
  • 📞 Customer service is sketchy for those outside the UK

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Introduction to my 123 Reg Review:

Welcome to this comprehensive 123 Reg Review, where we don’t just skim the surface but dive deep to analyze this hosting service inside out. With an array of web hosting services popping up like daisies, what sets 123 Reg apart? I hear you ask. Does it live up to its simple and catchy name, making the web hosting process as easy as 1-2-3? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Over the years, as a digital marketing consultant with 20 years of experience under my belt, I have seen hosting services come and go. In this review, I am putting on my critical glasses to scrutinize 123 Reg for its ease of use, functionality, e-commerce readiness, pricing, and if you're lucky, I might even spill the beans on some 123 Reg promo codes and discounts.


Let me give you a little background on 123 Reg. 123 Reg is a UK-based web hosting company that has been serving businesses and individuals since 2000. Being part of the larger group, GoDaddy, it has a rich heritage and claims to be the UK’s largest domain registrar, with over 3.5 million domain names registered.

The primary purpose of 123 Reg is to provide users with domain registration, web hosting, and website building services. Their goal is to offer affordable and user-friendly tools for businesses to create and manage an online presence.

Basic features and functionalities:

  • Domain registration and management
  • Shared, VPS, and WordPress hosting
  • Website builder
  • SSL Certificates
  • Email hosting
  • Online marketing tools

Now, I know you’re eager to unravel the mysteries of 123 Reg, so let’s roll up our sleeves and dive into the nitty-gritty details. Hold onto your hats, folks; this is going to be one thorough 123 Reg Review.

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Ease of Use:

To start this 123 Reg review, let’s look at 123Reg’s battle slogan: superfast, super-reliable hosting built to handle even the mightiest of websites. Now those are fighting words!

When it comes to web hosting and building a website, let’s be honest, nobody wants to deal with a complicated mess. Now, let's discuss if 123 Reg makes the process a walk in the park or a hike up Mount Everest.

User Interface and User Experience

In my days of trial and error with countless hosting platforms, the User Interface (UI) holds a special place in my heart. With 123 Reg, the UI is pretty clean and streamlined. The dashboard is not cluttered, and the options are laid out in an organized manner. For my fellow Brits who love a nice cuppa while working, the interface is intuitive enough to navigate through even before you finish that cup.

I must mention that some sections, like the domain management area, could use a facelift to keep up with modern design standards. But it's nothing a seasoned webmaster can't handle.

Learning Curve for New Users

The learning curve is quite moderate. If you're new to the realm of web hosting, don't fret. 123 Reg has an abundance of tutorials and guides to help you out. As a consultant, I’ve advised quite a few clients to start with 123 Reg, and they’ve generally had a smooth sailing experience even as rookies.

Ease of Navigation and Setup

Signing up is quick and painless. Once you're in, finding your way around is a breeze. The cPanel hosting management is a Godsend, especially if you are familiar with it. It allows for easy installation of scripts and managing domains.

Setting up a website, email, or adding domains to your account is quite straightforward. The website builder also comes in handy if you're not into coding.

All in all, in this “123 Reg Review”, the ease of use gets a thumbs up from this old-timer. It’s not perfect but it’s pretty darn good. Especially if you’re just dipping your toes into website creation and hosting, 123 Reg offers a smooth entrance into what can sometimes be choppy waters.

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Setup Process

Alright, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty – setting up a hosting account with 123 Reg. From my years of experience, I have seen both wonderfully smooth and hair-pullingly terrible setups. Let's see where 123 Reg falls on the spectrum in this 123 Reg Review.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Choosing a Plan: Head over to the 123 Reg website and choose the hosting plan that suits your needs. They have a few options, ranging from basic shared hosting to more advanced VPS hosting. This 123 Reg Review recommends taking a good look at what each plan offers before making a decision.
  2. Register or Transfer a Domain: During the signup process, you can register a new domain or transfer an existing one to 123 Reg. If you're like me and have domains spread out across different registrars, bringing them under one roof can be helpful.
  3. Creating an Account: Fill in the required details to create your 123 Reg account. It’s your standard affair – name, email, billing information, etc.
  4. Configuring Your Hosting: Once your account is set up, log in and head to the control panel. 123 Reg offers cPanel, which is good news if you're familiar with it; if not, it's still quite intuitive. Here, you can create email accounts, manage files, and set up databases.
  5. Installing a Website Builder or CMS: If you’re not coding your website from scratch, you’ll likely be using a CMS like WordPress. In this 123 Reg Review, it's worth noting that you can install WordPress with a single click on 123 Reg, which is absolutely handy.
  6. Building and Publishing Your Website: Once you've installed a website builder or CMS, you're ready to build your site on 123 Reg. When you’re satisfied with how it looks, hit publish. Congratulations, you’re live on the internet!

Challenges That May Arise with 123 Reg:

Now, I must say, in my 20 years of experience as a digital marketing consultant, I’ve seen my share of hiccups in setups. With 123 Reg, a common issue some clients have raised is with domain propagation times. It can sometimes take longer than you’d expect for your domain to be ready.

Also, the sheer number of options available in the control panel can be a bit overwhelming for newcomers. But, honestly, a little patience and use of their support resources can go a long way.

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Features in my 123 Reg Review

Alright, time to dig into the meat of this 123 Reg Review – the features. This is what you’re really here for, right? Let’s break them down.

123 Reg Review of Types of Hosting

First off, let’s talk about the types of hosting that 123 Reg offers. This is crucial as you want to make sure they have what you need for your specific project.

Shared Hosting

In shared hosting, you’re sharing resources with other websites on the same server. This is generally the most economical option, as costs are low. However, if another site on your server has a traffic spike, it can affect your site’s performance. I’ve seen this happen a few times in my career. In my experience, 123 Reg’s shared hosting is solid for small to medium-sized websites.

VPS and Dedicated Hosting

For those in need of more power and resources, 123 Reg also offers Virtual Private Server (VPS) and dedicated hosting options. I’ve had clients with high-traffic websites, and dedicated servers were the way to go. With 123 Reg, you get your own server, meaning more control and no sharing of resources. Great for resource-intensive websites.

Specialized Hosting

Are you running a WordPress site? 123 Reg offers specialized WordPress hosting, optimized for performance and security. For those of us who’ve been around WordPress for a while, knowing your host is tailored to your platform is a blessing.

123 Reg Domain Reviews:

123 Reg allows you to register new domain names and manage them from your hosting account. You can also set up sub-domains and add more than one domain name to your hosting account. This is especially useful for those managing multiple projects.

For this 123 Reg review, we have to say that options are somewhat limited when it comes to the number of domain names you can have. Starter subscriptions only entitle users to a single domain. Meanwhile, the Pro allows for two, while Ultimate gives you three.

123 Reg Website Builder Review:

If you’re considering 123Reg as an all-in-one hosting solution with its own builder, you’re in luck.

In our 123 Reg website builder review, the hosting service’s proprietary site building platform delivers a satisfactory performance and comes with a variety of features that make it completely distinct from other providers.

123 Reg offers a user-friendly website builder, making it easy to create professional-looking sites without coding knowledge. And let me tell you, it's a godsend for those of us who aren’t coding wizards.

123 Reg Review of CMS Applications:

In this 123 Reg hosting review, 123Reg boasts of over 125 applications with which users can build and manage their websites. The current roster includes a whole host of solutions for analytics management, ecommerce, online community building and interaction, online marketing and advertising, as well as photo and video galleries for those who plan to add rich content or streaming to their sites.


As previously mentioned in this 123 Reg Review, 123 Reg does offer specialized WordPress hosting. They also make it easy to install WordPress with a one-click installation and provide tools for easy migration.

For those using WordPress, essentially the gold standard for blogging, 123Reg offers managed hosting plans where the platform can be used for single and multiple website packages. While these are considerably cheaper than the standard 123Reg hosting packages, they offer a number of features, including a content delivery network (CDN), automated backups, and a regular malware scan for optimal protection. However, note that SEO tools – a critical addition to the site creator/manager’s toolkit – are not available for those on the most basic subscription.

Site Staging:

123 Reg allows for site staging, meaning you can create a copy of your site for testing and development. Trust me, this is invaluable for troubleshooting without affecting your live site.  Staging your site prior to deployment is one of the fundamental aspects of site creation. The staging is only available for users on the Standard, Pro, and Ultimate WordPress plans.

123 Reg eCommerce Review:

123 Reg offers e-commerce solutions, allowing you to set up an online store. With features like shopping carts and payment gateways, it’s pretty nifty for those looking to sell products online.

Ecommerce features are included in 123Reg’s Website Builder subscription packages. Along with productivity apps like Zoom and feedback widgets powered by Yelp, provisions are given for analytics, stock and inventory management, shipping and logistics, as well as taxation.

An SSL certificate is automatically included in Website Builder subscriptions, as well as the WordPress-specific subscriptions. However, when it comes to webhosting-only subscriptions, the feature is only included for those on the Pro and Ultimate subscription tiers.

123 Reg Email Review Rating:

You can create a number of email accounts with 123 Reg. The exact number depends on the hosting plan you choose. Email is still king in communication, and it’s a must-have feature.

Depending on your web hosting subscription, email addresses range from two (Starter), three (Pro), and five (Ultimate.) While it also has dedicated email hosting separate from its web hosting packages, in this 123 Reg review, we’re a bit iffy about them. Most service providers are upfront when it comes to the number of email addresses available for a given package.

123 Reg Review of Databases:

Databases are crucial for most modern websites. 123 Reg allows a number of MySQL databases depending on your hosting package.

With the Starter package, you get 25 1GB databases; the other two subscription plans offer an unlimited number. This is well within current industry standards and not a bad deal given the 123 Reg prices of each package.

Note in this 123 Reg web hosting review, however, that 123Reg databases are MySQL-centric; setting up was fairly challenging for us when we tried it out, and we needed to enlist the assistance of someone who was more clued in with regard to MySQL than we were.

123 Reg Review of Developer Tools

For the developers out there, 123 Reg provides various versions of PHP, which you can select depending on your project requirements. Sadly, Git repositories are not supported.


In terms of scalability, 123 Reg truly shines. This UK-based hosting provider offers a wide range of plans and services that can accommodate a variety of business sizes, from fledgling startups to established enterprises. With their shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated server options, scaling your website as it grows becomes a straightforward process. You can seamlessly upgrade your hosting package without any significant downtime, ensuring your site can handle increasing traffic and demand.

Site Migration

123 Reg makes the site migration process relatively simple. If you're moving from another hosting provider, they offer a free website migration service for their shared hosting plans. Their technical team takes care of the transfer process for you, minimising disruption and ensuring a smooth transition. However, for VPS and dedicated server customers, a manual migration may be required. Yet, their stellar customer service team is always on hand to guide you through the process if needed, making the transition as easy as possible.

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Security in my 123 Reg Review

Let’s now shift gears and focus on something that’s near and dear to my heart – security. With over two decades in the industry, I cannot emphasize enough how important security is. Let’s dive into the security measures 123 Reg has in place.

SSL Certificates

123 Reg offers SSL certificates, which is an absolute must-have for any website today. SSL encrypts data transferred between the user and the server. If you're handling sensitive customer information, SSL is non-negotiable. In my early days, I recall a few instances where not having SSL led to catastrophic results for some clients.

123 Reg Review of Backups

Data backups are essential. Imagine losing all your website data and not having a backup! 123 Reg offers daily backups, which allows you to restore your website to a previous state. This has saved my bacon more times than I care to admit. Unfortunately, data backup is only offered for those on 123Reg’s WordPress subscription packages.

123 Reg Review of Malware Protection

123Reg offers its proprietary SiteLock malware scan with almost all of its subscription package. The automated tool ensures the protection of users’ websites on a daily or weekly basis, depending on the stipulations of the package they purchased.

123 Reg implements malware scanning and removal to protect your website from malicious software. This feature ensures that your site doesn’t get compromised or blacklisted. In my time, I have witnessed the havoc malware can wreak on a business, so knowing that 123 Reg has your back in this regard is reassuring.

Additional Security Services

123 Reg also offers additional security features such as Web Application Firewall (WAF), which helps protect your site from various online threats and vulnerabilities. If you ask me, that's an extra layer of security that’s well worth it.

Moreover, 123 Reg includes domain privacy protection which is something often overlooked but quite important. This feature shields your personal information from being publicly available on the WHOIS database.

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Performance and Uptime in my 123 Reg Review

Let’s talk speed and reliability, folks. These are two of the most important aspects of a web hosting service. In my 20 years in the business, I’ve seen how crucial these factors are to the success of a website. So, let’s dive into how 123 Reg performs in these areas in our 123 Reg Review.

123 Reg Review of Server Locations:

First up, server locations. 123 Reg primarily operates in the UK, so if your target audience is in or around Europe, this is an excellent choice. They have data centres in the UK, which is great for latency and load times if your users are mainly from that region while its email hosting servers are located in Leeds.


Content Delivery Network (CDN) is vital in today’s world to ensure your website loads quickly regardless of where your visitors are located. 123 Reg offers CDN services which distribute your content across multiple servers worldwide, ensuring faster loading times. In my experience, CDNs are invaluable for improving site performance!

123 Reg Review of Speed Results:

Now, this is the part I was eagerly waiting for in this 123 Reg Review. I put 123 Reg to the test using Pingdom and GTmetrix and selected London as the location. And let me tell you, 123 Reg didn’t disappoint, clocking in at an impressive 324 ms! In the industry, anything below 500 ms is considered excellent, so 324 ms is definitely top-notch. If speed is your top priority, 123 Reg proves to be a strong contender.

123 Reg Review of Average Uptime

Uptime is the lifeblood of any online venture. 123 Reg boasts a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Solid uptime is absolutely essential; as I always say, a website that’s down is like a closed store.

Having monitored a few sites hosted with them, I can attest that 123Reg has fallen short when it comes to uptime. 123Reg’s record for uptime stands at only 99.75%. Not bad, but it needs to step up its game.

123 Reg Review of Bandwidth

In our 123 Reg Review, bandwidth is a key focus. 123 Reg offers unlimited bandwidth on most of its plans, which earns them a tip of the hat from me. This ensures your website can handle a large number of visitors without breaking a sweat.

123 Reg Review of Webspace limits/Storage

Lastly, storage space is an aspect you can't afford to overlook. 123 Reg offers both traditional HDD and the much faster and reliable SSD storage. I always go for SSD whenever possible as it can make a world of difference in your website’s performance.

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Customer Support & Online Resources in our 123 Reg Review

Customer support is like a safety net – you hope you don’t need it, but when you do, you want it to be strong. In the following section of our 123 Reg Review, we'll examine the support options available, and I'll share my insights from my experiences dealing with their support team.

123 Reg Review of Support Options

First, let's talk about how you can get in touch with the 123 Reg support team. They provide:

  • Live Chat: For those times when you need an answer on the fly. I find it handy, especially for simple queries.
  • Email: Useful when you don’t need immediate responses. I use this when I want to keep records of communication.
  • Phone: When things get complicated, sometimes it's just easier to talk to a human being.
  • Help Centre: This is packed with guides, FAQs, and tutorials.

Assessment of the Response Time

As an experienced digital marketing consultant, I’ve had my fair share of interactions with support teams. With 123 Reg, the response time varies based on the channel.

  • Live Chat: I’ve generally received responses within minutes. Quite impressive, I must say.
  • Email: This can take a few hours to a day, which is pretty standard.
  • Phone: Usually quick to get through. But remember, I’m in the UK, and so are they, which probably helps.

Helpfulness and Knowledge of the Support Team

The support staff’s knowledge is essential. I found the 123 Reg support team to be helpful, but sometimes a little more technical expertise would have been appreciated. But, they were always polite and did their best to assist or escalate the issue when needed.

Online Resources

123 Reg has an extensive Help Centre, and I often say, a well-equipped Help Centre is like a treasure trove. They have a range of guides and tutorials. These resources are well-organised and can sometimes save you from even needing to contact support.

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Environmental Impact in my 123 Reg Review

Green Energy Use

The heart of 123 Reg's eco-friendly commitment lies in their use of green energy. They power their data centres with 100% renewable energy, decreasing reliance on fossil fuels and contributing significantly to reducing their overall carbon footprint.

Efficient Data Centers

Efficiency is at the core of their data centers' design. They are engineered to minimize energy waste, employing energy-efficient hardware and cooling systems, significantly reducing their environmental impact.

Recycling Initiatives

In their offices, 123 Reg is just as committed to sustainability. They have a comprehensive recycling program in place, ensuring that waste is appropriately handled and minimized.

See more 123 Reg eco features

123 Reg Prices and Transparency in my 123 Reg Review

When it comes to choosing a hosting provider, pricing can often be the ultimate deal-breaker. In this section of my 123 Reg Review, let’s break down the pricing structure, talk about those sneaky renewal rates, and check if 123 Reg has any hidden fees that you should be aware of.

Overview of the Pricing Structure

123 Reg offers various services, including domain registration, web hosting, and site builders. The pricing is pretty standard, but I've got to hand it to them for having a range of options that cater to different needs, from the bootstrapping entrepreneur to a more established business.

Note that, especially in the case of VPS and WordPress hosting, some features may or may not come as standard with your package.

Also Note that, because 123Reg is a UK-specific site hosting service, prices given are in British pounds sterling (GBP).

Pricing Plan Details

Shared Web Hosting:

  • Standard – GBP 3.99 monthly for the first year; comes with 1 domain, 2 mailboxes, and 25 databases;
  • Pro  – GBP 5.99 monthly for the first year; comes with 2 domains, three mailboxes, and unlimited databases;
  • Ultimate – GBP 7.49 monthly for the first year; comes with three domains, five mailboxes, and unlimited databases
123 reg review of shared-plans

Cloud Hosting:

Cloud hosting is offered under 123Reg’s Premium Hosting line and will set users back by GBP 29.99 to 47.99. Features include catch-all emails, unlimited storage and bandwidth, and one-click Linux apps.


WordPress Hosting:

123Reg’s WordPress-specific services already include a malware scan and automated backups with all packages;

  • Starter – GBP 1.99 monthly for the first year; comes with SSL certificate, one mailbox, 30GB storage, and CDN;
  • Standard  – GBP 4.99 monthly for the first year; comes with SSL certificate, two mailboxes, 75GB storage, SEO tools, and site staging;
  • Pro – GBP 8.99 monthly for the first year; comes with SSL certificate, three mailboxes, unlimited storage, SEO tools, and site staging;
  • Ultimate  – GBP 19.99 monthly for the first year; comes with SSL certificate, five mailboxes, unlimited storage, SEO tools, WooCommerce plugin, 75 premium extensions, and site staging.

VPS Hosting:

VPS hosting is what 123Reg offers those who want to create a strong and dynamic web presence for a fraction of the price. Packages include:

  • L  – GBP 18.99 monthly, inclusive of 1 CPU, 1GB RAM, and 70GB storage;
  • XL – GBP 29.99 monthly, inclusive of 2 CPUs, 2GB RAM, and 100GB storage;
  • XXL – GBP 44.99 monthly, inclusive of 3 CPUs, 3GB RAM, and 150GB storage

123 Reg Review of Initial vs. Renewal Rates

Ah, the old bait-and-switch. Many hosting companies lure you in with an attractive initial rate, and then – bam! The renewal rate is double, triple, or more. In my experience, 123 Reg does have higher renewal rates compared to the initial price. It's quite common in the industry, though, so always make sure you're looking at the long-term costs.

Hosting PlanInitial RateRenewal RateDifference
Shared Web Hosting – Essential£3.49/month£6.99/month£3.50
Shared Web Hosting – Business£6.99/month£13.99/month£7.00
Shared Web Hosting – Unlimited£9.99/month£19.99/month£10.00
WordPress Hosting – Starter£3.99/month£7.99/month£4.00
WordPress Hosting – Standard£7.99/month£15.99/month£8.00
WordPress Hosting – Pro£11.99/month£23.99/month£12.00
VPS Hosting – VPS 1£12.00/month£14.39/month£2.39
VPS Hosting – VPS 2£15.00/month£18.00/month£3.00
VPS Hosting – VPS 3£30.00/month£36.00/month£6.00

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123 Reg Review of Additional Costs

Here’s some wisdom from a guy who’s seen it all – always check for additional costs. With 123 Reg, some things like SSL certificates and backups come at an extra cost, especially on the lower-tier plans.

123 Reg Review of  Payment Options

You can pay via credit card or PayPal, which I find quite convenient.

123 Reg Review of Contract Terms

The contract terms vary, but longer commitments generally get you better rates.

123 Reg Review of Money-Back Guarantees

123 Reg offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on hosting plans. However, the terms page states that no refunds are not given in the event that one cancels on a domain.

123 Reg Review of Refund Policy

As mentioned, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee for hosting. Make sure to read the fine print though, as there are always terms and conditions.

123 Reg Review of Free Plans or Trial Periods

Unfortunately, 123Reg is not a try-before-you-buy hosting service. You need to commit to a subscription from the get-go.

123Reg offers what it calls its free one-page starter legacy package for those who want a landing page rather than a full website. Note that site owners need to update the page within a three-month period to prevent the suspension of their accounts.

Promotional Deals or Discounts

Like most hosting providers, 123 Reg often runs promotions, especially around holidays. I have seen discounts of up to 50% or more during special sales periods. Pro tip – if you’re considering signing up, it might be worth waiting for one of these sales to snag a deal. Be sure to use a 123 Reg promo code or 123 Reg discount code through the link below to lower 123 Reg prices.

>>Check out the latest 123 Reg prices and promo codes<<

User 123 Reg Reviews

In this section of our 123 Reg Review, I will summarize what users are saying about 123 Reg. It's always good to hear from real customers who have used the service, as this provides practical insights into what to expect.

123 Reg Reviews on TrustPilot


TrustPilot is a reputable platform where users can post honest reviews about services and products. I had a look at TrustPilot for the 123 Reg reviews, and here’s the summary:

  • Positive Feedback: Many users praised 123 Reg for its exceptional customer support. They have found the support staff to be highly responsive and skilled. A few users also mentioned that the domain transfer process was smooth.
  • Negative Feedback: On the downside, some users experienced billing issues. There were also complaints about website downtime and slow server speeds. A handful of customers expressed concerns about the renewal pricing.

Side Note: A cup of tea and a lot of patience might be needed if you come across billing issues – my personal experience is that their support is great, but it can sometimes take a bit to resolve billing hiccups.

123 Reg Reviews on Reddit

Ah, Reddit – the place where no one holds back their opinion. It's the perfect platform to get unfiltered insights. Let’s see what the Redditors had to say about 123 Reg:

  • Positive Feedback: A section of Redditors mentioned that for a basic website, 123 Reg does the job. Some mentioned that it's a good option for those who are not too tech-savvy and need a simple solution.
  • Negative Feedback: However, many seasoned webmasters on Reddit seemed to have issues with performance. There was also talk about better alternatives for professionals who need more robust features. Some users found the pricing to be on the higher side for the features offered.

In conclusion, 123 Reg seems to have a mixed bag of reviews. It might work well for someone looking for simple solutions, but if you're an experienced webmaster, you might want to evaluate other options too.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget the old saying “You get what you pay for”. Weighing the pros and cons with your specific needs in mind is key here.

In my next section, I'll share my personal experience with 123 Reg. So, make sure to grab a cuppa and keep reading! Cheerio!

Personal Experience

20 years experience sign or stamp

Alright, let’s dive into my personal journey with 123 Reg. As a digital marketing consultant with over two decades of experience, I have tried and tested a plethora of hosting services. Here’s the inside scoop on my time with 123 Reg.

Getting Started and Initial Impressions

When I first signed up for 123 Reg, I was intrigued by its name, just as many others would be. I was expecting a streamlined, hassle-free process. In all honesty, getting started wasn't too bad. The sign-up process was fairly intuitive. However, I must say that the user interface did look a bit dated compared to some other hosting services I’ve used. Nostalgia, anyone?

Customer Support Interaction

Ah, the make-or-break aspect of any hosting service. In my time with 123 Reg, I had to contact customer support a few times. I was particularly impressed with the speed of response via live chat. The staff seemed knowledgeable, but sometimes, it felt like they were rushing through the conversation. It’s like they had a pie in the oven and couldn’t let it burn. All in all, though, they did resolve my issues.

Performance and Downtime

Okay, let’s talk performance. I hosted a small WordPress site on 123 Reg. To be honest, I wasn’t blown away by the speed. It was decent, but as a speed fanatic, I felt it could have been better. Uptime was generally good, but I did experience an unexpected downtime once, which was resolved fairly quickly.

Billing and Renewal

This is where the kettle almost boiled over. I faced a hiccup with renewal pricing. The renewal cost was higher than I anticipated. It took a couple of back-and-forths with customer support to clear this up. At one point, I thought my tea would go cold! However, it was eventually resolved to my satisfaction.

Final Thoughts on Personal Experience

To sum it up, 123 Reg is like that old, comfy armchair – it does the job and can be quite comfortable, but it’s not the flashy, high-tech recliner with all the bells and whistles. It’s a decent option for small to medium-sized websites or for those who are just starting out in the web world. For more advanced users with higher demands, there might be better options out there.

Coming up, I’ll wrap this 123 Reg Review with my final thoughts and recommendations, plus some alternatives you might want to consider. Stay tuned!

Conclusion and Recommendations to our 123 Reg Review:

And here we are, at the finish line of this 123 Reg Review. Let's tie it all together and look at the big picture. The old saying, “You get what you pay for” rings pretty true here. 123 Reg is an entry-level host; it's decent, but it's not going to knock your socks off.

What is it best for?

  1. Small to Medium-Sized Websites: If you’re looking to get a small business or personal website up and running, 123 Reg will serve you well.
  2. Domain Registration: They have a wide range of domain names, and the process is really simple. Plus, if you just need a domain and not hosting, it's a convenient option.
  3. Entry-Level Users: If you're just dipping your toes into the web hosting waters, this might be a good starting point.

What is it not best for?

  1. Located Outside the UK: This might be a challenging host to work with for businesses operating outside the United Kingdom.
  2. High Traffic Sites: If your website gets a ton of traffic or you're planning to scale quickly, look elsewhere.
  3. Tech-Savvy Users Looking for Advanced Features: There are other hosting services that provide more features and better performance.

123 Reg Alternatives:

For those aiming to reach a more global audience, we recommend the following 123 Reg Alternatives:

RankingKey FeaturesPrice (Basic Plan)My View
🥇 BluehostOne-click WordPress install, free domain for 1st year, free SSL certificate, unmetered bandwidth, and 24/7 customer support.$2.95/month
Check Pricing
Best for beginners due to its user-friendly interface, affordability, and comprehensive features. It also has strong ties with WordPress.
🥈 SiteGroundManaged WordPress hosting, free SSL, daily backups, CDN, email, staging tool, and 24/7 support.$3.99/month
Check Pricing
Best for overall performance, features, and exceptional customer support. It’s particularly favored among WordPress users due to its specialized hosting services.
🥉 HostGatorFree domain (1 year), SSL certificate, 99.9% uptime guarantee$2.75/month Check Pricing HostGator is a solid choice for beginners due to its affordable pricing and comprehensive support resources.
DreamHostManaged WordPress hosting, free domain, SSD storage, free SSL, 97-day money-back guarantee.$2.59/month
Check Pricing
Best for those looking for strong privacy protection, a long money-back guarantee period, and steady performance.
A2 HostingTurbo servers for faster loading, free account migration, anytime money-back guarantee, and 24/7/365 support.$2.99/month
Check Pricing
Best for developers due to its range of developer-friendly tools, and also for its high-speed performance.
GoDaddyEasy-to-use website builder, 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7 support$5.99/month Check Pricing GoDaddy is well-suited for small businesses looking for simple, straightforward hosting solutions with strong domain management options.
InMotion HostingFree domain, SSD storage, free SSL, security suite, and 90-day money-back guarantee.$2.49/month
Check Pricing
Best for small to medium-sized businesses due to its solid performance, security features, and customer support.
GreenGeeksEnvironmentally friendly, unlimited web space, data transfer, free domain name, nightly backups, and 24/7/365 support.$3.95/month
Check Pricing
Best for eco-conscious users seeking robust hosting features with a focus on renewable energy without compromising speed and security.
WP Engine (specifically for WordPress hosting)Managed WordPress hosting, daily backups, threat detection, SSL, CDN, staging environments.$30/month
Check Pricing
Best for WordPress users looking for high-performance hosting with top-notch security features and support.
Liquid WebFully managed hosting, 100% uptime SLA, 24/7/365 customer supportStarts at $15/month for managed WordPress hosting Check Pricing Liquid Web stands out for businesses requiring robust, fully managed hosting services with exceptional support and performance guarantees.
KinstaManaged WordPress hosting, free migrations, daily backups, automatic scaling, Google Cloud Platform infrastructure.$30/month
Check Pricing
Best for businesses that rely heavily on WordPress. It offers high performance, security, and scalability.
HostingerLiteSpeed Cache, WordPress acceleration, free SSL, 24/7/365 support, 99.9% uptime guarantee.$1.39/month
Check Pricing
Best for budget-conscious users seeking an excellent balance between affordability, performance, and features.
CloudwaysManaged cloud hosting, SSD-based hosting, free SSL, dedicated firewalls, 24/7/365 support.$10/month
Check Pricing
Best for users who want a mix of performance and flexibility without the hassle of managing a cloud server.
  • 123 Reg vs GoDaddy: While GoDaddy offers slightly more comprehensive feature sets and global server locations, 123 Reg excels in providing more personalised customer support and attractive pricing for UK-based customers.
  • 123 Reg vs Bluehost: Bluehost has an edge in terms of performance and uptime, however, 123 Reg stands out with its UK-centred services and free site migration feature.

123 Reg Review Final word:

123Reg is a reasonably priced and relatively stable hosting service, especially for those in the UK, but we still recommend that users shop around for hybrid solutions (site builder + host) or stand-alone hosting services that are in keeping with their specific requirements.

Alright, time for my parting words of wisdom. It's crucial to do your own due diligence. Most hosting companies, including 123 Reg, offer some sort of money-back guarantee. Make use of this. Dip your toes in, see if the water’s fine. If not, you can always get your money back and try a different pool.

And that’s a wrap on my 123 Reg Review. I hope you found it insightful and it helps guide you in your web hosting journey. Now, go forth and host! And don’t forget to pop back and let me know how it went. Cheers! 🍻

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Can I use 123Reg even if I’m not in the UK?

Yes, but if you run into technical issues, this can be a bit of a challenge as customer service is only available within UK business hours.

How much storage and bandwidth can I get with my 123Reg subscription?

It would have to depend on the type of subscription. For the most part, unlimited bandwidth and storage are already included in most of the standard packages, save for Starter plans.

That’s all for now:

Thanks for reading our 123 Reg Review and don’t forget to keep an eye out for our ever-growing blog of review and comparison articles. Check out related reliable web hosting, website builder, and eCommerce platform review and comparison articles such as;


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