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Introduction to my Amazing Social Media Marketing Ideas, Strategies & Tips

The pace of change and associated concepts in the social media arena during the last year has been quite exceptional, but in the frantic world of marketing advances are a constant and this year’s innovation promises to exceed all expectation.

Here’s a forecast of 10 amazing social media marketing ideas, strategies and tips that could prove to be the springboard for your company in terms of raising profile, increasing customer loyalty, giving a whole new meaning to brand and service recognition as well as producing a healthy bottom line profit.

  1. Influencer marketing:
  2. Instagram stories:
  3. Augmented reality:
  4. Generation Z:
  5. Social video advertising:
  6. New tools and tactics offered:
  7. Increase focus on messaging platforms:
  8. Live streaming strategy:
  9. Digital hangouts:
  10. Chatbot enhancement:

Influencer marketing:

The vast majority of those already employing an influencer marketing strategy have seen it to effective and success. It opens doors to new audiences and improves relationships as well as engagement with existing customers. Incorporating or increasing this marketing strategy successfully should see a marked brand awareness.

Instagram stories:

The popularity of Instagram cannot be ignored. This is clearly shown with the incredible success of Instagram stories. Over 200 million Instagram users each month used it during the first year of launch. If this trend continues, around 50% of Instagram users will be using ‘stories’ by the end of this coming year. Any brand wishing to connect with Instagram users needs to invest time and personnel to master Instagram Stories and incorporate it in their marketing strategy.

Augmented reality:

When Apple speak the market listens. Their announcement that their iPhone 8 and iPhone X devices will both incorporate a new chip allowing users to experience stunning augmented reality experiences needs to be taken seriously. While the initial impact will benefit mobile game enthusiasts, it is a given that social media platforms will find ways to incorporate this platform via the introduction of special filters.

Generation Z:

While millennials will maintain their position as a lucrative source of revenue, a new breed is set to be even more valuable. These are the group known as Generation Z. Today, the oldest young men and women in this group are just 22 years old, and huge numbers are just starting out on the employment ladder. Generation Z will have substantial buying power for many years to come. Brands using, or considering Instagram and Snapchat to market their brands will see significant developments in platforms popular with ‘Gen Zers’.

Social video advertising:

Social video advertising continues to be a soaring success and there are no signs this trend will reverse. However, analysts fear that a lot of the content being produced in this format is not actually reflecting the business objectives of the companies concerned and is therefore not accurately measurable in terms of value to the business. By all means, maintain and even increase your social video advertising budget, but have a good look at the strategy behind it, the value add it is giving your brand and how successfully this is being measured. Where necessary, do not hesitate to rethink this strategy.

New tools and tactics offered:

While it is important to offer new tools, and introduce new marketing tactics from time to time, it is recommended that during the coming year you take a step-back and consider the need and relevance of each new release. Existing and prospective customers are suffering from fatigue at these constant changes and too many may discourage them. Rather than pushing to introduce new tools and tactics you will benefit from reviewing and strengthening existing ones.

Increase focus on messaging platforms:

The phenomenal use of messaging platforms on a global basis shows no sign of abating. Indeed, it is expected to explode in the coming year. If your company is delivering your message purely to social networks this strategy needs a rethink. Consider how you can deliver focused, personalized shopping experiences. The continued development and introduction of Artificial intelligence (AI), voice assistants and chatbots will allow you to deliver these effective messages via platforms such as WhatsApp and Messenger.

Live streaming strategy:

It should be very clear that live streaming is a valid and effective way of capturing follower attention. But for maximum benefit, this marketing strategy needs to be impressive and memorable. Take heed of the companies large and small that are already receiving resounding attention from carefully planned live streaming events. Find the formula that will help catapult your growth strategy and incorporate this in your regular monthly content schedules.

Digital hangouts:

We mentioned the buying power of Gen Zers earlier, those companies wishing to take a share of this lucrative market need to devise and implement digital hangout services. Many experts believe they will become mainstream in the coming year and those ahead of the game will surely benefit.

Chatbot enhancement:

The last of our 10 amazing social media marketing ideas, strategies and tips relates to either the introduction or enhancement of Chatbot offerings. Companies need to come up with individual, recognizable Chatbot services and ensure their offering appeals to ages across the board. An effective Chatbot solution is forecast to dramatically improve existing conversion rates. Take this tip seriously and you should expect to see a healthy bottom-line profit.

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